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standard-title Downtown Gift Certificates – Merchant Info

Downtown Gift Certificates – Merchant Info

Merchants – You can treat gift certificates as good as cash and accept them as payment for any good or service they provide. Change can be given. Merchants can deposit gift certificates with their bank deposit and funds will be credited directly into their bank account. GC’s will become stale dated 6 months from issue date. In this event customers can get a replacement GC by bringing stale dated one to the KCBIA office for replacement. For more information or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call – 250.372.3242


I HAVE MY OWN GIFT CERTIFICATES, I DON’T WANT YOURS! This Downtown promotion is not designed or intended to replace your own personalized gift certificates or gift cards, only enhance it. We as a collective of Downtown merchants are competing with the mall and big box stores and as such we need to think like one. These Gift Certificates were designed to promote shopping in the Downtown core and benefit all of our area merchants. By promoting and accepting Downtown Gift Certificates you are helping to retain and attract shoppers into your neighbourhood. Mall gift certificates have long been the go-to gift for teenagers and hard to buy for friends, family and business contacts. They provide multiple options and allow the user to spend them where ever they want. Downtown Gift Certificates now also give this option. With one gift certificate, you have over 500 different merchants and service providers to choose from. You can use one gift certificate for purchasing everything from a new pair of shoes to paying for that visit to the dentist.

THEY WILL COST ME MONEY No! Downtown Gift Certificates cost you the merchant absolutely ZERO Dollars. There is no cost associated with accepting Downtown Gift Certificates. If the face value says $10, you receive $10.

THEY ARE A HASSLE! No! Downtown Gift Certificates have been designed with you, the busy merchant in mind. When you receive them, simply treat them like you would cash or cheque.

CAN ANYONE ACCEPT THEM? Yes! As long as you are a merchant or service provider within the KCBIA area (between 1st Ave & 10th Ave / Columbia & the River) you CAN and SHOULD accept Downtown Gift Certificates.

HOW DO I REDEEM THEM? Simply deposit them into your bank account as you would a cheque.

WHY DO I WANT TO BOTHER? In the last year the KCBIA with the help of our retail partners have sold more than $7000 in Downtown Gift Certificates. These gift certificates are in the pockets of people who are walking past your door on a daily basis. Let them know that you accept Downtown Gift Certificates and maybe they will spend them at YOUR store!

HOW CAN I LET PEOPLE KNOW I ACCEPT THEM? We have been out dropping off counter cards and posters for merchants to hang up in their window or on their door to let everyone know that they accept Downtown gift certificates. If you have not received one yet, email or call to let us know and we will get you one out ASAP.

MORE INFORMATION If you need more information about the Gift Certificates you can feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. We are also available to come and talk to your staff and teach them all about the program.

WHO SELLS THEM? Gift Certificates can be picked up at the KCBIA Office; #202-246 2nd Avenue, Kamloops.

Consumers looking for more information, click here!