The Mystic Mural

“The Mystic” mural painted by Ken Wells in 2017 has an intriguing story behind it. The tale revolves around an old mystic man is sending his roses out into the world with his doves. The roses are received by the lady (painted at the front of the building) who doesn’t know where they’re coming from. The intention of this mural is the promotion of peace and love throughout the world. The moral behind the tale is one of sending love without knowing who the receiver is. The ladies’ patio in the painting seamlessly blends in with the office balcony that overlooks Victoria Street.

The story behind this mural remains something we can all learn a lesson from. Remember to send out love and gratitude to the universe knowing it will be received and sent back to you.

Ken Wells designed elements within this piece to camouflage parts of the building structure, thus the window became a bird cage. By using this technique, the artwork is not diluted by the building, nor the building diluted by the artwork.

Do you enjoy this mural? Let us know and check out more work done by Ken Wells by looking at his Flickr here. Additionally, you can check out more of his murals by scrolling through the mural gallery on our website.


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