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archive-title Category Archives: Festival of Experiences

Category Archives: Festival of Experiences

4th Avenue Pedestrian plaza

Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening in Downtown Kamloops, the air conditioner broke in the café you just visited, and you figure you might spend your time with your cool drink outside. Rounding the corner at 4th and Victoria street, you see it: the pedestrian plaza. It’s the perfect fit; outdoors, seating available, games […]

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Become an Art Tour Pursuer

Do you love art and are you looking for something unique and intriguing to do in Downtown Kamloops? Well then look no further! The Back Alleys of Downtown Kamloops are absolutely riddled with murals that bring the talent, culture and individuality of Kamloops to life. However, to traverse these alleys and get a feel for […]

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4th Avenue Pedestrian Plaza

A common theme is present in many city and community plans these days, one encouraging and promoting a walkable urban environment. Downtown Kamloops has a reputation as being a particularly walkable place, with a score of 83/100 (as determined by www.walkscore.com). Naturally, dedicating certain streets as pedestrian corridors is a popular idea to improve walkability […]

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