Celebrate Our Nation

Being a Canadian is truly a magnificent thing. It is with great pride that we will celebrate our fantastic and diverse nation down at Riverside Park on July 1st, as is our annual tradition. The Canada Day event will entail a grand celebration of food and culture, laced with a wide variety of activities and entertainment suitable for people of all ages. There will also be unique vendors specializing in capturing the essence of the Canadian spirit. Let’s celebrate our nation Canada!

Although to many people being Canadian is all about hopping on the moose, grabbing a juicy bottle of syrup and hitting up Tim’s on the way to the local frozen pond; there is a little bit more that goes into making our citizens so great and loveable. Canadians have a notable reputation for being some of the kindest, most polite and accepting people on this planet, something that I am proud to agree with based on firsthand experience.

What does being a Canadian mean to you? I decided to ask some of my colleagues what being a Canadian means to them to get a better understanding of perspectives. To Jon, being a Canadian is all about being friendly as an entire nation, to the point that other countries widely regard us as the friendliest people on the globe. For Keegan, the best part about being a Canadian is that the backyard is his playground, and he can explore its vast landscapes as much as he would like. For Nathan, being Canadian is about grabbing a good beer and watching some hockey, a pastime shared by many across our nation.

While you’re down at Riverside Park for the Canada Day celebration on July 1st, make sure to stop by the CAP Team’s very own booth and say hello! You will be able to catch some shade and play some Jenga with your favorite CAP team members!

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