Bee City Mural

The “Bee City” mural adds colour and creativity to the downtown core. The mural, painted by a number of local artists, brings a pleasant atmosphere to the area. The artists responsible for this mural are Alexx Moir-Porteous, Ken Wells, Evan Christian, Marianna Abutalipova and Kelly Wright. Artists worked on “Bee City” in the parking lot of the Kami Inn.

This collaborative mural decorates the side of Jonathan Buchner jewellery store and complements the parking lot nicely. Painted in a variety of styles by an array of artists, the flowers and bees in this mural allude to a much needed environmental awareness.

During the weekend of the Spring Festival in 2017, artists came together to combine their skills in this unique collaborative mural. Spring Fest of 2017 remains an exciting art event wherein an artist completed a mural over the weekend. Overall, the vivid display of colour and vibrancy adds to the atmosphere that we hope to perpetuate in downtown Kamloops.

Additionally, many of these artists designed other murals found around the downtown area.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the murals done by these artists, check out the back alley art gallery on our website.

Or if you’d like a free tour of the downtown murals, contact the CAP team to book one!

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