Pizza Pi

Victoria Street is home to a beloved pizza joint called Pizza Pi! Founded in 2015 by Greg Smith, the pizzeria has established itself as a gourmet hotspot that emphasizes local grub and hand-crafted brew. Pizza is in its name and Greg’s team has perfected just that all the while promoting an active hub for musicians and artists alike.

A Kamloops native, Greg has worked in downtown restaurants since he was 12 years old and feels that downtown has been the cultural hub of our growing city throughout the years. The opportunity to invest in a turnkey pizzeria presented itself at the right time. Greg adds, “my brother and I, along with the help of many friends and family, my landlords, my staff, all helped build this little gem. I mean that literally! We tore down and built walls. We hammered open and re-concreted floors thrice. So much blood, sweat, and tears from caring people that had no stake in this business; except to want to see something special born and thrive in our city.”

On any given day guests may sip local brews from Red Collar Brewing – a business located only 1 block away on Lansdowne- or top pizzas with pepperoni and ham from the Vernon Sausage Company. Take a stroll inside and notice walls adorned with artwork from local artists. The pizzeria is an hub where patrons have the opportunity to play a board game, sign up for open mic, or catch an intimate concert.

Greg admits he has no favourite type of pizza. He states, “For me, it’s about the ingredients used in every step of making the pizza and making sure its always changing. It could have an alfredo base, nut-free pesto, beef rib, roast poblano, avocado sauce…some simple and some ridiculously pretentious pizzas, but I love them all!”

Ingredients, art, and a very cool website aside, Greg is most proud of his staff. He adds, “They work hard to be a team. I also believe that the business owners in downtown need to make an effort to make downtown the desirable choice for consumers. If we don’t take an active roll in achieving that then people will go elsewhere.”

Undoubtedly, Pizza Pi’s delicious menu, funky atmosphere, and down-to-earth staff make for a memorable experience that we enjoy on a (very) regular basis in Downtown Kamloops. The pizzeria is unveiling major changes in 2018 so stay up to date by following Pizza Pi Kamloops on Twitter and Facebook!

Additionally, if you’re interested in finding out more information about what’s going on in Downtown Kamloops, you can find out more on our website here. Moreover, you can also find us on Facebook here.

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