Marilyn Monroe Mural

The “Marilyn Monroe” mural painted by Evan Christian in 2013 features the face of famous 1950s movie star Marilyn Monroe. Christian did a brilliant job of portraying Marilyn Monroe’s beauty in this mural. Located behind Vyanjan Fine Indian Cuisine, this mural adds vibrancy to the Kamloops core. This mural by Christian brings Marilyn Monroe’s elegance to life and enlivens the vicinity with bright colours and elaborate details.

Evan Christian painted a few of the murals in the downtown Kamloops area, and each time he does an exceptional job! Are you interested in seeing more of the murals done by Christian? You can find the mural gallery on our website by following this link. Check them out. Or better yet, why not come on downtown to take a look at all of the murals throughout the downtown Kamloops area!

Additionally, did you know that the CAP team offers free mural tours? You can book a tour with us on our website here. The CAP team is more than happy to help out whenever we can.

The Downtown Kamloops CAP team is available all year round for a variety of different tasks. You can contact us anytime via email or phone.


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