Italian Villa Courtyard mural

The “Italian Villa Courtyard” mural painted by Ken Wells is located at 255 Victoria Street. Wells completed the mural in 2011. Although similar to many of Wells’ other murals, “Italian Villa Courtyard” brings a little bit of Italy to our alleys.  The mural features a set of stairways in an Italian courtyard framed by bricks. This forced perspective mural style causes the image to appear three dimensional on the wall. Many details and techniques are incorporated in this painting. While Wells creates a variety of different Italian scenes, one aspect remains in many of his paintings. Can you guess what we’re referring to? That characteristic dog from many of Wells’ murals once again sits perched at the top of the stairs in this painting.

Find more of Ken Wells’ artwork and check out his incredible artistic talent on his public Flickr account.

Come downtown to see the murals in person and let us know which one is your favourite by tagging us on social media!

You can also arrange for a free mural tour with the CAP team who are happy to share some of the art Kamloops has to offer! If you’re interested in booking a tour, e-mail the CAP team or use the booking calendar on our website.


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