Tuscan Villa Mural

The “Tuscan Villa” mural was painted in the alleyway of the 200 block of Victoria in 2011. Ken Wells’ art often features beautiful Italian scenery that create a nice cultural atmosphere in the downtown area. Similarly, there are other murals downtown featuring various cultures. The incorporation of the design of the building with the painting is an impressive aspect of this mural.

The mural consists of a few different parts. For instance, on one side a woman sits on a bench gazing toward a fountain and there are beautiful flowers above her head. Above the flowers a cat sits perched and peering down out of a painted window. One of the co-artists on this project can be found on the other side of the mural, Tyler wears beige overalls and reaches toward a light bulb. Beside him sits a red bike and nearby stands a woman on a ladder tending to the flowers on window sills.

Ken paint many of the excellent murals throughout the downtown area. Consequently, with such talent we keep asking him back for more. And you can check out more of these murals on his Flickr.

Did you know that the CAP team offers free tours of the downtown murals in Kamloops? Want to make a booking ASAP? You can do so on our website by following this link. Or you can contact us by email: capteam@downtownkamloops.com.


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