Sports in the Loops Mural

The “Sports in the Loops” mural (also known as “Organized Chaos”) represents Kamloops’ status as the tournament capital of Canada. The working title “Organized Chaos” inspired by the understanding that without rules sports would never be possible. Painted by Ken Wells in 2016, this mural emphasizes Kamloops’ culture in a unique way that no other mural does. That being said, sports are a huge aspect of the culture in Kamloops. This mural acts as a fantastic representation of the Kamloops sports culture.

This mural focuses on movement. The spiral background entices the onlooker to glance across the entire work. The artist likely borrowed colours from specific local teams. Painted behind the Service Canada building, this mural may have also intended to depict the Canadian spirit. What better way to do so than featuring sports?

Ken Wells contributed to a number of the murals painted in downtown Kamloops. If you’re interested in checking out more of his work, you can find some more of his work on his Flickr here.

Additionally, the KCBIA includes a collection of all the murals in our online gallery. If you’d like to see more of the murals in the downtown Kamloops area, you can find them here.

Furthermore, the CAP team offers free tours of the murals throughout the downtown area. Want to book a mural tour? You can arrange for a time and date on our booking calendar found here.

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