The Golden Buddha is more than a store; it’s a little community!

Depending on the day of the week, you might find it packed with volunteers, employees, a variety of mystics, or new and returning customers – some of whom have been coming since the day it opened. Owner Brenda

Johnson says the store is “a big family.” Even if you’re not looking to buy a spiritual crystal or attend a

meditation class, you might want to pop in “just to say hi or have a hug” at 247 Victoria Street.

Brenda ended up in Downtown Kamloops when her sister asked if she was interested in buying a business. “Six weeks later, we owned the store!” Today, she is the sole owner.

It was the perfect fit for Brenda, who has extensively studied metaphysical matters. She is a reiki master, a master of hypnosis, a crystal dreaming practitioner, an energy healer of igniting the spirit and healing modality. Soon she will even be teaching workshops! Indeed, The Golden Buddha is a great place to expand your mind.

“Meditation’s offered throughout the store. There are workshops based on the teachings of Shakti Durga who is a Guru in Australia, so we host seminars based on that. We have book-signings, we have tarot readers, we have a runestone reader, we have all kinds of different things happening in here.” That penchant for the eclectic is reflected in the merchandise. “We are the only metaphysical store in Kamloops,” Brenda enthuses, “so we’re the only ones that sell rocks and crystals and statues, sage, and all of that as a combination. We also do other giftware and clothing and things, so it’s really different, it’s a little bit eclectic.”

In other words, you’ll find a little bit of everything, depending on what Brenda and her staff have found recently. “All of our jewellery is hand-picked in person, so we can find three pendants that are exactly the same style, but we go through and…pick the nicest stones, the nicest rings. Same with our rocks and crystals.”

By the way, what’s Brenda’s favourite crystal? “My favourite crystal?” she laughs. “Depends on what day it is! It really does. Carnelian is one of my favourites, I like moss agate, I like quartz.” Even if you’re more partial to lapis lazuli, you’re welcome at The Golden Buddha.

“Those who work here, those who volunteer, and the people that come in, the guests, the customers that come in to visit and shop, it’s one big family.”

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