Fratelli Foods, a go-to grocer for Kamloops locals on the 200 Block of 1Victoria street, loves Downtown Kamloops just about as much as we love them! Mario and his brother, Peter, co-own the store and the word Fratelli translates from Italian to mean, you guessed it, brother!
Mario explained that twenty years ago Downtown Kamloops was lacking a grocery store, leading their business to come “fill the void of a grocery-less downtown”. Mario told us about previously owning a grocery store across town, when he noticed that a lot of his business was from the city centre. Fratelli Foods has since migrated to satisfy our extreme demand for a personable grocer and has been doing remarkably well since establishing his storefront 20 years ago.
Stopping mid-interview to interact with a Kamloops local and Fratelli Foods regular, it is obvious how personal and genuine the Fratelli Foods service is. Relocating the entire store for the needs of the community, the customer demands are still the motto for the Fratelli business. This key essential is what constantly keeps his customers coming back in Mario’s view. “Fratelli’s is set apart from other grocers not only because of our service but unique products available only at Fratelli’s. A mix of hard work, perseverance, and finding out exactly what the neighborhood needs and loves has been our key to success.” With mouth-watering deluxe sandwiches adjusted to the customer’s delight, weekly authentic Indian 3cuisine or soups that taste like a tremendous warm hug, Fratelli’s has gone above and beyond when it comes to catering to the needs of the customer (is your stomach grumbling from this article yet?)
Moving downtown due to popular demand, Mario raves that this decision has been incredibly rewarding. “Being downtown is a positive experience for us!” reflects Mario. “The community is like a big family… it’s so much fun and we can’t think of anywhere else to do business.”
Lunch hour cravings are finally satisfied thanks to the delightful and savoury deli options of Fratelli Foods!

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