Music in Venice Mural

As common in other murals completed by Ken Wells, this mural features a scene from Venice. In the “Music in Venice” mural, the faces of the building and business owners are creatively included. This piece adds another exquisite scene from Venice to the collection of cultural murals located downtown.

Many of the works done by Ken Wells are featured on his Flickr, which you can check out by following this link. Another option would be to come downtown and check out some of the works created by Wells.

Do you want to check out all of the murals but you’re not quite feeling up to wandering around the downtown alleys? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can find an online gallery of the mural collection on our website.

Furthermore, you could always book a free mural tour with the downtown Kamloops CAP team. The CAP team is eager to provide help for a variety of needs you may have in the area. Find the booking calendar on our website to arrange for a mural tour with our fantastic CAP team. For any other inquiries, you can also find our contact information on our website if you follow this link.

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