Moving Art Mural

The “Moving Art” mural, painted by Ken Wells in 2015, presents a commentary on depleting spawning grounds for salmon. This mural represents the impact that humans have had on salmon spawning grounds. At the same time, this mural depicts a gallery with a framed painting of a river with a salmon. Two sets of feet can be seen behind the painting as if people are carrying it. One of the salmon from the painting appears to have fallen on the ground near the young girl. This mural adds a unique atmosphere to the collection of murals as the location is on a building that used to be the Hampton Gallery.

The artist of this mural, Ken Wells, participated in the creation of many different murals located in downtown Kamloops. These murals can be found in the gallery on our website here. Or if you want to see more of his other works, you can check out his Flickr here.

Additionally, the downtown Kamloops CAP team offers free tours of the back alley art gallery. If you’d like to arrange a mural tour, you can book one on our online booking calendar here.

Moreover, the CAP team offers a variety of different services to businesses and community members. You can find our phone number and email here to contact us for additional information.

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