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The call for mural artists is out. The Mural program supports local artists while creating a positive space in Downtown. It attracts locals as well as tourists. The Mural program is meant to beautify back alleys, dieter Grafitti, and improve public safety. 

Want to paint a mural that will contribute to the heart of our city and create a legacy? 

Downtown Kamloops is looking for experienced Mural Artists to create new murals to enhance the existing back alley art gallery collection.  This opportunity is funded through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

  • Must be capable of painting large murals on the exterior of Downtown buildings during the summer. 
  • Must include at least 3 samples of completed works of art, and a CV detailing projects you have been involved with.
  • Must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents, legally entitled to work, and between 15 -30 years of age.
  • Will be compensated full-time hours for 6 weeks to complete the project

Note: Should the proposal requirements for this call be a barrier to you submitting your ideas, please contact us at murals@downtownkamloops.com before May 3rd.

This program is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia

#13. 319 Victoria St. (Blue Grotto) – Kuan Yin

#13. 319 Victoria St. (Blue Grotto) – Kuan Yin

Artist: Alexx Moir-Porteous (2011)
This wall was very heavily tagged by graffiti so the owners were happy to have a mural created here. The art represents the owner’s interest in Buddhist culture.

  • History tells us that Kuan Yin (Kwan Yin) is the Chinese version of the male god, whom the ancient texts eulogize as the deity of compassion.
  • The Buddhist Deity Green Tara is also known as a heavenly deity who hears the cries of beings experiencing misery.
  • The Diamond/Triangular Mandalas in Buddhist cultures, a mandala embraces what they consider to be the four facets of life; unconscious, conscious, emotional and spiritual.
#11. 347 Victoria St. (Castles & Cottages) – Underwater Scene

#11. 347 Victoria St. (Castles & Cottages) – Underwater Scene

Artist: Kelly Wright (2012)
The owner wanted a seaside-inspired fantasy visual. It was originally supposed to be just on the lower half of the wall but the artist became so inspired that he kept going. The concept for this mural is to make the viewer feel surrounded by the multiple dimensions of the walls. It took about 6 weeks to complete.

Note: the sun is coming through the water surrounding the mermaid.

#10. 350 Seymour St. – Marilyn

#10. 350 Seymour St. – Marilyn

Artist: Evan Christian (2013)
Marilyn Monroe: The owner had a poster of Marilyn that he showed to the artist. This entire piece is done with spray paint. This was our first mural of this genre and it shows the amazing detail that is possible with a good spray paint artist. He has completed many commissioned murals within the City of Kamloops and elsewhere.

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