Homage to the Leland Hotel Mural

The “Homage to the Leland Hotel” mural was designed as a tribute to celebrate Kamloops’ rich history.

Situated behind the McDonald’s on Victoria Street, this mural represents the buildings history. Created and painted by Evan Christian and his two assistants in 2017, the mural pays homage to a building destroyed in 1980. The Leland Hotel, built in 1905, met its end in flames. Conceptually, this mural pays homage to the rich history that Kamloops offers. It does so by recreating the memory of the Leland Hotel in a modern and unique way.

This colourful and energetic work of urban art was created with a combination of wall paint and spray paint. It’s a dynamic and contemporary addition to the collection of murals that we have accumulated downtown.

Although this is the only mural done by Evan Christian, this mural demonstrates his talents nicely.

Are you interested in going on a free tour of the back alley art murals? If so, you can contact the CAP team and let us know so we can arrange a time for your booking. But if you’d rather sit at home and take a tour though the murals, you can always tke a look at the back alley art gallery on our website!

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