Kuan Yin mural

The mural titled “Kuan Yin”, created in 2011 by Alexx Moir-Porteous, utilizes symbolism from Buddhist culture. The owner of The Blue Grotto gladly welcomed the mural behind their business as a means to negate graffiti. In Buddhism, ‘Kuan Yin’ (also spelled ‘Guan’ or ‘Kwan’) represents the Bodhisattva or any person on the path towards Buddhahood. Said to be the deity of compassion, Kuan Yin is a Chinese term, short for ‘Guanshiyon’, which means “one who perceives the sounds of the world”. This mural also features a diamond-shaped mandala used as a spiritual guidance tool for focusing attention to aid meditation. Mandalas are said to embrace the four facets of life: unconscious, conscious, emotional, and spiritual.

The locally well-known artist, Alexx Moir-Porteous worked on a variety of murals in downtown Kamloops. Another mural created by Moir-Porteous, The Jaguar Gate, demonstrates the various style of his artwork.

Come on downtown to check out the murals or check out the gallery on our website. Additionally, the Kamloops CAP team offers free mural tours of the back alley art gallery. If you’d like to arrange a tour, then you can book a date on the calendar on our website here. Moreover, if you need to get in touch with the CAP team, you can find out contact information here.

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