Open With Care

A campaign to help local businesses as they open safely !



The ‘Open with Care’ campaign is part of a strategy supported by BIA’s throughout the province intended to inspire businesses to open safely and is designed for organizations within the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association area.

We are excited to see our Downtown vibrant again! While we are extremely excited that Downtown Kamloops is finally getting back to business, we understand that consumers may be hesitant to go back to their previous behaviour.

Along with BIA’s throughout the province, we introduced the ‘Open with Care’ campaigns as an initiative intended to inspire businesses to re-open in a safe, healthy, and compliant manner, and support consumer confidence. Businesses in the Downtown Kamloops are taking responsible steps and following WorkSafeBC regulations to ensure their employees’ health and safety.

It’s crucial for our business leaders to communicate with your customers to reassure them that it’s safe to do business with you. 

And for our consumers, when you visit our Downtown, you do so with confidence knowing that responsible steps have been taken to ensure your health and safety. 

 Through this Campaign we want to communicate:

  • WorkSafe BC Protocols followed by all businesses creating a safe atmosphere
  • Support local businesses in line with #ykastrong support local campaign
  • Downtown is resilient, alive and cares about its customers
  • Share a consistent message across the City and Province of BC
  • Prepare the public to be  “good consumers”; to shop, live, play, eat, art,  with care
  • Provide our members with the tools to assist them to ‘Open With Care’



WorkSafeBC COVID-19 Workplace Health And Safety 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, WorkSafeBC recognizes the unique challenges for workplace health and safety COVID-19 faced by our local businesses in keeping their workers healthy and safe. They are working with workers, employers, and industry associations across the province to ensure your workplaces remain healthy and safe during this challenging period. The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association presents a video guide for local businesses to ensure workplaces remain healthy and safe.

Hashtags to use on

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Call to Action & Community Call Outs

In addition to following WorkSafe BC’s reopening guidelines pertaining to your business, you must address your customer’s concerns regarding the safety precautions you have established. Be sure to stress that it is safe for them to be in your establishment and as long as guidance is being followed. To aid in the communication for reopening your businesses, we’ve prepared ‘Calls to Action’ and ‘Community Call Outs’ that can be shared on your social media.


Industry Call to Action

  • Play To Help Out
  • Eat To Help Out
  • Live To Help Out
  • Art To Help Out
  • Shop To Help Out

Community Call Outs

  • Wear A Mask To Help Out
  • Sanitize To Help Out
  • Social Distance To Help Out
  • Support Kamloops To Help Out
  • Be Kind To Help Out
  • Come Back To Help Out

Download below to share on your Social Media. If you have any question email us at admin@downtownkamloops.com


Industry Call To Actions – Insta


Industry Call To Actions – Facebook


Community Call Outs


Industry Call to Action

To Help Out - Open With Care

Community Call Outs

To Help Out - Open With Care

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