Pedestrian Plaza

Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening in Downtown Kamloops, the air conditioner broke in the café you just visited, and you figure you might spend your time with your cool drink outside. Rounding the corner at 4th and Victoria street, you see it: the pedestrian plaza. It’s the perfect fit; outdoors, seating available, games for all ages, even a piano to show off your musical talents (or lack thereof). This is just one possible set of circumstances in which the pedestrian plaza would have been sought out.

With just a few days to go in the three-week lifetime of the 4th Avenue Pedestrian Plaza Pilot Project, now is a good time for reflection. The idea for a pedestrian plaza in Downtown Kamloops came out of the meetings that took place in late spring and early summer for the Downtown Plan. Initially brought up in the early meetings in May, the idea became more concrete after a 3-day workshop that took place in mid-June.

Perhaps the plaza saw its greatest success was when the space was utilized by events, whether small or large-scale. Between live music showings from a variety of artists going on almost daily, dance classes put on by Let’s Move Studio that occurred on Fridays, or open art classes put on by the Kamloops Art Gallery, the plaza was kept busy by Kamloops’ prominent arts and culture community. Large events also used the plaza as a hub of sorts, which was seen when the city hosted its first International Buskers’ Festival, which ran in tandem with the Merchants’ Market.

The pedestrian plaza was a pilot project, and the idea behind a pilot project is to test an idea on a small-scale so that improvements can be implemented if a full-scale version of the project is executed. If you visited the pedestrian plaza anytime throughout its 3 week lifetime and have feedback to provide, whether a positive comment about something you liked, or constructive criticism about something you think could be improved, please direct it to this link, where you can fill out a survey about the plaza.

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