Maurya’s Bustling Bazaar

Ken Wells is the lead artist of this mural. The “Bustling Bazaar” mural is located at the front of Maurya’s Restaurant on 165 Victoria Street. Unlike other murals in the series, Maurya’s “Bustling Bazaar” remains the only mural featured at the front of a building rather than in the alley.

This mural features a busy bazaar, which recreates within a piece of art the cultural atmosphere that Maurya’s imbues. Maurya’s bustling bazaar mural attests to the thriving art scene in downtown Kamloops.

This mural created by Ken Wells features a characteristic white dog known as one of Ken’s signature styles. There are other murals that Ken Wells has painted around downtown Kamloops. Can you find Ken’s trademark dog in any of the other murals around town? Tag us in an image on Facebook or Instagram at Downtown Kamloops to let us and the community know!

If you would like to appreciate more of Ken’s art, check it out on his Flickr by clicking on the link.

In addition, if you’re interested in checking out more of the murals around downtown, contact the CAP Team to book a mural tour. You can get ahold of us by either e-mail or phone call.

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