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The call for mural artists is out. The Mural program supports local artists while creating a positive space in Downtown. It attracts locals as well as tourists. The Mural program is meant to beautify back alleys, dieter Grafitti, and improve public safety. 

Want to paint a mural that will contribute to the heart of our city and create a legacy? 

Downtown Kamloops is looking for experienced Mural Artists to create new murals to enhance the existing back alley art gallery collection.  This opportunity is funded through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

  • Must be capable of painting large murals on the exterior of Downtown buildings during the summer. 
  • Must include at least 3 samples of completed works of art, and a CV detailing projects you have been involved with.
  • Must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents, legally entitled to work, and between 15 -30 years of age.
  • Will be compensated full-time hours for 6 weeks to complete the project

Note: Should the proposal requirements for this call be a barrier to you submitting your ideas, please contact us at murals@downtownkamloops.com before May 3rd.

This program is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia

#17. 250 Victoria St. (4CATS Art Studio / Art We Are) – Artist Mid Creation

#17. 250 Victoria St. (4CATS Art Studio / Art We Are) – Artist Mid Creation

Artist: Kyleen Cachelin (2015)
This was a wonderfully large canvas to work with. The building owner wanted something completely different from our other murals. A fun, modern, more European street art style. With art based businesses in the building, the image of an artist in her studio in the midst of creation seemed perfectly fitting.

#16. 255 Victoria Street (Oronge Board Shop) – Italian Villa Courtyard

#16. 255 Victoria Street (Oronge Board Shop) – Italian Villa Courtyard

Artist: Ken Wells (2011)
This is a forced perspective mural, which essentially means that it looks as though it is three dimensional, but isn’t. This is a scene with many details incorporated.
Notice the flying angel bricks on top show the artist’s names.
The dog is used as a focal point for the boy and to move the viewer's eye from one side of the composition to the other.

#15. 263-265 Victoria St. (Tenisci Piva) – Downtown Scene

#15. 263-265 Victoria St. (Tenisci Piva) – Downtown Scene

Artist: Ken Wells (2010)
This piece incorporates all of the things that make Kamloops unique and showcases the activities in which you can partake within our beautiful city. It is meant to represent the 200 block of Victoria Street. This is the street view you would see if the building was not here. This mural, which is a completely different style than Ken’s other murals, demonstrates the variety of styles that our alleys have. Variety is one of our goals for the Back Alley Art Gallery.

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