Heading to Downtown Kamloops? There are lots of transportation modes to get you here, including driving, taking the bus, riding your bike, or even walking!

Did You Know: Downtown Kamloops has a walkability score of 83/100.

If you’re set on driving, we’re here to share some information about our Downtown parking situation!

Many people don’t realize that Downtown Kamloops has free on-street parking after 6pm on weekdays, and all day Sunday! There are also two parkades in the downtown core, on Seymour Street and Lansdowne Street, that are also free after 6pm and on weekends. During statutory holidays both the street and parkade parking are for free.

How much parking is there in downtown Kamloops? Well, we have 7,489 paid parking spots, 341 free parking spots and two parkades right in the city centre.

Paying for your parking in downtown is easy. You can use the many parking meters located across Downtown, or pay from wherever you are with the mobile app Whoosh! This app lets you pay for your parking spot, or extend your time so you don’t run out, right from your mobile device while you’re shopping or at a doctor’s appointment.

On Monday-Saturday, from 9 am – 6 pm, parking rates are just $1.25 per hour for the first and second hour. The third hour is $2.50. Make sure to keep an eye on your time, since there is a 3-hour maximum time limit for on-street parking.

Did you know:
You don’t have to pay for a full hour of parking. You can pay for a minimum of 12 minutes, which is only $0.25.

If you would rather not drive and would like to take an alternative mode of transportation to downtown, the main bus exchange for the city is located right in the heart of Downtown Kamloops.

Walking or biking is also another great way to get around the city and many of our great trails connect right to downtown Kamloops.

So, there you have it, all the fun information about Downtown Kamloops parking, and other forms of transportation to get you here! So, come on down to Downtown Kamloops and enjoy your day. Take the opportunity to park a block or two away from your intended destination and enjoy a stroll through our walkable downtown. You never know what new business you might discover! Also, while you’re downtown don’t forget to download the mobile parking app Whoosh!

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