Urban Art Mural

This “Urban Art” mural is one of the original downtown murals completed prior to the start of the KCBIA’s mural program. Two young men painted this mural approximately around the year 2000. These two men eventually moved on to Toronto where they began careers in the arts. The mural showcases a collaborative style of street art on the 200 block of Victoria Street behind the Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy. Additionally, a small lego replica of the famous video game character Mario sits perched at the top of this mural.

Want to see more of these murals? Check them out on our website gallery by following this link. However, we encourage you to come downtown to take a look at the many murals that downtown Kamloops has to offer.

There are so many murals downtown that it might seem daunting to find them all but don’t worry! The CAP team offers free tours of the murals all year round! If you’re interested in participating in one of these mural tours, then you can get in touch with the CAP team. There’s a booking calendar that can be found on our website here, or you can find our email address here.

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