Wheel in the Sky Mural

The “Wheel in the Sky” mural depicts a festive evening in 1920 Ireland. Located behind Carlos O’Bryans, this mural features a carnival with a Ferris wheel in the center. This Ferris wheel inspired the name of the mural. The pub in the mural called “An Ighean Dhamsa” is Irish Gaelic for “The Dancing Maiden”. A magician breathes fire as the city folks bustle throughout the street while they go about their daily activities. This festive scene represents the boisterous and jovial atmosphere of the restaurant. The scene adds life to the downtown back alley art gallery.

Alexx Moir-Porteous completed this mural in 2016 and has had an active role in the completion of many of the murals in Downtown Kamloops. If you’d like to check out more of his murals, you can find them on our website here. We keep an online inventory of all the murals completed in the Downtown Kamloops area.

Furthermore, the CAP team offers a free tour of the downtown murals. If you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the murals and you’re not sure how to find them all, book a mural tour with the CAP team. You can arrange a time for the booking here.


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