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Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy

Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy

We are proud to announce, we now have 3 locations to serve our customers better.

  • Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Kamloops on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Victoria Street.
  • Kipp-Mallery Landmark is located in the Landmark Center, on the parking lot side, on the corner of Summit and McGIll across from TRU
  • Kipp-Mallery Dallas is located in the Dallas Towne Center, beside Market Fresh Foods

We have a wide-range of clinical, compounding and prescription services at all 3 locations.  The downtown location also has a comprehensive home health-care department to assist you.  We have certified stocking fitters and a certified mastectomy fitter to assist you in the home-health department.  For those who are in need of a doctor, we have an iMedicine Patient studio in-store.  Kipp-Mallery is here to help you with all of your pharmacy and health-care needs.



273 Victoria St Kamloops bc