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40th Annual Santa Claus Parade

A Storybook Village

Welcome to the first stationary parade in Downtown Kamloops! Its a holiday experience
that will transform Downtown into a immersive Storybook Village.
Presented by Thompson Rivers University.

NOV 29 – DEC 29


The 40th Annual Santa Claus Parade (A Non-Parade), presented by Thompson Rivers University (TRU) returns Sunday, November 29th till Tuesday, December 29th, and Downtown Kamloops would like to invite you to join the biggest outdoor celebration of the year!

Last year Downtown Kamloops celebrated our 39th annual Santa Claus parade.  It was also in 2019 that the parade transitioned to a late afternoon event in order that the impact of illuminated floats and participants could create a magical environment. We welcomed record-breaking crowds, and community feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

This year it was our ambition to again collaborate with parade participants and introduce an absolutely remarkable parade for our 40th anniversary; an event that would create long-lasting positive memories for families. However, the impact of the pandemic is such that we are not able to celebrate the season with a parade as we have in the past.

For 2020, we are doing things a little differently so that you stay safe and healthy. Imagine, if you will, parade decorations displayed not on Christmas floats, but rather, on the fronts of our Downtown businesses. Lights, ornaments, characters, music, and window paint could be set up on business fronts throughout the Downtown core. Instead of having people line our streets to watch the parade pass their location, we could create a ‘drive-through’ parade environment whereby residents, locals, and visitors could, at their leisure, drive or walk through Downtown and experience each of the displays.

Each area in downtown will be a “Storybook” and each storefront will represent a page from the selected “Storybook”. Whether it is your favourite traditional holiday story or something new and exciting we promise to take you on a journey with a tale to interest each one of you.



A change from the past year…this year we will transform Downtown into an immersive drive-through/walk-through experience!

As an alternative to the traditional Santa Parade, this unique program can pair businesses and organizations through crafted criteria, that encourages our community involvement and spirit and showcase our wonderful Downtown businesses. We understand everyone has their own preferences, so your business can also create your own unique display if you wish to do so.

To Participate:

  1. Click on the image below and email us the signup sheet before Oct 29th at admin@downtownkamloops.com
  2. Or to fill the form below
  3. Or email us to receive the link to sign up in your email
*All entries must be submitted by 29th October 2020 at 12:00PM to the KCBIA.
Downtown Storybook Village - Participant Submissions

Participating in the Storybook Village

We will participate in this Story Book Village 2020 initiative. *
Pick your Story (We will send you the page)! *
We will pick a page from the stories offered by KCBIA. *
Click on the image below for more information and to sign up with us!
A Christmas Village - Dtk


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