For the Where are they Now Series we interview Jon George. We took some time to get an insight into his role as a past cappie.

What year were you a CAP Team Member?

September 2016-March 2021

Tell us about your career path since leaving the CAP Team.

I left the team to join the newly re-designed Community Service Officer position with the City of Kamloops.

What were your career goals when you started with the CAP Team?

My goal was to get into policing/law enforcement, and I needed more experience assisting the public out in the streets.

How do you feel your experience on the CAP Team helped you achieve your goals?

By collaborating with many different organizations, including the RCMP, the CAP Team allowed me to interact with all downtown patrons, from affluent business owners to honest, hard-working people down on their luck.

What was the most valuable skill learned on the job?

The most valuable skill was learning how downtown operates and meeting the great people who help put it all together, in and out of the spotlight.

What was your favourite part of the program?

For me, it was biking and being out in the community as an ambassador for downtown and either directly assisting or phoning the powers that be depending on the situation.

What kind of unique experiences do you have?

Being the longest working Cappie, for now, I have seen the program shift and change shape to meet the communities needs, from leadership changes to physical office spaces.

What was your favourite event that Downtown Kamloops organized?

Definitely the Block Party Series, but also all of the events we put on. It was a nice sense of accomplishment putting in the work behind the scenes and then come event day seeing the public enjoy what we helped create.

What is your favourite store downtown?

If it’s not a cop-out answer, everyone! 😉


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