More than fifteen years ago, Maxine Tsai saw an opportunity and moved from Vancouver to open up HOJA Mongolian Grill at 256 Victoria Street. Fast-forward to 2016 and HOJA Mongolian Grill has grown to a staff of eighteen. On any given weeknight, you may spot university students on first dates, a mid-week staff party, and rowdy sports teams in all corners of the all-you-can-eat restaurant.

HOJA stands in its own restaurant category in Kamloops for many reasons. First, HOJA is the only Mongolian restaurant in Kamloops. Secondly, your personalized meal- which is vegan, vegetarian, and celiac friendly- is prepared on a stone grill, where the head chef has one opportunity to perfect your bowl behind a small wall of flames. The buffet setup allows personalized dishes to be concocted from eight types of meat or seafood, twenty types of fresh vegetables, and a maze of tangy sauces. There are plentiful options for the picky and exotic eaters alike!

Maxine’s humble and happy demeanor is evident in HOJA’s Mongolian Grill’s ongoing participation across the Kamloops community. The restaurant’s business model is a testament to promoting local talent, events, and opportunities. More recently, Maxine opened up a second restaurant in the Aberdeen Mall in order to cater to the demand across the city. Sitting atop the cash register is a fishbowl stuffed with scribbled names and well-written phone numbers. Every customer can enter a weekly draw for Kamloops Blazers tickets during the hockey season on top of earning Digital VIP points to redeem at the Aberdeen or Downtown locations.

Open for lunch and dinner, HOJA Mongolian Grill lets your experience Asian cuisine on a local budget!

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