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New Businesses during COVID

Read all about New Businesses during COVID that opened in Downtown Kamloops. He Brew's Ahava Coffee Inc. He Brews is a new bustling Café with meals situated at 210 Victoria Street, in downtown Kamloops. It is a family-owned organization, managed and directed by its owners, Indar and Janelle Seelal. He Brew's serves freshly roasted coffee beans, gourmet coffee/espresso, good meals, breakfast, lunch. In addition, the menu contains a variety of choices so everyone can find something they like, such as Sandwiches featured from around the world, Wraps, Fresh Salads, Soups made in house, Etc., 🥙🌯🫔 As people are becoming more interested in their health, wellness and spirituality, He Brew's will provide a relaxing, Community-focused place, with good healthy food choices, where all people are welcomed to sit (on the patio for now), relax and enjoy the beauty of conversation. Prickly Pear Formerly known as The Big Boot Inn before rebranding, Prickly Pear has opened...

Hit the Ground Walking

Hit the Ground Walking

Hello from the winter CAP Team! It has been an exciting start to 2017 for the four of us in red! Even though the CAP Team has been around for over a decade, this is only the second winter with a year-round team. With layers of fleece, pockets full of hand warmers,...

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