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Category Archives: Events

Green Living Expo

Living green is great for planet earth, but it can be hard knowing what steps you can take or whats available in the market. Luckily, Green Living Expo is coming up! The event will help teach you what you can do to help better care for planet earth. The Green Living Expo is happening Saturday, […]

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What’s Happening Downtown This Week!

It’s a busy week in #downtownkamloops! Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special this year, or just looking for something to do, Downtown Kamloops has you covered! Here’s an overview of what’s happening this week! FEBRUARY 12TH: Monster Truck’s #DownAndDirtyClubTour with The Picturebooks are coming to Kamloops with their hits Don’t Tell Me […]

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There’s Always Something Happening Downtown!

Happy New Year from the KCBIA and the CAP Team! Now that we are back into the swing of things, its time for some events that you can enjoy this week Downtown! We have a wide variety of activities going on downtown, not just winter themed, to get you out of the house. So, dig […]

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Remembering in Downtown Kamloops

“It was a short peace in a terrible war.” These were the remarks of Alfred Anderson, a Scottish veteran, recounting the events of the Christmas Truce of 1914. This unofficial truce saw roughly 100,000 German and British troops in the Belgium Front temporarily cease fire in the spirit of the holiday. In some instances, carols […]

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Think of the Rink

The official season of Canada’s favorite pastime is here! In Canada and nations around the globe, there are events that really bring the community together. For most Canadians, hockey is one of those events! Hockey games in Canada are the type of magical event that nearly everyone can enjoy. The game brings people together as […]

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4th Avenue Pedestrian plaza

Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening in Downtown Kamloops, the air conditioner broke in the café you just visited, and you figure you might spend your time with your cool drink outside. Rounding the corner at 4th and Victoria street, you see it: the pedestrian plaza. It’s the perfect fit; outdoors, seating available, games […]

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4th Avenue Pedestrian Plaza

A common theme is present in many city and community plans these days, one encouraging and promoting a walkable urban environment. Downtown Kamloops has a reputation as being a particularly walkable place, with a score of 83/100 (as determined by www.walkscore.com). Naturally, dedicating certain streets as pedestrian corridors is a popular idea to improve walkability […]

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Artisans’ Alive

The Artisans’ Alive music program has officially begun again for the 2018 summer season and this year marks 18 years of live music put on by Downtown Kamloops. Artisans Alive started out with the name Live at Lunch and this year the program has been expanded to include evening performances! The live music program was […]

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Sunday is for the Dads

Dad, pops, pa, the old man – these are all typical ways in which we identify the fathers in our lives. In addition to these simple terms of endearment, certain cultural ‘dad-isms’ have persistently made their way into our collective consciousness. Dad jokes, dad bods, dad clothes – the ‘dad’ list is lengthy. Just as […]

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