The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (KCBIA) represents Downtown businesses, developers and property owners.

This year, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) released a Biosphere Adhesion Guide for its stakeholders. This guide explained TOTA’s drive for sustainability and the encompassment of all aspects of cultural, social, environmental and economic health.
Falling in line with TOTA’s drive, Downtown Kamloops is committed to creating a sustainable community and wants to take yet another leap to leaving a greener tomorrow for future generations – starting right in the core of the City of Kamloops.

If you were to buy one cup of coffee every morning in a disposable cup, you would create 23 pounds of waste per year. In 2011, there were 6,335 residents living downtown. If each person bought one coffee a day for a year, the entire community would create 145,705 pounds of waste. Aligning our community with TOTA’s Goal Area 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) by raising awareness and consciously doing our best to be responsible and respectful of our waste, we will decrease the amount of waste from disposable coffee cups.
We want to promote a sustainable community by giving out reusable coffee cups and asking everyone to pledge giving up the alternate, outdated and wasteful paper cups and pushing the City of Kamloops’ BYO initiative; a program encouraging people to “Bring Your Own” reusable item (ie. a coffee mug, straw etc.) If you haven’t already, you can make the pledge online at City of Kamloops


We’ll be giving out mugs and a free coffee coupon at various locations from October 15th to October 19th in Downtown Kamloops! See you there!

This article was written by Alexis Proulx, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Supervisor and Back Alley Art Gallery Coordinator. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Think of the Rink

The official season of Canada’s favorite pastime is here! In Canada and nations around the globe, there are events that really bring the community together. For most Canadians, hockey is one of those events! Hockey games in Canada are the type of magical event that nearly everyone can enjoy. The game brings people together as a community and as a family. Hockey is something that people associate with being Canadian!

Kamloopsians can enjoy this feeling now that the 2018/2019 season of the Kamloops Blazers and Kamloops Storm is finally underway! Throughout the months of October to March you can catch one of their many home games at the Sandman Centre or Memorial Arena – Why not spend some time enjoy what Downtown Kamloops has to offer before and after the game! We have a great array of eateries, entertainment options, beautiful tree lined streets and more.

Have you ever seen the ads for businesses that say: “Sorry we’re closed and at the Game!”? Signs like these can be found in a few downtown windows on game night (like CIBC for example) and they showcase the community support for our local WHL team, the Kamloops Blazers.

There’s nothing better than sitting with friends, roaring the National Anthem and cheering for your local team! We encourage everyone to take the time this season to spend at one of the local rinks – it’s something truly special. The next time you have an evening free or are planning your next date night, take a look at the Blazers and Storm schedules and enjoy the classic pastime that brings Canadians together.

Written by, Jon George, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. The CAP Team is our Downtown Kamloops ambassador program. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009.

State of Downtown at a Glance

We often talk about patrolling and the statistics collected on our everyday adventures – but patrolling is only one part of the many fragments that make up the CAP Team job description. Along with projects like the Cigarette Recycling Program, events assistance, Back Alley Art Gallery Mural Program and tours and weekly reporting to various agencies, the CAP Team has conducted research for the State of Downtown Report for the last couple of years. The State of Downtown Report (STOD) examines the business environment downtown and includes information regarding demographics, pedestrian counts, vehicle counts and more. Let’s take a peak at my three fave sections in the STOD using the most recent publication (available on our website:

Boutique Environment:

Shopping – more importantly boutique shopping is one of my fave ways to fill the closet, house, back yard, and encroach on the husband’s ‘no-go-man-cave’ territory – it’s a fine line there folks. There are 91 retail stores in our downtown core and they make up 14% of our business and organizations downtown. (hey, that’s a decent amount of shops to go through in just one day – challenge accepted).

The largest section of retail type is clothing and accessories, making up 22% of downtown’s retail space. Next in line are antiques, collectibles and souvenirs at 12.1% followed by groceries and pharmacies (11%). Don’t let this list fool you, Downtown has some of the most diverse shopping in town and other retail spaces are inhabited by varying store types from gifts and specialties, shoes, tech, health stores and more! We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, there is something for everyone downtown.

Living Environment:

Not only is Downtown fun to shop in, but it’s a swell location for establishing home roots – if you don’t believe me, just ask CAP Team Member and downtown resident, Jon George. Fun Fact: The City Centre holds 7% of the city’s population and equals to 30 people/ha which is more than Downtown Victoria (15/ha). In addition to the picturesque and incredibly instagramable heritage homes downtown – there are an abundance of new developments underway and are in different stages of completion across downtown. We look forward to meeting the new faces that will occupy them!


One of the core values of the KCBIA is sustainability, and we pride ourselves in knowing that Downtown Kamloops is constantly taking the next leap to being more environmentally friendly and sustainable. In the last few years alone, the City of Kamloops, KCBIA and other stakeholders have contributed to developing sustainable methods in energy saving practices, clean air, clean streets and promoting green living. Some projects include energy efficiency upgrades for Sandman Centre and Old Courthouse, the addition of bike ports and bike repair stations, lighting upgrades at Memorial Arena, Cigarette Recycling program and (coming soon) the improved Peterson Creek bike route between Sahali and City Centre.

This past year, some of our businesses have received recognition for ditching plastic straws by either replacing them with paper or getting rid of them altogether. The Noble Pig Brewhouse, The Commodore Grand Café & Lounge and Caffé Motivo along with many other local eateries made the list. Each contributing to reducing plastic in landfills and oceans and saving the turtles one straw at a time.

The information in this article is just a quick snapshot of all the informative and interesting facts we have in the State of Downtown Report. For references, more information and your own copy of the State of Downtown Report – visit If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email, call or stop us on the streets!

Until next time!

This article was written by Alexis Proulx, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Supervisor. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009. Email

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Back to Fall in Downtown Kamloops

Fall is almost here! This means it’s time change out the outrageous Hawaiian shirts for a dusty grey turtle neck – until next year my friend! Of course, there are some position side affects of the fall season arriving. (Pumpkin spice anyone?) It’s time to get cozy, grab your most fashionable snuggy, along with a pumpkin spice anything, and get comfy – Downtown Kamloops has your fall needs covered!

While we are (thankfully) not in the minus section of the thermostat yet, fall fashion is alive and well in Downtown Kamloops. Beautiful window designs are fully showcasing awesome new Fall season looks – Check out Jardines Domaine and Main Street Clothing Company for example! Jump into warm winter tones with a new big comfy sweater, classic tall brown boots and grab a new go-to comfy scarf.

What would Fall be without the glorious flavor of Pumpkin Spice! From cookies, drinks to quite literally everything under the cinnamon sun. Downtown Kamloops has a variety of tea and coffee shops that have adopted your favourite fall flavours into their baked goods and drinks! {Click here to see a full business directory}.

We can also talk events – there’s always something going on Downtown – and fall is no exception! You can still find Open Mic Mondays at the Commodore Grand Café & Lounge, the Kamloops Regional Farmers Market continues every Wednesday and Saturday, Drink and Draw can be creatively celebrated at Red Collar Brewing and Zacks Coffee, karaoke at the Central Station Pub and more!

And of course, who could forget about the changing colours of nature. Downtown is home to beautiful parks that have mature trees and great shrubs that are forever growing – and thanks to this season, changing colours. You can see the changes happening daily so join us and pumpkin spice up your life this season. Until next time!

Written by, Jon George, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. The CAP Team is our Downtown Kamloops ambassador program. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care – Info Center at 250-572-3017.

Mittz Kitchen

Mittz Kitchen

When you pass through the iconic (and adorably Instagram-worthy) bright blue door at Mittz Kitchen, you will be greeted with happy faces, a delightful hello and the sweet and savory scents of homemade food. As you sit and get comfortable, it’s likely you may even catch a glimpse of co-owner, Steve Mitton lending a helping hand in the eatery.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve to get to know a little bit more about him and the business. Between the co-owner (and brothers) Steve and Jeff Mitton, they’ve got over 50 years of shared knowledge in the hospitality industry. It’s no wonder Mittz Kitchen is a go-to for so many Kamloopsians!

As a business owner, employer and someone in the hospitality industry, being a people person is crucial to the industry. If you have ever met Steve, you know that he fits this pressing persona perfectly.

When asked why a customer should choose his business, Steve’s response was quick and to the point – “We have damn good food.” With a variety of local, homemade and Canadian cuisine – there is nothing that Mittz Kitchen doesn’t do well. “This is a very hard question (what’s your favourite thing on the menu?) the burgers are very good, Beef Short Ribs are verrryy good and Sablefish is very popular. We are best known for our good homemade food. Everything is made from scratch! Our buns are from Craig’s bakery – another great local place. We try to use as much local produce as possible, we have such a high volume that it does get very hard. Seasonally, the Chef will go get stuff from the farmers market.”

Along with tasty food, this full serve restaurant carries a variety of local brews and wines – hence their slogan, “a place for grub and grapes” – the grapes are served the way grapes are served best – fermented (they also have beer for all the Hopp lovers).

“On tap we ALWAYS have Red Collar and Iron Road breweries as well as all the wineries; Privato, Harpers Trail, Fort Berens, Monte Creek. We carry all the local wineries and all the local breweries. And soon, when the next two breweries open we will probably look at adding them on as well”, explains Steve.

Steve added that he wouldn’t consider moving the establishment, saying “I like it (downtown) because it is the central hub. It is close to the businesses for lunch hour. We get lots of doctors, lawyers and other business people in here”. While gesturing to customers at the other end of the restaurant, Steve explained “there are actually a couple of lawyers over there.”

Mittz Kitchen is a popular choice amongst almost any crowd, attracting business folk, university students and date-night goers of all ages!

Steve sums the vibe up perfectly, saying “Mittz is contemporary and modern, a cross of both. You can feel comfortable in anything really – from shorts to being dressed up in a suit. We don’t really have a “one feel”.

The next time you are downtown, look for the blue door, that perfect people-watching patio, and delicious menu of Mittz Kitchen. Stop by, say hi and enjoy!

Santa Claus Parade – Call for entries!

The annual Santa Claus Parade, sponsored by Thompson Rivers University, returns Saturday November 24th and Downtown Kamloops would like to invite you to join the biggest outdoor celebration of the winter season!


Wake up Santa will take place at 10:30 a.m.

Parade starting at 11:00 a.m.

This year’s Santa Claus Parade theme is “Retro Rockin’ Christmas” and AMAZING parade entries are being accepted now!

Want to join the fun?

Wow the crowds with a decade themed float (are you a fan or the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s?), pick your favourite rockin celebrity to impersonate or dig through the pop-culture archives and showcase a blast from the past! Parade entry applications will be juried this year so make sure you’ve got an incredibly festive décor plan to make your entry shine above the rest.

Did you know the parade has Rules & Regulations? For example, all entries must be fully decorated and people in costume, festive attire or uniforms!

There are 20 FREE non-profit spots available (first come first serve to those who submit a completed application) courtesy of Kamloops Square Management. Commercial businesses will be charged a $100 parade entry fee and $50 for non-profit entries.   

Thank you to all of you who continuously support the parade and those who have already taken the time to sign up. Enthusiasm is what makes this amazing community event an unforgettable one!

Complete the parade entry application form here:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the KCBIA office at 250-372-3242.

Summer Wrap Up!

With the arrival of September comes the wrap-up of another successful summer for the CAP Team! Throughout the season the team has answered many safety calls, assisted many people, and helped execute many events. With that in mind, let’s go over some stats that we kept track of over the past 4 months while working in Downtown Kamloops.

From May 1st to August 22nd, the CAP Team made 483 member contacts. These are interactions with businesses ranging from asking the CAP Team to retrieve a needle found to inquiring about upcoming events, among many other topics! Similar to member contacts are citizen assists- these are counted as interactions with people we see when out and about and can be as simple as being asked where to find a specific business, or as in-depth as a full conversation about Downtown Kamloops! The summer season saw the CAP Team assist 280 citizens. Also within that time period, the CAP Team has walked a total of 1173km. That’s equivalent to walking in a straight line from Kamloops to Regina! Whether you called with safety concerns, asked us a question at our kiosk, or saw us out and about, we were glad to help you in any way we could!

The arrival of fall, however, also means the arrival of school, which means some of the team members will be seen less often (and the ones who aren’t returning to school will be seen more often)! Matt Gropp and Jake Andrykew, the newest additions to the CAP Team, will be returning to their studies at TRU alongside Keegan Lawrence, and as such will only be seen in their red caps and shirts once or twice a week. Over the summer season we also saw Angela Halas and Nathan Bymoen depart the team to pursue other career opportunities. Jon George and Alexis Proulx will be the faces seen the majority of the time as they remain on the team full time going into the fall and winter seasons.

Whether you’re also returning to studies, celebrating that the kids will be going back to school, or unaffected by the return to school, the CAP Team will still be excited to help you find what you need in Downtown Kamloops!

Written by Jake Andrykew, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. The CAP Team is our Downtown Kamloops ambassador program. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009.

The Cabin in the Kamloops Museum and Archives

We are back with another history of Downtown Kamloops article! This week we will focus on the Cabin currently displayed in the Kamloops Museum and Archives located on the 200 block of Seymour Street. Last week, Keely Bland, one of the Museum Educators kindly gave us a history lesson on the cabin and its inhabitants over the years.

The original inhabitants of this building were Jean-Baptiste Lolo and his family. An extremely significant figure in the history of the Thompson River/Fort Kamloops post, Lolo worked as an interpreter, guide, fur brigade leader, and intermediary. Jean-Baptiste Lolo was Iroquois and French-Canadian. Coming from what is now Eastern Canada, he first shows up in Hudson’s Bay Company records in 1822, and possibly worked for the North West Company before the two companies merged in 1821. In the quickly changing landscape of the mid-19th century, Lolo was able to navigate between the fur trade company, local Indigenous peoples, and the growing number of Settlers to the region.

In 1843, HBC moved its post from the north-east side of the confluence (current Tk’emlups reserve) to the opposite side of the North Thompson River (current North Shore) because of perpetual flooding problems. Wanting to stay on the original site, HBC built Lolo this cabin where he raised horses and cattle, traded salmon, and ran his own trading post during the gold rush with the help of his daughters. Jean-Baptiste Lolo eventually picked up the moniker Saint Paul. As a testament to his prominence in local history, many local geographical and urban sites around Kamloops still bear his name – Mount Lolo south of Heffley Lakes, Lolo Lake near Clearwater, St. Paul Street right behind the Kamloops Museum and Paul Lake, a short drive from the city.

No information is available on what happened to this building immediately after Lolo died in 1868. It was owned for a time by one of Kamloops’ first Chinese residents, Ah Mee, possibly when he ran the Elks Hotel at Heffley Creek in the early 1910s. The cabin was “re-discovered” in the Heffley Creek area and connected to Lolo by one of the founders of what is now the Kamloops Museum and Archives. They recognized the typical fur trade post-on-sill log construction and talked with locals who remembered Lolo living in the building.

After being stored for several years, the building was re-constructed in 1937 in Riverside Park as the first home the Kamloops Museum. The collection quickly outgrew the building and the museum moved to the currently location on Seymour Street in a Victorian House. The cabin was moved inside when the current building was finished in 1957 and again in 2010 with the opening of the Children’s Museum.

Written by Keegan Lawrence, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. The CAP Team is our Downtown Kamloops ambassador program. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009.

4th Avenue Pedestrian plaza

Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening in Downtown Kamloops, the air conditioner broke in the café you just visited, and you figure you might spend your time with your cool drink outside. Rounding the corner at 4th and Victoria street, you see it: the pedestrian plaza. It’s the perfect fit; outdoors, seating available, games for all ages, even a piano to show off your musical talents (or lack thereof). This is just one possible set of circumstances in which the pedestrian plaza would have been sought out.

With just a few days to go in the three-week lifetime of the 4th Avenue Pedestrian Plaza Pilot Project, now is a good time for reflection. The idea for a pedestrian plaza in Downtown Kamloops came out of the meetings that took place in late spring and early summer for the Downtown Plan. Initially brought up in the early meetings in May, the idea became more concrete after a 3-day workshop that took place in mid-June.

Perhaps the time the plaza saw its greatest success was when the space was utilized by events, whether small or large-scale. Between live music showings from a variety of artists going on almost daily, dance classes put on by Let’s Move Studio that occurred on Fridays, or open art classes put on by the Kamloops Art Gallery, the plaza was kept busy by Kamloops’ prominent arts and culture community. Large events also used the plaza as a hub of sorts, which was seen when the city hosted its first International Buskers’ Festival, which ran in tandem with the Merchants’ Market.

All of this said, the pedestrian plaza was a pilot project, and the idea behind a pilot project is to test an idea on a small-scale so that improvements can be implemented if a full-scale version of the project is executed. If you visited the pedestrian plaza anytime throughout its 3 week lifetime and have feedback to provide, whether a positive comment about something you liked, or constructive criticism about something you think could be improved, please direct it to this link, where you can fill out a survey about the plaza.

This article was written by Jake Andrykew, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Sponsors and CAP Team Impact

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (KCBIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining a vibrant and livable downtown. The Customer Care and Patrol Team was established in 2004 (2 years after the KCBIA). We are proud that over the years the team has had the opportunity to grow into so much more than just ambassadors for Downtown. Through the CAP Team Program, the KCBIA has had the opportunity to make positive impacts in our community and with the youth that have gone through our program in our city for the past 14 years.

This year, Downtown Kamloops partnered with the North Shore Business Improvement Association to extend the presence of the CAP Team to the North Shore. Here are just some of the stats collected for Downtown Kamloops and the North Shore collectively to date for 2018:
• Member contacts: 1,239
• Opened needles picked up: 865
• Citizen and tourist assists (on street): 646
• Deliveries: 2,814
• Kilometers biked: 1,274.7 km
• Kilometers walked: 2,927.25 km (the distance from Kamloops to Resolute, Nunavut)

Some projects that the CAP Team has taken lead on the last few years:
• Crime Prevention Packages
• Back Alley Art Gallery
• Adopt a Planter Program
• Cigarette Recycling Program
• State of Downtown Report
• Back Alley Clean Up
• Visitor Information Centre

Throughout the past fourteen years we have been dependent on the help of our dedicated sponsors to keep the CAP Team up and running. We are extremely proud of our neighborhood and everyone that has chosen to be a part of it! Partnerships are key to the success of events and programs that we organize in Downtown Kamloops.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our CAP Team sponsors:

• City of Kamloops
• Tourism Kamloops
• Downtown Parking Corporation
• TakingITGlobal
• Service Canada
• Rocky Mountaineer
• Fortis BC
• Teck Highland Valley Copper
• Kelson Group

Due to the broad nature of a CAP Team member’s responsibilities, a wide skillset is developed that creates very well-rounded individuals. Previous team members have gone on to careers in a variety of disciplines including: law, corrections, policing, national defense, engineering, tourism, municipal government, social outreach, community health, and nursing.

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association looks forward to continuing this program and seeing what the rest of the year will bring! If you have any questions for the team, don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members! You can find them in red in Downtown Kamloops and on the North Shore!

This article was written by Alexis Proulx, the Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Supervisor. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Become an Art Tour Pursuer

Do you love art and are you looking for something unique and intriguing to do in Downtown Kamloops? Well then look no further! The Back Alleys of Downtown Kamloops are absolutely riddled with murals that bring the talent, culture and individuality of Kamloops to life.
However, to traverse these alleys and get a feel for the history and meaning of each mural can be a daunting task to take on alone. Thankfully, the Downtown Kamloops CAP Team is providing the weekly opportunity every Wednesday at 7:00pm (by donation), starting at our office at 340 Victoria Street, for anyone interested in participating in an engaging and lively tour, showcasing our lovely murals.

The meaning, style, and overall diversity of the murals we have to offer can easily fill an evening with a fantastic experience. For example, the mural on 347 Victoria Street behind Castles and Cottages by artist Kelly Wright (2013) is one of my personal favourites. It depicts a stunning seaside inspired fantasy visual, with sun-kissed water and a mystical mermaid. It is easy to understand why the artist became inspired and began to paint even more than originally planned. Additionally, the mural on 247 Victoria Street behind The Golden Buddha and Kennell’s Shoes brings to life a House in a Shoe, accompanied by a Bodhi Tree in a lovely way to combat against graffiti that initially covered that area. To truly appreciate the artwork, you should come see them in person.

Our tours cover a fair bit of ground within the downtown area. Beginning at 340 Victoria Street, we will loop throughout the murals that decorate the alleys of the 100, 200, 300 and 400 block. During the entire tour, any questions will be happily addressed by the CAP Team hosts.
Near the end of the tour, when all the art murals have been thoroughly enjoyed and all your questions regarding them have been answered, we will give a little bit of history and background on a few notable sights around Downtown Kamloops. These sights include the history surrounding churches, statues, and other buildings around the area. A superb example of this would be the fact that the building that is now home to the economic development branch of the city used to be a bakery and cigar factory before it was repurposed.

But wait, there’s more! Not only are we offering this invaluable opportunity to enjoy the beautiful murals of Downtown Kamloops, but the entire event is by donation, so there is no actual admission fee for the event. Hope to see you there!

This article was written by Matthew Gropp, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

4th Avenue Pedestrian Plaza

A common theme is present in many city and community plans these days, one encouraging and promoting a walkable urban environment. Downtown Kamloops has a reputation as being a particularly walkable place, with a score of 83/100 (as determined by Naturally, dedicating certain streets as pedestrian corridors is a popular idea to improve walkability – but how does a city accomplish such a conversion in a typically vehicle-dominated landscape?

For Downtown Kamloops the answer lies in the 4th Avenue Pedestrian Plaza, a pilot project being implemented by the City of Kamloops and The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association. From Thursday, July 26th until Sunday, August 12th, 4th Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic from the alley between Lansdowne and Victoria Street to the alley between Seymour and Victoria Street. Victoria Street will remain open to east/west vehicle traffic, and transit modifications can be found on the BCTransit website (

The project is being planned to coincide with several large downtown summer events, including the Merchants Market and the International Buskers Festival during the July 27-29 weekend, and Hot Nite in the City and Ribfest during the August 10-12 weekend. Live entertainment, lighting, seating, and on-street beautification are all part of the plan to make 4th Avenue a pedestrian-friendly paradise where the best part of the summer can be thoroughly enjoyed.

Although this two-week project is temporary, the hope is that a more permanent plaza can be built once feedback has been received from the community. The project would be a progressive step forward in creating an outdoor gathering place for people in the heart of downtown Kamloops. By placing an emphasis on walkability and pedestrian importance, Kamloops becomes stronger as a city and achieves sustainability goals originally created to motivate projects such as this one. As the City continues to develop the Downtown Plan, initiatives such as the 4th Avenue Pedestrian Plaza are sure to play an influential role in the progression of similar ideas.

The value of pedestrian plazas has been proven in many cities throughout the world, from Vancouver and Calgary to Sydney and Charlottesville. The positive feedback already being received by the community as well as the support garnered from the workshops, launch events, and community open-houses shows that Kamloops is ready to try a similar project scaled to match a city of our size. Make sure to attend the plaza for yourself throughout the project’s duration and let the CAP Team know what you think!

This article was written by Nathan Bymoen, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Celebration of our Nation

To be a Canadian is truly a magnificent thing. It is with great pride that we will celebrate our fantastic and diverse nation down at Riverside Park on July 1st, as is our annual tradition. The Canada Day event will entail a grand celebration of food and culture, laced with a wide variety of activities and entertainment suitable for people of all ages. There will also be unique vendors specializing in capturing the essence of the Canadian spirit.

Although to many people being Canadian is all about hopping on the moose, grabbing a juicy bottle of syrup and hitting up Tim’s on the way to the local frozen pond; there is a little bit more that goes in to making our citizens so great and loveable. Canadians have a notable reputation for being some of the kindest, most polite and accepting people on this planet, something that I am proud to agree with based on firsthand experience.

What does being a Canadian mean to you? I decided to ask some of my colleagues what being a Canadian means to them to get a better understanding of perspectives. To Jon, being a Canadian is all about being friendly as an entire nation, to the point that other countries widely regard us as the friendliest people on the globe. For Keegan, the best part about being a Canadian is that the backyard is his playground, and he can explore its vast landscapes as much as he would like. For Nathan, being Canadian is about grabbing a good beer and watching some hockey, a pastime shared by many across our nation.

While you’re down at Riverside Park for the Canada Day celebration on July 1st, make sure to stop by the CAP Team’s very own booth and say hello! You will be able to catch some shade and play some Jenga with your favorite CAP team members!

This article was written by Matthew Gropp, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Artisans’ Alive

The Artisans’ Alive music program has officially begun again for the 2018 summer season and this year marks 18 years of live music put on by Downtown Kamloops. Artisans Alive started out with the name Live at Lunch and this year the program has been expanded to include evening performances! The live music program was created for two specific reasons; to lift spirits and downtown ambiance and to promote and encourage young artists on their musical journey!

Q. What is Artisans Alive?
A. Artisans’ Alive is a music program (sponsored by the City of Kamloops, Long & McQuade Musical Instruments, 98.3 CIFM, and Lansdowne Village), which showcases local musicians throughout the summer. You are welcome to come listen to these spectacular performers every Thursday through Saturday.

Q. When is there music?
A. The musicians perform Thursday-Saturday from 11:30am-1:30pm, which makes for a perfect time to add some excitement to your lunch break. Additionally, this year, we will have duos and trios perform Friday evenings from 6pm-8pm.

Q. Where do they perform?
A. Thursday performances take place at Lansdowne Village. The Friday lunch shows will be on the 400 block of Victoria Street with the evening shows being on the 200 block. Saturday performances will be on the 300 block of Victoria Street outside of Castles and Cottages. Essentially, Artisans’ Alive lives in the core of downtown.

Q. Who is performing?
A. With Kamloops being a hub for local talent, we have accumulated several various musicians to perform throughout the summer. Some returning, familiar artists such as Gary Mockford, Sean Luciw and Bill Gibson are set to perform as well as a few new Downtown Kamloops musicians like Jordy Major and Sam Dyck. These are only a few of the dozens of artists performing this summer! There is a full schedule with the names of every performer available on our website:

Q. Will there be Music in the Park this year?
A. Of course! This program runs throughout the summer and so does Music in the Park. Music in the Park can be found at Riverside Park every night in July and August.

Q. Is this event free?
A. Absolutely! Feel free to bring your whole family, sit back, relax and enjoy!

This article was written by Keegan Lawrence, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Sunday is for the Dads

Dad, pops, pa, the old man – these are all typical ways in which we identify the fathers in our lives. In addition to these simple terms of endearment, certain cultural ‘dad-isms’ have persistently made their way into our collective consciousness. Dad jokes, dad bods, dad clothes – the ‘dad’ list is lengthy. Just as these dad fads are much loved and appreciated in our society, so too are the unwitting inspirations behind them.
I’m sure that I have irritated many a CAP Team member with my frequent use of the phrase “my dad always told me…”, but I’ve co

me to recognize how significant my own dad’s influence has been on my life. From campfire stories and changing car tires to my fondness of cycling and black coffee, I’m constantly being confronted by the scope of my dad’s direct and indirect teachings. It’s common for young people to fear becoming their parents, but I’m starting to realize it may not be as bad as it’s made out to be. As in many families, dad is often the punchline to an onslaught of unfair jokes, but he’s also the one we turn to first and the foundation we rely on when we are overwhelmed or in over our heads. It’s easy to forget that part of the reason we can poke fun at our fathers in the first place is because we know they are strong enough to take some good-natured ribbing every once and awhile.

Working with the CAP Team, we meet fathers of all varieties every single day: young fathers, old fathers, single fathers, new fathers, step-fathers, as well as all the women who step into the role of ‘father’ without a second thought when that responsibility needs to be filled. With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s easy to get caught up wracking your brain thinking how to best show appreciation to the father figure in your life. Regardless of how you spend your Father’s Day this year, just try and do the simple things. Give him a call, give him a hug, give him some of your time (as he has probably given you a lot of his), and tell him how awesome he is. Oh, and in my experience a cold beer is never a bad idea. Happy Father’s Day from the CAP Team!

This article was written by Nathan Bymoen, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

CAP Team is now on the North Shore!

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (KCBIA) and the North Shore Business Improvement Association (NSBIA) are very happy to announce a new partnership with the expansion of the Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team. This pilot project will not impact CAP Team operations in Downtown Kamloops, but instead complement the communities and enhance the current CAP Team. Both Business Improvement Associations are eager moving forward on this project.

Over the past couple weeks, we have focused on building strong relationships with the stakeholders and community members. We are eager in continuing to learn business operations within the NSBIA and what makes the North Shore such a unique place to eat, drink, shop and play. The North Shore community has been very welcoming toward the CAP team. It is rewarding to be recognized and greeted as we patrol down streets like Tranquille and Fortune Drive.
The CAP team priorities will remain as follows:
• Promote the community as tourism ambassadors
• Daily foot patrols in alley ways and on streets
• Bike patrols (weather dependent)
• Act as a set of eyes and ears for law enforcement and social agencies
• Weekly hotspot reports to law enforcement and social service agencies
• Regularly liaise with social and law enforcement agencies
• Removal of profane graffiti off public property (with limitations)
• Communicate with businesses regarding safety concerns
• Communicate regularly with vulnerable street population
• Assist on-site with concerns of loitering and aggressive panhandling
• Provide education, awareness, and Crime Prevention Packages
• Removal of syringes and condoms
• Assist with safe walks to and from a NSBIA location
• Carry Naloxone and First Aid Kits

These are our core responsibilities as a team, but we are happy to help in any way we can, on either side of the river. Since the CAP Team has started on the North Shore (two weeks ago) we have picked up 70 needles and 100 pieces of tinfoil, made 51 contacts with businesses (a combination of education, response to safety concerns, and getting to know our neighbours), biked 159km’s and walked 97km’s!

This article was written by Keegan Lawrence, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!

Meet the 2018 Summer CAP Team

The Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team is excited for another great sunny season in Downtown Kamloops! We have hired two new CAP Team Members and are now out and about in full force!

Let’s meet the team, starting with he new recruits:

Matthew Gropp

Matthew is a student at Thompson Rivers University, taking the Computing Science Program. He enjoys hiking with his dog and friends as well as playing video games and enjoying the fine craft beers that Kamloops has to offer. He is also an avid enthusiast of astronomy, biology and other sciences.

Jake Andrykew

Jake started going to Thompson Rivers University in 2017 for their Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Jake was interested in becoming a CAP Team Member because of their interactions with people in downtown, and to experience more of Downtown Kamloops himself! In his free time, Jake likes hiking, playing board games and playing video games!

Angela Halas

Angela Halas graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development from Queen’s University in 2016. In her spare time, Angie enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and of course Kamloops’ craft breweries!

Jon George

Jon George has been a part of our CAP Team since September 2016. He enjoys working for the team because it allows him to help people from all walks of life. Jon is a graduate of the Police and Justice Studies Program at Thompson Rivers University and in his spare time he enjoys being active and going to the gym.

Keegan Lawrence

Keegan has worked on the CAP team for two Summers and his favorite part about being a Cappie is the people he gets to meet, greet and talk to in Downtown Kamloops. He has continued working part-time during his semesters at TRU studying finance and economics in pursuit of a business degree!

Nathan Bymoen

Nathan has been working with the CAP Team for the past few years while pursuing a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. He enjoys playing music, a good book, and a strong beer – not necessarily in that order.

Alexis Proulx

Alexis joined the team in September of 2015 and on a daily basis she can be found keeping the office laughing while leading the CAP Team, ensuring the program is running better than ever! Fun Facts: This year, Alexis is celebrating 5 years of marriage, she has a slight obsession with dogs and is an enthusiastic lover of cold brews and sunny days!


We are all very excited to continue (or start!) building relationships with all of the wonderful people of Downtown Kamloops. When you see us on the streets, make sure to stop us and say hi!


Written by, Alexis Proulx, the Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Supervisor. The CAP Team is our Downtown Kamloops ambassador program. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care – Info centre at 250-572-3017.

Back Alley Art Gallery – Call for Participants

Call for artists, mural designs and artist assistants!

Back Alley Art Gallery is a vital component in the KCBIA’s community beautification efforts. Our goal is to create public spaces that are friendly, supportive, appealing, and safe. This program creates community partnerships between the local business and creative communities and provides an opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents, diversify the downtown business environment, and beautify public space. Funding has been approved for this year and the project will commence June 4th through September 14th.

We are looking for: Two Lead Mural Artists and Two Mural Artist Assistants


Lead Mural Artists

Lead Mural Artists are the mural designers and in charge of its execution. Responsibilities include working with property owners to design a concept for a building, teaching, mentoring and managing two mural artist assistants who will help with the rollout of your design. Lead Mural Artists must be comfortable and experienced working on large scale design and execution.


TO APPLY: Submit your artist portfolio with qualifications, previous projects worked on and examples of your work. Submit a design for the proposed location (you must create the design on the photo of the building.) State your desired compensation and your availability for above dates. References will be requested.



All designs are due by May 25th, 2018.

We have included photos (below) of the buildings that the murals will be installed on this year. Please use these photos to design a mural for the location.


Artist Assistants

Do you love to paint, want to learn how to create large scale works and update your knowledge of the mural process? Are you a hard worker who’s not afraid to get your hands dirty? Become a Mural Artist Assistant for the 2018 Alley Art Gallery!


  • You must be E.I. eligible (not currently employed and have been on Employment Insurance Benefits or maternity leave in the last 5 years).
  • You must have a desire to work hard and learn about large scale painting and the mural process to further your career.
  • Must be willing to work outside
  • Can lift up to 50lbs
  • Willing to work on scaffolding and with heights

Employment will start June 4th, 2018

TO APPLY: We have two positions to fill. Please submit your resume with references to get the process started. You will have to register with WorkBC to get a case manager who can refer you to this project. Submit resumes and questions to



Deadline for both submissions and employment possibilities is May 25th 2018.

PROJECT PARTNERS: Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Housing and Social Development and their Job Creation Partnership, the various property owners, Kamloops Arts Council, suppliers including Sherwin-Williams Paint Store, United Rentals and the BC Wildlife Park.



BrewLoops Block Party & The Royal Cup

This month will see a collaboration of hockey and local brew in our neighbourhood. On Saturday, May 26th, 2018, the BrewLoops Cultural Development Society will kick off the summer season with the Royal Cup and Downtown Block Party! Expanding on the 2017 successes of the Welcome Winter Block Party and the Back-Alley Block Party, this event will take place from day to night in Downtown Kamloops.

From 12:00-5:00pm, the Royal Cup Hockey Tournament will take over the 300 block of Victoria Street. The Royal Cup is an invitational hockey tournament that was founded on Royal Avenue in Kamloops. Every year, a few NHL and Kamloops Blazers alumni make an appearance to support an awesome cause. In 2018, the Royal Cup aims to raise $10,000 for Kidsport to help ensure all local kids get access to the sport they love.

From 5:00-10:00pm, the BrewLoops block party will celebrate B.C beer and local talent on the 400 block of Victoria Street, as well as the Plaza Hotel parking lot. Over a dozen breweries and a handful of cideries will be popping up tents and serving up craft brew alongside live music, artisans, and more. Tickets for the BrewLoops Downtown Block Party are available online for $20.

Of course, the CAP Team will also be there from start to finish to answer any questions you may have or to point you in the right direction. This community event is the perfect opportunity to contribute to a great cause while enjoying fun activities and great BC brewed beverages.

Please note that the 300 and 400 block of Victoria Street will be closed for the day; however, the Seymour & Lansdowne parkades are free on weekends. There are also dozens of bike parking stations  and specific bike routes throughout the downtown core for you to get here.

See you downtown for the party on May 26th!

This article was written by Nathan Bymoen, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care & Info Centre at 250-572-3017. Email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!







5 Events This Weekend in Downtown Kamloops

There is something for everyone this weekend Downtown Kamloops! With nothing but sunshine and high temperatures in the forecast,  it’s the perfect weekend to get out and re-discover the buzz of our neighbourhood.


1.Friday Night Group Ride

Clip in, buckle up and join a road ride with the crew from Cycle Logic on Friday, May 11th! Group rides take place from 6:15-8:15pm and leave from 222 Victoria Street. Spandex shorts and a sense of adventure are not necessary, but are encouraged.
















2. Frog Eyes / Hello Blue Roses / Emilio Pagnotta

Barnacle Records will host three, rad bands under its roof on Friday, May 11th from 7:30-10pm. Doors open at 7:00pm at 290 3rd Avenue. Tickets are $15 and available at the door or online.












3. Birth Gab

Lizzie Bits Baby Co. will host Birth Gab from 11:00am-12:30pm at 665 Victoria Street on Saturday, May 12th. Share stories, relax with soon-to-be-parents, and join the parenting community. All moms, dads, and little ones are welcome!











4. Raising It Up For Ryan

Beer, live bands, raffles, and more. Red Collar Brewing will host Raising It Up For Ryan from 4:00-10:00pm this Saturday, May 12th at 355 Lansdowne Street. All proceeds from a special cask will be donated to the Shtuka family.











5. Mother’s Day SpringFest Sip & Shop

Experience Mother’s Day in Downtown Kamloops! SpringFest Sip & Shop includes delicious options for brunch, live entertainment, art demos, shopping specials & more including an artisan market with wine tasting on the 400 block of Victoria Street. RSVP here!