Downtown Scene Mural

This “Downtown Scene” mural depicts a bustling downtown street scene. This piece incorporates many of the aspects that make Kamloops special and a variety of activities that one can partake in within our beautiful city. Ken Wells painted this mural to represent the 200 Block of Victoria Street. The mural is a street view that would be seen if the building was not there. This mural veers drastically from the other ones completed by Ken Wells but still embodies his characteristic and unique style.

If you’re an appreciator of Ken Wells’ incredible artistic style, then perhaps you’d like to check out some more of the work he’s done on the downtown murals? You can find his Flickr here on which he had uploaded many images of murals painted by him. We also offer an online collection of images from the back alley art gallery. Or you can always come on downtown to check them out in person.

Did you know that the Kamloops CAP team offers free mural tours? We would love to share a piece of the beauty of downtown with each and every one of you. You can book a mural tour with the CAP team on our website by following this link.

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