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The call for mural artists is out. The Mural program supports local artists while creating a positive space in Downtown. It attracts locals as well as tourists. The Mural program is meant to beautify back alleys, dieter Grafitti, and improve public safety. 

Want to paint a mural that will contribute to the heart of our city and create a legacy? 

Downtown Kamloops is looking for experienced Mural Artists to create new murals to enhance the existing back alley art gallery collection.  This opportunity is funded through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

  • Must be capable of painting large murals on the exterior of Downtown buildings during the summer. 
  • Must include at least 3 samples of completed works of art, and a CV detailing projects you have been involved with.
  • Must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents, legally entitled to work, and between 15 -30 years of age.
  • Will be compensated full-time hours for 6 weeks to complete the project

Note: Should the proposal requirements for this call be a barrier to you submitting your ideas, please contact us at murals@downtownkamloops.com before May 3rd.

This program is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia

#08. 357 Victoria Street (Carlos O’Bryans) – Wheel in the Sky

#08. 357 Victoria Street (Carlos O’Bryans) – Wheel in the Sky

Artist: Alexx Moir-Porteous
The "Wheel in the Sky" mural depicts a festive evening in 1920 Ireland. Located behind Carlos O'Bryans, this mural features a carnival with a Ferris wheel in the center. This Ferris wheel inspired the name of the mural. The pub in the mural called "An Ighean Dhamsa" is Irish Gaelic for "The Dancing Maiden". A magician breathes fire as the city folks bustle throughout the street while they go about their daily activities. This festive scene represents the boisterous and jovial atmosphere of the restaurant. The scene adds life to the downtown back alley art gallery.

#07. 120-5th Ave. (Cactus Jack’s) – Billy Miner Train Robbery

#07. 120-5th Ave. (Cactus Jack’s) – Billy Miner Train Robbery

Artist: Alexx Moir-Porteous (2010)
This mural was completed in the summer of 2010 by Alexander Moir-Porteous. Fredrick Fulton, a local community leader, prosecuted the infamous train robber, Billy Miner, in Kamloops in 1905. Billy Miner is known for coining the phrase “Hands Up”. After a successful robbery in Mission, BC in which Billy netted almost $100, 000, he came to Kamloops and became a respectable rancher. The thrill of train robbery was, however, far too tempting, and Miner struck again in Kamloops. Unfortunately, he only managed to steal $17, and the attempt led to his capture by the Mounted Police. Frederick Fulton put him in jail on a twenty-five-year sentence. He soon escaped and was never re-captured. The mural depicts the last of the old West train robberies by cowboys on horseback. This mural is dedicated to that piece of Kamloops' history. The artist took great pains to ensure that this mural was historically correct.

#04. 355 Lansdowne St. (Red Collar Brewing) – History of Brewing

#04. 355 Lansdowne St. (Red Collar Brewing) – History of Brewing

Artist: Kelly Wright (2016)
One of the three murals being completed in the 2016 season, the Red Collar History of Brewing is an ambitious look at the history of brewing throughout time and into the present. On the side of the building you will meet the goddesses of hops & barley, while on the back of the building you will meet Louis Pasteur, the man who made pasteurization and the consumption of safe beer possible. You will also see a giant barrel with the namesake of the building whose spirit lives within the beer inside.

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