Sponsors and CAP Team

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (KCBIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining a vibrant and livable downtown. The Customer Care and Patrol Team was established in 2004 (2 years after the KCBIA). We are proud that over the years the team has had the opportunity to grow into so much more than just ambassadors for Downtown. Through the CAP Team Program, the KCBIA has had the opportunity to make positive impacts in our community and with the youth that have gone through our program in our city for the past 14 years.

This year, Downtown Kamloops partnered with the North Shore Business Improvement Association to extend the presence of the CAP Team to the North Shore. Here are just some of the stats collected for Downtown Kamloops and the North Shore collectively to date for 2018:
• Member contacts: 1,239
• Opened needles picked up: 865
• Citizen and tourist assists (on-street): 646
• Deliveries: 2,814
• Kilometers biked: 1,274.7 km
• Kilometers walked: 2,927.25 km (the distance from Kamloops to Resolute, Nunavut)

Some projects that the CAP Team has taken lead on the last few years:
• Crime Prevention Packages
• Back Alley Art Gallery
• Adopt a Planter Program
• Cigarette Recycling Program
• State of Downtown Report
• Back Alley Clean Up
• Visitor Information Centre

Throughout the past fourteen years we have been dependent on the help of our dedicated sponsors to keep the CAP Team up and running. We are extremely proud of our neighborhood and everyone that has chosen to be a part of it! Partnerships are key to the success of events and programs that we organize in Downtown Kamloops.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our CAP Team sponsors:

• City of Kamloops
• Tourism Kamloops
• Downtown Parking Corporation
• TakingITGlobal
• Service Canada
• Rocky Mountaineer
• Fortis BC
• Teck Highland Valley Copper
• Kelson Group

Due to the broad nature of a CAP Team member’s responsibilities, a wide skillset is developed that creates very well-rounded individuals. Previous team members have gone on to careers in a variety of disciplines including law, corrections, policing, national defense, engineering, tourism, municipal government, social outreach, community health, and nursing.

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association looks forward to continuing this program and seeing what the rest of the year will bring! If you have any questions for the team, don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members! You can find them in red in Downtown Kamloops and on the North Shore!

Written by Alexis Proulx, the Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Supervisor. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email capteam@downtownkamloops.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Additionally, if you’re interested in finding out more information about what’s going on in Downtown Kamloops, you can find us on our website here. Moreover, you can also find us on Facebook here.

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