5 Things you need to know about the CAP team

5 Things you need to know about the CAP team

While many people see the CAP Team in the summer months, did you know that the team is year-round? Even in the icy snow, the CAP Team is working to provide that special customer care and patrol! 5 Things you need to know about the CAP team

• The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association, a non-profit organization, employs the CAP Team. While the CAP team works closely with the City of Kamloops, they are not City employees. There are two main components to the CAP team’s job. The first component is safety and patrol, where the CAP team monitors designated hotspots, disposes of discarded needles and assists the public. The second component is the ambassador role, where we assist tourists and locals while also helping plan and execute downtown BIA events.  

• The CAP team is trained by partners such as; Rocky Mountaineer, White Crane Gung Fu Society, CMHA, ASK Wellness, Interior Health, Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops Immigrant Services, St. Johns Ambulance, City of Kamloops, RCMP, and Tourism Kamloops.

• They patrol extends from 1st Avenue to 10th Avenue horizontally and from the north side of Columbia Street to the Rivers Trail vertically. 

• Currently, there are a total of 3 full-time members and 3 part-time staff. Generally speaking, we have two main shift periods depending on the day of the week. From Mondays to Saturdays, we are here from 8am until 4 pm. The second time slot we work is noon until 8 pm, which is Tuesday to Friday. There is no team available on Sundays.   

• The CAP Team disposes of needles, drug paraphernalia, sharp objects, and open condoms. They do not pick up blue saline solution or plastic needle garbage as it does not pose a health risk and is “typical” garbage. The CAP Team does not pick up litter on city property nor private property. 

For more information on the CAP Team, including bios and frequently asked questions, then be sure to visit https://www.downtownkamloops.com/about/customer-care-and-patrol-team/ for more details. 


#Whatsmysnack Chris Pratt in Downtown Kamloops?

#Whatsmysnack Chris Pratt in Downtown Kamloops?

Chris Pratt to Downtown Kamloops

Seen any angry ravenous dinosaurs around downtown Kamloops lately? Well, we have the finest dino-tamer around, Chris Pratt to thank. He and the amazing crew are filming the latest installment of the Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Dominion. We invite Chris Pratt to Downtown Kamloops

A few days back we couldn’t help but gush over Chris’ comments mentioning our amazing sunsets and we hope to show him why we’re sure he’d love to snack on Downtown Kamloops. Carl DeSantis, Executive Director of Downtown Kamloops and Jared Summer, Executive Chef at Nobel Pig invite the Star-Lord himself for an episode of #WhatsMySnack Kamloops. Watch the video now to see Carl and Jared’s serenading rendition of Downtown by Petula Clark.

Chris Pratt Downtown Kamloops

Carl DeSantis said,” We did this video to encourage and invite Chris Pratt to participate in a behind the scenes search for his next #WhatsMySnack episode. We really have some great locally sourced snack options here such as the famous ‘Deep Fried Pickle’ at The Pig.”

You’ve heard of Patagosaurus, now get ready for Pratt-o-saurus (whoever said forced puns aren’t funny) So, we hope Owen and his dino pals feast upon everything awesome that Downtown Kamloops has to offer.

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