The Clean Team

In partnership with North Shore BIA the Clean team has expanded to the Downtown Kamloops Business Improvement Area.
The Clean Team is made up of people in our community who are facing barriers to employment, are in housing, or are on a recovery journey within our community. This program lifts these individuals up in their journey to long-term health, while also assisting the business community in the removal of debris and graffiti and maintaining interface landscaping including public planters

Access the Clean Team

The Clean Team is accessed by calling the NSBIA office at 250.376.2411. This is the dispatch point for teams that service both the North Shore BIA and Downtown Kamloops BIA. Currently, The Clean Team has only one crew, however, our goal is to build multiple teams. Due to our current capacity, the team rotates between the North Shore and Downtown.

The Clean Team Dispatch


North Shore BIA

Monday – Garbage removal between 8:15 – 11:30 am
Wednesday – Graffiti removal between 8:15 – 11:30 am

Downtown Kamloops BIA

Tuesday – Garbage removal between 8:15 – 11:30 am
Thursday- Graffiti removal between 8:15 – 11:30 am


Friday – dependent on highest need – 8:30 to 11:00 am

Trash Removal protocol

The Clean Team will remove general trash and small debris on our streets and alleys. The Clean Team does NOT replace your regular commercial waste services. Working with the CSO services, larger items are removed on an as needed basis.

Please contact the NSBIA at 250.376.2411 to ensure your area is on our list if it is within the Downtown core and North Shore business areas.

Graffiti Removal Protocol

The Clean Team Graffiti crew will be removing tags and graffiti as scheduled above. Graffiti/Tags are either removed or covered depending on finish of the surface.

Graffiti/Tags that are painted over are covered with one of our base colours: White, Cream, light Grey or Dark Grey.

Graffiti/Tags are covered based on the size of the tags. The team will not paint entire walls when doing tag covering, unless you are prepared to cover labour at 50.00/hr.

Interface landscaping (removal of weeds bordering public property)

Our landscaping team will provide minimal landscape (weed removal) on the areas that are adjacent to public spaces. This service is at no cost to the property owner. This service does not include mowing or garden box maintenance on private property, it is limited to weed removal that is visible to the surrounding area.

Graffiti Removal Cost

If you want the team to colour-match your building, you will be required to purchase the paint. Due to a sponsor relationship, we can provide this paint at a preferential rate and will bill your firm on completion as follows:


Tag Size (in feet) Cover Type Cost
Small 2’x2′ Our Paint -white, cream, light grey or dark grey No Cost paint or labour
Small 2’x2′ Custom Paint Match $ 65.00/gal (approx.) + $ 0.00 per hour labour
Medium 3’x3′ Our Paint -white, cream, light grey or dark grey No Cost paint or labour
Medium 3’x3′ Custom Paint Match $ 65.00/gal (approx.) +  $ 0.00 per hour labour
Large 4’x4′ or larger Our Paint -white, cream, light grey or dark grey $ 50.00/per hour labour
Large 4’x4′ or larger Custom Paint Match $ 65.00/ gal (approx.) + $ 50.00/ per hour labour
Larger sized areas  Contact for pricing

The Clean Team is a partnership that is supported by our social agency partners:
ASK Wellness Society, Canadian Mental Health Association, Smart Options, and Open Door Group.


Our funding partners include:

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