Lady and the Shoe mural

The “Lady and the Shoe” mural painted in 2002 by Alex Moir-Porteous contains two parts. The whimsical “House in a Shoe” painting portrays a massive shoe/house located behind Kennell’s Shoes. Although not the only shoe-themed mural on a shoe shop, this mural adds to the charming and playful nature of this theme. And beside that mural is a painting of the Bodhi Tree on the wall behind Golden Buddha. This mural is a beautiful representation of the celebrated Buddhist bodhi tree. The Bodhi Tree is where the Buddha experienced enlightenment.

The owner commissioned this mural in 2002 to brighten up the alleyway and deter graffiti. Ken tells Kamloops News that it’s “likely that people will leave art alone”. More often than not, this has proven true throughout the history of the mural project.

Moir-Porteous participated in the creation of a number of mural in downtown Kamloops. You can find more of the back alley art gallery on our website.

However, the CAP team offers free tours of the murals if you’re interested in a guided tour, additional information, and a couple of friendly faces. Contact us by e-mail at capteam@downtownkamloops.com or book a tour on our website.

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