Since opening in November 2014, Red Collar Brewing (RCB)- under the ownership of Anna-Marie and David Beardsell- has become a beloved craft brewery and taproom, shaded by sunflowers and murals at 355 Lansdowne Street in downtown Kamloops.

David- Red Collar Brewing’s Beermaster- and Anna-Marie have been in the industry over two decades, spanning across the Atlantic Ocean from Germany to British Columbia; however, they chose to live and work in downtown Kamloops for a few reasons. From a brewers perspective, Kamloops has “very good” mineral content in its water for brewing. From a personal perspective, downtown Kamloops offers the accessibility and resources- such as schools, stores, and a strong track and field team- that is unique to their family. On a larger scale, RCB distributes to pubs, restaurants, and liquor stores from Sun Peaks Resort to Vancouver Island without comprising its quality.

You will not spot televisions on the walls, but the taproom’s charm is brought to life with a stack of board games, banter, and live jazz on the occasional Saturday night. It is undeniably the local watering hole for up-and-coming artists, Thompson Rivers University students and co-workers alike.

Today, Red Collar Brewing has four, year-round products- IPA, Blonde, Dubble and Tripel- however, the brewery’s tanks are small enough to create limited batches for local events. For example, RCB created Afterglow IPL for the Kamloops Art Gallery’s multi-day event, Luminocity. The Beardsell’s contributions to the Kamloops community have contributed to a growing downtown community

Whether there’s a fresh foot of snow or its summer solstice, we recommend a Friday night at RCB. After all, Red Collar Brewing’s staff have created something special on Lansdowne Street in downtown Kamloops.

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