Mittz Kitchen

When you pass through the iconic (and adorably Instagram-worthy) bright blue door at Mittz Kitchen, you will be greeted with happy faces, a delightful hello and the sweet and savory scents of homemade food. As you sit and get comfortable, it’s likely you may even catch a glimpse of co-owner, Steve Mitton lending a helping hand in the eatery.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve to get to know a little bit more about him and the business. Between the co-owner (and brothers) Steve and Jeff Mitton, they’ve got over 50 years of shared knowledge in the hospitality industry. It’s no wonder Mittz Kitchen is a go-to for so many Kamloopsians!

As a business owner, employer and someone in the hospitality industry, being a people person is crucial to the industry. If you have ever met Steve, you know that he fits this pressing persona perfectly.

When asked why a customer should choose his business, Steve’s response was quick and to the point – “We have damn good food.” With a variety of local, homemade and Canadian cuisine – there is nothing that Mittz Kitchen doesn’t do well. “This is a very hard question (what’s your favourite thing on the menu?) the burgers are very good, Beef Short Ribs are very good and Sablefish is very popular. We are best known for our good homemade food. Everything is made from scratch! Our buns are from Craig’s bakery – another great local place. We try to use as much local produce as possible, we have such a high volume that it does get very hard. Seasonally, the Chef will go get stuff from the farmers market.”

Along with tasty food, this full-serve restaurant carries a variety of local brews and wines – hence their slogan, “a place for grub and grapes” – the grapes are served the way grapes are served best – fermented (they also have a beer for all the Hopp lovers).

“On tap we ALWAYS have Red Collar and Iron Road breweries as well as all the wineries; Privato, Harpers Trail, Fort Berens, Monte Creek. We carry all the local wineries and all the local breweries. And soon, when the next two breweries open we will probably look at adding them on as well”, explains Steve.

Steve added that he wouldn’t consider moving the establishment, saying “I like it (downtown) because it is the central hub. It is close to the businesses for lunch hour. We get lots of doctors, lawyers and other business people in here”. While gesturing to customers at the other end of the restaurant, Steve explained: “there are actually a couple of lawyers over there.”

Mittz Kitchen is a popular choice amongst almost any crowd, attracting business folk, university students and date-night goers of all ages!

Steve sums the vibe up perfectly, saying “Mittz is contemporary and modern, a cross of both. You can feel comfortable in anything really – from shorts to being dressed up in a suit. We don’t really have a “one feel”.

The next time you are downtown, look for the blue door, that perfect people-watching patio, and delicious menu of Mittz Kitchen. Stop by, say hi and enjoy!

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about downtown Kamloops, you can find more information on our website here. Moreover, we’re also on Facebook here.

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