Downtown Kamloops partners with the
Kamloops Blazers and Kamloops KIA
for fall and winter Memorial Cup promotion


To drive consumer activity into downtown businesses through contesting to win tickets to Kamloops Blazers’ home games as well as passes to the KIA Memorial Cup Tournament.


During the Blazers season September 23, 2022, to March 27, 2023, patrons can enter at participating downtown businesses for a weekly chance to win a pair of home game tickets to cheer on their Kamloops Blazers. At the end of the regular season, one lucky fan will win two Blazer jerseys and two passes for the 2023 Memorial Cup Tournament!


Participating businesses will be identified by a #WEWANTTHECUP poster visible to patrons, a draw box, and #WEWANTTHECUP staff t-shirts. Posters, draw boxes and entry ballots are freely provided by Downtown Kamloops. T-shirts can be ordered and purchased at cost through Downtown Kamloops. Each Tuesday from September 27th to March 27th our CAP Team collects entries for the weekly Blazers ticket draws. Then, on March 28th we collect all draw boxes and give away the 2023 Memorial Cup grand prize package.

To Participate:

Contact Downtown Kamloops Administration to join the promotion. Please call or e-mail at 250-372-3242 | admin@downtownkamloops.com

Orders for #WEWANTTHECUP Blazer Game Day T-shirts are processed monthly so please plan ahead. Please specify quantity and size.

This campaign will be promoted through traditional media as well as social media platforms.

What to buy Dad for Fathers Day?

What to buy Dad for Fathers Day?

Not sure what to buy Dad for Fathers Day in Downtown Kamloops, BC? Well, Downtown Kamloops has a great selection of shops to help with all your gift-giving needs! From biking gear to great eats and breweries, Downtown Kamloops has it all.

The perfect pair of shoes 

Are your dad’s shoes worn out? Is he always on his feet working, getting outdoors, or simply needs some new sandals for the upcoming summer? Downtown Kamloops has you covered. 

Redwing Shoes, located at 237 Victoria Street, has a variety of different boots that are guaranteed to last. From soft toe to CSA-approved, you’ll be sure to find something!

Check out Kennell’s Shoes Limited at 249 Victoria Street to grab dad a new pair of sandals for the summer! They also have a large variety of shoes for all needs. 

Just don’t forget to grab dad’s shoe size before heading to the store! 

Coffee first, Fathers Day celebrations after 

Is your dad a coffee drinker? Downtown Kamloops has a great variety of coffee shops to grab some fresh beans or a gift cards if you aren’t sure what kind to get! Check out, The Vic Downtown located at 377 Victoria Street, Café Motivo at 299 Victoria Street and He Brew’s Ahava Coffee Inc at 210 Victoria Street. 

All of these businesses also have some great treats! Make sure to check them out. 

Nothing like some new biking gear 

Cycle Logic at 222 Victoria Street is a dream store for any biker. New biking gear would be sure to put a smile on dad’s face, from new gloves to sunglasses and everything in between. 

Looking for a place to sit down and enjoy each others company? 

Downtown is the place to be for breweries. Alchemy Brewing Company located at 650 Victoria Street, is a great option to stop in, while checking out the downtown area. 

Red Collar Brewing located at 355 Lansdowne Street is another excellent option for stopping for a drink and food! 

Check out both these brewery’s patio areas to stay outside and enjoy the weather! 

Upgrade dad’s closet! 

Does dad need some new clothes for summer? Jardines Domaine, located at 245 Victoria Street, has a sizeable men’s selection of shirts, pants, shorts, hats, and everything you’d need to set dad up for the weather! 

McAllister & Howard Clothiers, located at 235 Victoria Street, has all of dad’s dress clothes needs. 

Not sure of what size to grab? No worries! Gift cards are available at both of these stores. Good luck and happy shopping! 


These are only a few of our suggestions, to find more treasures in Downtown visit Discover Downtown.



The Noble Pig launches delicious seasonal brews to celebrate summer

The Noble Pig launches delicious seasonal brews to celebrate summer

With the warm weather upon us, The Noble Pig Brewhouse has been preparing some delicious seasonal beers to celebrate Summer.

The Noble Pig Brewhouse is Kamloops’ first and only Microbrewery that combines house made craft brewed beer, brewed by Nick Murphy, and a unique beer fusion and scratch kitchen cuisine lead by Chef, Jared Summers. It is an unpretentious neighborhood spot in a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

Here are just a few of the brews you can expect to try on our gorgeous patio as the sunny days roll in:



An ultra-dry IPA named after the Javelina pigs found in the dry desert climates of Central and South America! This “Brut” style of India Pale Ale brings focus to citrus aromas provided by a selection of Pacific-Northwest hops. Lower in bitterness for an IPA, yet very aromatic and hop forward.

6.2% ABV         |          30 IBU


P I N E A P P L E   E X P R E S S


Made using a custom base beer, similar to a blonde ale, designed to mix perfectly with many types of juices. Part of our Rotating Radler Series, this refreshingly delicious brew is a perfect addition to an afternoon on a sunny patio!

3.8% ABV        |         15 IBU


P O T   B E L L Y   P I L S


A delicious pilsner made with a well-balanced dry hop addition of Willamette hops to add a classic floral and peppery aroma. Finishing with a cool crisp mouthfeel, this patio worthy beer will make you want to come on back for more than one!

4.2% ABV        |         30 IBU

A day in the life by Chef Jared Summers

A day in the life by Chef Jared Summers

Monday: order day

What do we mean when we say we support local?

As a person trying to live an everyday life, it can mean many things. It could be a feel-good personal choice or a moral high ground. Maybe it’s based on environmental ethics or just a sense of community. Sadly, for many, its simply a luxury they cannot afford for a variety of reasons. So, what does it mean as a business? While the same reasons may resonate, the scale is a bit different. For us at The Noble Pig and Underbelly, it means making very pointed decisions on what we stand for, what we believe is the right thing to do, and what we would like our limited influence to achieve. In more practical terms, it means a lot more logistics to consider.

Let’s take the universally loathed Monday as an example of how these decisions play out IRL. There are a few very organized, viable and well-run options for food service businesses wanting to make this part of their operation simple, consistent and user-friendly. There is nothing wrong with these options, we use them too and are grateful for their contributions. However, our Mondays are Local Order Day, and we work with over 20 local providers & individual suppliers. Each have different lead-time & delivery schedules, payment terms, seasonal influences, capacities of scale and a mountain of their own logistics to manage. Not to mention the reality of running a small, local and usually, family-run business selling highly perishable, depreciating assets in an intensely competitive market.

Sorry, back to Monday. After a quick inventory, its time to flex our emailing, texting and phone call muscles. Blackwell Dairy for 20*4L jugs of milk for bechamel, a few custards and sauces, done, we have 6 crates to return to them also. Then Rangeland. 6 prime ribs, 6 striploins, 60lbs of ground beef, some flank for a steak feature. Rainer Custom Cutting? More ground beef, 60lbs of custom double smoked bacon, beef bones, pork hocks and some ground pork for meatloaf, hope they can make it to town by Wednesday. Fresh rigatoni from Fratelli’s, and we need some olives too, pepperoni and more bacon from Gary’s Deli. Salami and yes Brody, we really need more chorizo again from Chop N Block. Tuna from Fisherman’s Market, and how does the Coho run look so far? Even more bacon and a rack of bone-in pork for testing recipes for the upcoming summer menu from Rocana Meats. And can we get boneless pork butts yet? I hate dealing with those bones!

Need produce of course.. Nuleaf is just starting to plant at their own farm in Heffley but is still getting great BC grown storage crops like potatoes & squash, lots of hot house produce from the Fraser Valley, and not to mention they are kindly helping us get Westyde Apiaries honey each week, 18kg should do it for the week. Can’t forget Paul, the dedicated educator at Aurthur Hatton Elementary for our microgreens, 6 flats a week.

We’re not done yet… Benny the Butcher is making great farmers sausage and bratwurst, need 10kg of each please! Did we forget cheese? Not likely. Tanto Latte, an artisan Italian cheesemaker in Salmon arm makes fresh bocconcini, creamy feta, shredded mozzarella & creamy ricotta, deliveries on Friday, supply might be tight till then if we sell a lot of ricotta gnocchi.

And praise the sunshine, the Farmer’s Market is coming back in full swing! First a tease of herbs, wintered root vegetables and tubers and some planting pots. But once the radishes start showing up, it’s on! Some good news, markets are on Wednesday and Saturdays, we can worry about that tomorrow.. But maybe Thistle Farm can deliver this week? My trunk is already full of kegs today and I really need to get Dieter his produce boxes back, they are taking over our dry storage.

Until next Monday!


Contributed by:

Jared Summers

Website: www.thenoblepig.ca


Instagram: @underbellybythepig


SpringFest Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

SpringFest Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

May has come around once again with Mother’s Day in tow, which means the return of SpringFest to Downtown Kamloops! From May 6 to 8, come downtown and experience sidewalk sales from a wide array of stores and live music from 10 AM to 4 PM at various locations throughout the downtown core. To top it all off, shopping at participating businesses will give you a chance at winning a grand prize gift basket with merch, gift cards, and so much more from your favourite downtown businesses! So be sure to enter and follow us at @downtownkamloops for SpringFest Deals

We have compiled a list of the best deals to make it easy for you to plan ahead:


Crooked Crown Kamloops

Known for their love for local Candian made goods, Crooked Crown is a gift boutique, bringing specialty curated items to Kamloops (and the dot com). They will be offering a whopping 70%  discount on select items. Located at 404 Victoria St.


Cool Running

They will be offering 25 – 50% off selected apparel and footwear. Cool Running is Kamloops’ local, family-owned “BOUTIQUE” footwear store and they are known for their expertise in getting you a great fitting pair of shoes. They can be found at  351 Victoria Street.


Kamloops Florist 

Your go-to place for the best floral arrangements with staff that go above and beyond to make the customer feel special. They are always booked up for Mother’s day so call in adavcne to stay ahead of the game. You can find them at 605 Victoria St.


The Look Boutique

A renowned stop for women’s clothing in downtown, this boutique has a wide variety of clothing for all occasions. Don’t forget to check out their sale rack. The look can be found on Victoria Street.


Brynn’s Bakery

A staple for every Kamloopsian, this relatively new addition to downtown is known for Artisan baked goods made with fresh, local ingredients and with a whole lot of love. Find them at 424 Victoria Street.


Far and Wide and Botanical Scene

Are you looking for unique finds this mother’s Day? or the perfect plant for that plant-obsessed Mom. Look no further because the girls at Far & Wide and Botanical have your back! And what’s more for SpringFest they will be offering up to 50% of on select merchandise. Hurry. F+W can be found at 353 Victoria St and Botanical Scene at 250 Victoria St,


Desert Rain 

The ultimate gift store downtown, Desert Rain boasts a large variety of merchandise for every occasion including very special deals this Mother’s Day this weekend. You can find them at 217 Victoria St. You can also find their second store Wild Cave at  257 Victoria St.


Mainstreet Clothing Co

MainStreet Clothing opened its doors over 20 years ago in the heart of Downtown Kamloops. They are known for their latest fashion trends with a strong desire to provide the best customer service. You can find them at 221 Victoria Street.


Golden Buddha 

They carry products from all around the world. You can find clothing, giftware and items for metaphysical needs such as incense sticks, prayer flags, books and decks. Golden Buddha will be putting some of their unique items for sale at 247 Victoria St.


Jardine’s Domaine 

This local Kamloops brand needs no introduction but we would like to highlight the new addition to the Jardine’s brand while you are downtown this week JD Home. Don’t miss out an opportunity to check out great deals and win big! Located at 245 Victoria St.


Total Ten Studios

While you shop, don’t forget to pamper yourself by visiting the stylist at Total ten. They have SpringFest deals too with 20% off products. You can enter our giveaways here too. Visit them at 230 Victoria St.


Fergie Customs

Like no other on this list, Fergie is the latest addition to the heart of Kamloops. Fergie offers a variety of Indigenous gift wear and apparel. They also specialize in hydro dipping. They will have a sale table with 15% off. Located at 131 Victoria St.


Ray’s /Brown’s Lock and Key

One time only Ray’s will be joining SpringFest this year with 10% off keys and fobs $3 House keys. Visit them at 226 Lansdowne St.


Son Mai Spa

Son Mai Spa is located at 459 Lansdowne St. From the choice of colours, the artistically-crafted wood detailing and the Zen decor, Son Mai Spa emanates a soothing sense of calm. It’s a weave of traditional Vietnam aesthetics and modern-day spa luxury. You can also enter the draw to win a $60 pedicure at Son Mai Spa.



SpringFest is not limited to Victoria Street. You can visit stores like Volegacy located on 463 Lansdowne St. They stock a variety of giftware and clothing and will be offering up to 70% off select merchandise.


Fashion 5

Fashion 5 is conveniently located downtown on Victoria Street since 2007. They carry an extensive inventory of ladies’ fashions, accessories and jewelry. For SpringFest deals they will be offering 20% off spring sweaters and a $24.99 clearance rack. Find them at 418 Victoria St.



SpringFest is not only about shopping, you can find some great eats while you are out and don; forget you can enter our giveaway at participating restaurants too.

Here are some of our recommendations:


Di Muzio


Mittz  Kitchen


Red Collar


Peter’s Pasta


Hello Toast


He Brew’s Ahava Coffee 


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It’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Downtown Kamloops!

It’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Downtown Kamloops!

St. Patrick’s Day is just one day away! Downtown has a variety of St. Patrick’s Day events and specials going on, and here are just a few businesses you should check out if you’re looking to eat, drink, and be Irish!

Kelly O’Bryan’s

A mainstay for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in downtown Kamloops, Kelly O’s has green beer and Guinness for the occasion, as well as happy hour liquor and appetizer specials from 2-5pm, and again from 9-midnight. That’s not all, though, as they will also be running giveaways all day and night, including the grand prize giveaway following their month-long Countdown to Green Contest!

The Noble Pig Brewhouse

The Noble Pig is releasing a special beer for St. Patrick’s Day! Murphy’s Law Imperial Irish “Whiskey” Ale is releasing Thursday for a fun day of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Their beer release includes food features running all day: The Ultimate Irish Burger – with Murphy’s Law caramelized onions, double smoked bacon, smoked cheese, whisky aioli, and Irish Cream Mocha – pot de creme, chocolate-dipped biscotti, and whipped cream.

The Commodore

If you’re looking for a party experience this St. Patrick’s Day, The Commodore is hosting DJ Erik Boog from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am. Event is 19+, vaccine passport required.

Ms. Whimsy’s Gift Emporium

If you’re feeling lucky, come down and purchase a 6-pack of St. Paddy’s Day Mary Ann’s Macarons at Ms. Whimsy’s Gift Emporium, and you may just pull the lucky Golden Ticket! The Golden Ticket will win you a $25 gift card to Ms. Whimsy’s Gift Emporium as well as another $25 gift card to Mary Ann’s Macarons.

Passek’s Classics

Still not enough? If you feel like celebrating again, Passek’s Classics is hosting a Marchtoberfest dinner on March 26th. For $45, you get to pick your starter, main course, and dessert from an authentic German food menu. There will also be a large selection of German beer! Reservations are required; there are 3 seatings starting at 5:00 pm, 6:30 pm, and 8:00 pm.

If you have some suggestions to add to this list, email us at events@downtownkamloops.com or DM us at @downtownkamloops