Krob Krua Thai Restaurant

Krob Krua Thai Restaurant

A Taste of Thailand

As co-owner of the only Thai restaurant in Kamloops, Kamphon Muktier of Krob Krua Thai Restaurant knows that he has an important job in bringing the flavours of his home country to Downtown Kamloops. His customers appreciate his melding of Canadian and Thai flavours to create a palette that is unique to our city. Most of Krob Krua’s customers are not Thai themselves but have been to Thailand and are eager to enjoy a Thai meal. Others have never been to Thailand and are looking for an introduction to Thai cuisine. As well, Kamphon is more than happy to help any would-be travelers to Thailand learn about Thai cuisine and culture.

A Family Business

When deciding on what to name his restaurant, Kamphon followed Thai culture. In Thailand, it is traditional for a name to have meaning. Kamphon started his business with his wife, and their main value as a company is family. They settled on the name Krob Krua because it means family in Thai. Family and community are incredibly important to the Krob Krua team. They usually employ between ten and twelve workers, whom they consider as part of their family. Part of the reason they love doing business in Downtown Kamloops is because of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Kamphon knows that if ever he is in need, he can ask his neighbours for help. He also is passionate about giving back to his community. He and his wife donate regularly to the Kamloops Food Bank the BCSPCA, and are dedicated to helping those around them.

Krob Krua Thai Restaurant is usually open for dine-in or take-out from 11:30am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, and for take-out only on Sundays. During the pandemic, however, they are only open for take-out, but are open seven days a week. For more information, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Krobkruathairestaurant/ or call them at (250) 828-0645.

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CML Properties

CML Properties

Customer Driven and Reliable

For forty years, CML Properties has provided outstanding property management services to commercial and residential properties in Kamloops. Ken Wallin started the company in 1980, and CML Properties has been in the Wallin family ever since. Their team is committed to best practice property management services. Their clientele knows they can expect a maximum return on their investment as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their properties are in the best hands. CML Properties has built a reputation for excellence and reliability in the interior of BC. Many of CML’s clients have been with them since they first opened their doors four decades ago. CML’s unique combination of industry expertise and best practice systems makes them an industry leader. They are known for providing excellent property stewardship to their customers.

A Kamloops Business

CML Properties is also first and foremost a Kamloops business. Their location on Lansdowne Street makes them especially accessible to their clientele. Their team is proud to be a part of the Kamloops community. They especially enjoy being a part of Downtown Kamloops, with its vibrant atmosphere and scenery. Kamloops is in CML’s roots, and they are loyal to their customer base. Having been a part of the Downtown Kamloops community for so long, they are experts on what it takes to succeed here. We asked the HR and office manager at CML Properties, Joan Zammit, what advice she would give to new businesses in Downtown Kamloops. She replied, “Support other local businesses. [Kamloops] is a wonderful community and being able to support one another in our business needs is what makes everyone stronger. Find a mentor who has been through this before and use them for guidance.”

The CML Properties office is located at 272 Lansdowne Street. It is open from 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday. They also have a 24-hour emergency service available to their clients. They can be reached by calling (250) 372-1232. For more information, please visit their website at https://www.cmlproperties.ca/.

Empire Dental

Empire Dental

For anyone looking for a patient-centered dental experience, Empire Dental is the place to go. Dr. Dhaval Admar, BDS, DDS, owns Empire Dental and is committed to giving his clients world-class dentistry. He is committed to doing this without sacrificing excellent customer service. Always considerate, Dr. Admar makes sure to listen to his clients’ wants and needs before coming up with a treatment plan. He is also passionate about giving his clients the best treatment available and stays up to date on the latest techniques and technologies. He uses 3D scanning, laser technology, and digital smile design technology among many others to ensure his clients are receiving the best care possible.

Dr. Admar first received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2010 in India before immigrating to Canada where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2014. He then worked as an associate dentist in Saskatoon, SK. In 2018, Dr. Admar moved to Kamloops and purchased the Empire Dental practice. Dr. Admar now employs five dental hygienists, assistants, and receptionists who are all committed to providing the best service possible to their clients.

The staff at Empire Dental love working in downtown Kamloops. Dr. Admar was motivated to move to BC because of the mountains, and to Kamloops in specific because he was drawn to the tight-knit working environment at Empire Dental. According to his staff, they love the vibrant atmosphere downtown and the friendly, welcoming people.

Empire Dental’s hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30 pm. For more information, visit their website at www.empiredental.ca or phone them at 250-374-7227.

Lansdowne Liquor Store

Lansdowne Liquor Store

The first thing customers can expect when walking into the Lansdowne Liquor Store is that they will be greeted right away with a smile. The staff are always eager to help their customers find what they need. The store, which has been serving the downtown community for twelve years, employs nine staff members.

Ileene, the store manager, is proud of her employees, who she describes as excellent. The staff at the Lansdowne Liquor Store are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. This, she says, is what keeps her customers coming back for more. When asked about the history of the business, Ileene responded, laughing, “It’s just liquor. That’s it, that’s the history.”

Lansdowne Liquor is at 225-450 Lansdowne Street, and is perfectly located to serve its downtown clientele. Ileene loves working downtown and enjoys seeing the diverse people who come through the business’s front door.

Lansdowne Liquor is open Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 9pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 8pm. Be sure to stop by, say hi, and see what they have on sale. Lansdowne Liquor can be reached by phoning 250-571-1377 or by going to their website, www.lansdowneliquor.ca.

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Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces

For the past four years, Kelsey Grimm and her team of counsellors at Healing Spaces have been helping clients through difficult times. Kelsey is the founder of this experienced and enthusiastic team, having created Healing Spaces with a dream to provide support and give people someone to talk to when life gets heavy. Healing Spaces is currently made up of a team of seven counsellors, each trained in different specializations, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma therapy, anxiety and depression, and EMDR, or Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

It is clear from talking to Kelsey Grimm that she is passionate about her work. When asked about what makes her proudest about her work, Kelsey told us that she loves seeing her clients leave feeling good. Her favourite moment is when clients tell her they don’t need her anymore, and hers is probably one of the few business owners who want their clients to stop coming back.

Kelsey has created a welcoming, open environment, complete with a book nook where clients can find books on a variety of subjects related to mental health and healing. The book nook also contains weighted blankets that can help with anxiety. The clean, sunlit office is a peaceful setting where clients are sure to feel safe and at-home.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, Kelsey and her team can be reached by phone at 1-877-325-7484 or by e-mail at kelsey@healingspaces.center. Their hours vary, but appointments are available from 8 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. For more information, please go to www.healingspaces.centre.

The Thompson Hotel

The Thompson Hotel

The Thompson Hotel

As an independent hotel, it’s not always easy to compete again the big hotel chains and franchises. But the “Travelers Choice” award has been presented to The Thompson Hotel several times over a number of years. This certificate of excellence is a testament to the quality of service offered by the staff of The Thompson Hotel. What sets this hotel apart from many others in Kamloops is that Thompson Hotel is a family-owned hotel. Depending on the season, the hotel employs between 20 and 40 staff members. As it’s a business for accommodation, the hotel is open every day of the year for 24 hours a day. Most of the hotel patrons come to visit Kamloops from out of town. In such a centralized location downtown there are many opportunities to explore everything the city has to offer.

There are many reasons to choose The Thompson Hotel for your stay in Kamloops. With a variety of amenities for patrons, The Thompson Hotel has various opportunities for everyone staying there. Their games room is particularly unique with multiple big-screen TVs, two pool tables, air hockey, foosball, an arcade with a pinball machine, and board games. There’s also an indoor pool and hot tub located on the premises. Instead of congregating with larger groups inside a hotel room, their amenity area is a great place for groups to hang out. The best part of being located downtown is being within walking distance of dozens of restaurants, the nightlife, shopping, Riverside and Music in the Park, as well as everything else located in downtown Kamloops.

A Word from Kav Sangha

Kav Sangha, the co-owner of The Thompson Hotel, began working there in 2018. He states that prior to working there he had “wanted to get into the hotel business for many years”. He waited for the right opportunity and property to present itself. According to Sangha, one of the most appealing aspects of this hotel is that it has “two on-site brewhouse restaurants”. Sangha affirms that what makes his hotel stand out “is our amazing games room and pool area, as well as our fantastic on-site brewhouse restaurants”. Located nearby is The Nobel Pig and Alchemy Brewing, which are two local hotspots for visitors searching for some excellent quality beer in downtown Kamloops.

Sangha says that they strive to “provide the best combination of quality and value in the local accommodation market”. He’s proud of his business for being a successful independent local business when so many franchises and big-chain hotels are situated in Kamloops. When a patron enters The Thompson Hotel they can expect “great service and great value” says Kav Sangha. Part of what makes The Thompson Hotel so unique is that they’re an independent hotel in Kamloops. And the KCBIA agrees that The Thompson Hotel is a special hotel!

Check out The Thompson Hotel’s website by following this link!