How Can You Help #OpenWithCare?

How Can You Help #OpenWithCare?

As Kamloops businesses open up, many worry about the increased risk of infection with COVID-19. However, there are ways that we can open our city safely, but we need everyone’s help. How can you help #OpenWithCare?

Wear A Mask To Help Out

Studies have shown that wearing masks in public can greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. According to the Government of Canada website, wearing a non-medical mask or face-covering is recommended in crowded public settings such as stores, shopping areas, and public transportation. You’ll know your face mask or face covering is effective if it allows for easy breathing, fits securely to the head, and is made of at least 2 layers of tightly-woven material fabric (such as cotton or linen). If your mask becomes damp or dirty, change it out for a new one as soon as possible. If it’s a cloth mask, wash it. Your mask should be comfortable and not require frequent adjustment, as touching your face increases your chance of contracting COVID-19.

Never share your mask with others. Never place a mask on anyone under two years of age, on someone who is unable to remove it themselves, or who has trouble breathing. Your mask should not impair your vision. It should also not be made of plastic or other non-breathable materials, or anything that might fall apart easily, like tape. Masks with exhalation valves are not recommended, because they don’t protect others from COVID-19 and don’t limit the spread of the virus.

Sanitize To Help Out

Hand washing is the most effective way to limit the spread of any virus or bacteria. If you are unable to wash your hands, however, sanitizing them is the next best option. Hand sanitizer is convenient, effective, and can be found at most drug stores. As part of the province’s reopening plan, most businesses have hand sanitizer available to customers. It’s also a good idea to keep a small bottle on your person or in your vehicle.

Social Distance To Help Out

When in public spaces, stay 6ft or 2m from those around you. This is because if someone near you has the virus, droplets from their nose or mouth are not likely to travel this distance when they speak or cough. It is still a good idea to wear a mask even if you are socially distancing because it further reduces the spread of droplets. If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into your elbow, not into your hand.

We are currently in Phase 3 of BC’s reopening plan. As such, according to the Government of BC website, the recommended maximum number of people at a gathering is six. However, even in small groups, social distancing is still encouraged. Avoid touching others whenever possible and remember to wash your hands or sanitize after you do so.

Support Kamloops To Help Out

This has been a difficult time for people and businesses everywhere. The impacts of the pandemic on our economy are still being measured, but are expected to be severe. To help mitigate the impact, it’s a good idea to shop at Kamloops owned and operated businesses. These small businesses have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and need our support the most. Try to eat at a local restaurant once a week, or, even better, order takeout from them and enjoy your food from the safety of your own home. Buy coffee from your local coffee shop instead of a chain. If you have extra funds, consider donating them. Charities like the Kamloops Food Bank, the BCSPCA, and others are particularly vulnerable during these uncertain times. Doing these small things can make a huge difference in helping our city, province, and country get back on its feet.

Be Kind To Help Out

In this trying time, many individuals feel stressed about the future and about the current situation. It is more important than ever to be kind to and understanding of those around us. As our provincial health officer, Dr. Bonny Henry, says, “Be kind. Be calm. Be safe.” These lessons are among the most important ones we can learn from her. It may be difficult to follow them as the pandemic stretches on with no end in sight, but they are vitally important. If you feel you need to speak to a counsellor, there are many free online resources available to those struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.


Together, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and help our economy survive, but everyone needs to do their part. For more information about BC’s response to the pandemic, visit the BC Government’s COVID-19 response website at www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support. For more information about Canada’s response to the pandemic, go to www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/canadas-reponse.html. And for more about business reopening in Kamloops, visit Downtown Kamloops’s #OpenWithCare page at www.downtownkamloops.com/open-with-care/.

Ride-Hailing Comes to Kamloops

Ride-Hailing Comes to Kamloops

Finally, ride-hailing is coming to Kamloops! KABU, a Richmond-based ride-hailing company launched in Kamloops on July 1st. They are partnering with the local tour and shuttle company TasteFull Excursions to provide service to Kamloops and the surrounding area, including Sun Peaks. This comes as exciting news for Kamloops residents. As the economy reopens and business picks up downtown and across the city, it seems the perfect time to launch this new venture.

At the moment, KABU’s hours are limited as the service starts up, as is their fleet. However, the company plans on expanding soon to 24-hour service, seven days a week. For now, they are running seven days a week from 6am to 11am, and until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

KABU’s app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To hail a ride, one must simply download the app. KABU is also able to accommodate a variety of needs, and different sizes of parties. Their drivers are required to have a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 4 license, and are also required to obtain their own business license. According to their website, “drivers keep 80 percent of their revenues … and full-time drivers qualify for subsidized health, dental, disability, and illness coverage, along with a free $250,000 life insurance policy.”

Kamloops is beginning to come to life once more now that summer is here and with BC emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents are eager to explore the city, and KABU is certain to help with this. It’s also exciting that KABU is a BC-based company, meaning that its users are giving back to their province’s economy.

For more information about KABU and its services, or to apply to drive for them, visit www.kabu.ca

Krob Krua Thai Restaurant

Krob Krua Thai Restaurant

A Taste of Thailand

As co-owner of the only Thai restaurant in Kamloops, Kamphon Muktier of Krob Krua Thai Restaurant knows that he has an important job in bringing the flavours of his home country to Downtown Kamloops. His customers appreciate his melding of Canadian and Thai flavours to create a palette that is unique to our city. Most of Krob Krua’s customers are not Thai themselves but have been to Thailand and are eager to enjoy a Thai meal. Others have never been to Thailand and are looking for an introduction to Thai cuisine. As well, Kamphon is more than happy to help any would-be travelers to Thailand learn about Thai cuisine and culture.

A Family Business

When deciding on what to name his restaurant, Kamphon followed Thai culture. In Thailand, it is traditional for a name to have meaning. Kamphon started his business with his wife, and their main value as a company is family. They settled on the name Krob Krua because it means family in Thai. Family and community are incredibly important to the Krob Krua team. They usually employ between ten and twelve workers, whom they consider as part of their family. Part of the reason they love doing business in Downtown Kamloops is because of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Kamphon knows that if ever he is in need, he can ask his neighbours for help. He also is passionate about giving back to his community. He and his wife donate regularly to the Kamloops Food Bank the BCSPCA, and are dedicated to helping those around them.

Krob Krua Thai Restaurant is usually open for dine-in or take-out from 11:30am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, and for take-out only on Sundays. During the pandemic, however, they are only open for take-out, but are open seven days a week. For more information, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Krobkruathairestaurant/ or call them at (250) 828-0645.

To read more about the People of the Neighbourhood, visit https://www.downtownkamloops.com/news-and-blog-downtown-kamloops/people-of-the-neighbourhood/

Where Are They Now Series: Rory McKerchar

Where Are They Now Series: Rory McKerchar


Today we have an interview with past Cappie, Rory McKerchar!

What year were you a CAP Team Member?

  •   I was a CAP Team member over the Summer of 2013

Tell us about your career path since leaving the CAP Team

  • I worked on the CAP team the summer before starting my Bachelor of Science at Thompson Rivers University. Since leaving the CAP team I completed my B.Sc. in Chemical Biology and worked for a couple of years in Kamloops. During that time, I worked teaching chemistry labs at TRU, as a youth worker for the Boys and Girls Club, and as a lab technician at ALS Metallurgy. This year I started my first year of medical school at the University of British Columbia.

 What were your career goals when you started with the CAP Team?

  • When I started with the CAP team, I was not 100% sure of what I wanted to do. I had not started university yet, but I was planning on doing a year of sciences at TRU before switching into the nursing program.

  How do you feel your experience on the CAP Team helped you achieve your goals?

  • The CAP team was a great summer job for me. I think it looked good for my job and school applications, while also providing me with some great talking points for job interviews etc. Besides this, working on the CAP team was a lot of fun. It was great working outside for the summer and it was an excellent opportunity to get outside, meet visitors to Kamloops’ Downtown

What was the most valuable skill learned on the job?

  • While working as part of the CAP team I believe I developed great customer service and communication skills. Prior to my role on the CAP team, I had never worked in an environment where those skills were requirements. In retrospect, I am very thankful for the experience, as those skills have been very helpful in other workplaces, I have been apart of as well as in the university environment.

What was your favourite part of the program?

  • My favourite part of the program was the opportunity to work outside during the summer. There is always a lot going on downtown in Kamloops during the summer and it was fun being a part of a lot of it. I also really enjoyed the biking and walking patrols, helping organize events, and talking to visitors to Kamloops.

 What kind of unique experiences do you have?

  • A unique experience I had while working for the CAP team was meeting Justin Trudeau at Riverside Park a few years before he became Prime Minister in 2015.

What was your favorite event that Downtown Kamloops organized?

  • My favourite event organized by Downtown Kamloops was the Taste of Downtown event.

What is your favorite store in downtown?

  • My favourite place downtown is Motivo! Great coffee and great pie!


Did you use to work for the CAP Team? Interested in having a feature for our alumni series? Send us an email at capteam@downtownkamloops.com to be involved! For more of the Where Are They Now Series, go to www.downtownkamloops.com/news-and-blog-downtown-kamloops/where-are-they-now/.

CML Properties

CML Properties

Customer Driven and Reliable

For forty years, CML Properties has provided outstanding property management services to commercial and residential properties in Kamloops. Ken Wallin started the company in 1980, and CML Properties has been in the Wallin family ever since. Their team is committed to best practice property management services. Their clientele knows they can expect a maximum return on their investment as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their properties are in the best hands. CML Properties has built a reputation for excellence and reliability in the interior of BC. Many of CML’s clients have been with them since they first opened their doors four decades ago. CML’s unique combination of industry expertise and best practice systems makes them an industry leader. They are known for providing excellent property stewardship to their customers.

A Kamloops Business

CML Properties is also first and foremost a Kamloops business. Their location on Lansdowne Street makes them especially accessible to their clientele. Their team is proud to be a part of the Kamloops community. They especially enjoy being a part of Downtown Kamloops, with its vibrant atmosphere and scenery. Kamloops is in CML’s roots, and they are loyal to their customer base. Having been a part of the Downtown Kamloops community for so long, they are experts on what it takes to succeed here. We asked the HR and office manager at CML Properties, Joan Zammit, what advice she would give to new businesses in Downtown Kamloops. She replied, “Support other local businesses. [Kamloops] is a wonderful community and being able to support one another in our business needs is what makes everyone stronger. Find a mentor who has been through this before and use them for guidance.”

The CML Properties office is located at 272 Lansdowne Street. It is open from 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday. They also have a 24-hour emergency service available to their clients. They can be reached by calling (250) 372-1232. For more information, please visit their website at https://www.cmlproperties.ca/.

Proposed Street Closures – Downtown Business Feedback

Proposed Street Closures – Downtown Business Feedback

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association would like feedback from Downtown Businesses on proposed street closures. Please take two minutes to give your feedback.

Recently there have been reports of conversations regarding the potential short term or intermittent closure of Victoria Street. The goal would be to encourage consumers to return to our Downtown while affording the space intended to support safe physical distancing.

We are reaching out to you asking for your feedback regarding this matter.

This form is currently closed for submissions.

How Can You Help #OpenWithCare?

Kamloops Central BIA Launches Open With Care Campaign

The Open With Care campaign is part of a strategy supported by BIA’s across the province. This campaign is intended to inspire businesses to open safely and is designed for organizations within the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association area.

While we are extremely excited that Downtown Kamloops is finally getting back to business, we understand that consumers may be hesitant to go back to normal. BIA’s throughout the province are introducing Open With Care campaigns. These initiatives are intended to inspire businesses to re-open in a safe, healthy, and compliant manner in order to support consumer confidence. Businesses in the Downtown Kamloops are taking responsible steps and following WorkSafeBC regulations to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

It is crucial for our business leaders to reassure their customers that it’s safe to do business with them.

Open With Care campaign objectives:

  • Create a safe atmosphere
  • Support local businesses in line with the #ykastrong support local campaign
  • Share a consistent message across the City and Province of BC
  • Prepare the public to be “good consumers”; to shop, live, play, eat, and art with care
  • Provide our members with the tools to Open With Care
  • Remind all that Downtown is resilient, alive, and cares about its customers

Kamloops residents can share what they are doing to support local businesses by using the hashtags #openwithcare #ykastrong #dtkcares #downtowntogo on social media.

For more information email admin@downtownkamloops.com

Empire Dental

Empire Dental

For anyone looking for a patient-centered dental experience, Empire Dental is the place to go. Dr. Dhaval Admar, BDS, DDS, owns Empire Dental and is committed to giving his clients world-class dentistry. He is committed to doing this without sacrificing excellent customer service. Always considerate, Dr. Admar makes sure to listen to his clients’ wants and needs before coming up with a treatment plan. He is also passionate about giving his clients the best treatment available and stays up to date on the latest techniques and technologies. He uses 3D scanning, laser technology, and digital smile design technology among many others to ensure his clients are receiving the best care possible.

Dr. Admar first received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2010 in India before immigrating to Canada where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2014. He then worked as an associate dentist in Saskatoon, SK. In 2018, Dr. Admar moved to Kamloops and purchased the Empire Dental practice. Dr. Admar now employs five dental hygienists, assistants, and receptionists who are all committed to providing the best service possible to their clients.

The staff at Empire Dental love working in downtown Kamloops. Dr. Admar was motivated to move to BC because of the mountains, and to Kamloops in specific because he was drawn to the tight-knit working environment at Empire Dental. According to his staff, they love the vibrant atmosphere downtown and the friendly, welcoming people.

Empire Dental’s hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30 pm. For more information, visit their website at www.empiredental.ca or phone them at 250-374-7227.

Proposed Street Closures – Downtown Business Feedback

Extended Patios Sweep the Downtown

Extended patios to sweep Downtown Kamloops! As restrictions lift across B.C., more and more Kamloops businesses are expanding their patios. They hope that more outdoor seating will bring customers to the downtown area while still letting them maintain a safe social distance. Many restaurants, cafes, and retail stores have already applied to the City of Kamloops for this expansion.

As part of its Open with Care campaign, the KCBIA wants to help businesses extend their patios. The Open with Care campaign is part of a strategy supported by BIA’s across the province intended to help businesses to open safely. It is designed for organizations within the KCBIA area. Read more at www.downtownkamloops.com/open-with-care/

We’re excited to see more patios popping up in our downtown as we enter the summer season. Kamloops residents are eager to enjoy the summer weather, so this development is sure to bring business to the downtown area. We can’t wait to see you this summer!

We encourage businesses with an interest in extended patios to email Christine Beaton at admin@downtownkamloops.com. Application forms are also available from the City of Kamloops.

For more information please visit www.kamloops.ca/sites/default/files/docs/homes-businesses/outdoorpatioguidelines.pdf

Downtown Kamloops businesses with extended patios include, but are not limited to Caffe Motivo, Casa Azul, Peter’s Pasta, The Vic, FreshSlice, Mittz Kitchen, Tumbleweed Lounge, Cordo, Carlos O’Bryans, and Hello Toast.

Lansdowne Liquor Store

Lansdowne Liquor Store

The first thing customers can expect when walking into the Lansdowne Liquor Store is that they will be greeted right away with a smile. The staff are always eager to help their customers find what they need. The store, which has been serving the downtown community for twelve years, employs nine staff members.

Ileene, the store manager, is proud of her employees, who she describes as excellent. The staff at the Lansdowne Liquor Store are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. This, she says, is what keeps her customers coming back for more. When asked about the history of the business, Ileene responded, laughing, “It’s just liquor. That’s it, that’s the history.”

Lansdowne Liquor is at 225-450 Lansdowne Street, and is perfectly located to serve its downtown clientele. Ileene loves working downtown and enjoys seeing the diverse people who come through the business’s front door.

Lansdowne Liquor is open Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 9pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 8pm. Be sure to stop by, say hi, and see what they have on sale. Lansdowne Liquor can be reached by phoning 250-571-1377 or by going to their website, www.lansdowneliquor.ca.

For more on Downtown Kamloops’s People of the Neighbourhood, visit www.downtownkamloops.com/news-and-blog-downtown-kamloops/people-of-the-neighbourhood/

Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces

For the past four years, Kelsey Grimm and her team of counsellors at Healing Spaces have been helping clients through difficult times. Kelsey is the founder of this experienced and enthusiastic team, having created Healing Spaces with a dream to provide support and give people someone to talk to when life gets heavy. Healing Spaces is currently made up of a team of seven counsellors, each trained in different specializations, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma therapy, anxiety and depression, and EMDR, or Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

It is clear from talking to Kelsey Grimm that she is passionate about her work. When asked about what makes her proudest about her work, Kelsey told us that she loves seeing her clients leave feeling good. Her favourite moment is when clients tell her they don’t need her anymore, and hers is probably one of the few business owners who want their clients to stop coming back.

Kelsey has created a welcoming, open environment, complete with a book nook where clients can find books on a variety of subjects related to mental health and healing. The book nook also contains weighted blankets that can help with anxiety. The clean, sunlit office is a peaceful setting where clients are sure to feel safe and at-home.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, Kelsey and her team can be reached by phone at 1-877-325-7484 or by e-mail at kelsey@healingspaces.center. Their hours vary, but appointments are available from 8 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. For more information, please go to www.healingspaces.centre.

Welcome to the Downtown Summer CAP Team!

Welcome to the Downtown Summer CAP Team!

You may have noticed a few more red hats and shirts patrolling the downtown lately. This is because the KCBIA has just finished hiring its Downtown summer CAP Team. You already know the CAP Team supervisor, Jon, as well as Blake, Frankie, Oliver, Jake, and Matt, but they have now been joined by eager new CAP Team members! Meet Erika, Moira, Lucas, Brooke, Margo, and returning CAPper David.

So please don’t be shy when you see these red-shirted individuals out and about!

The Downtown summer CAP Team is collecting business information to update the Open With Care. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them and provide them information like store timings, new safety protocols, and essential information for customers. For more information on the Open With Care campaign, visit https://www.downtownkamloops.com/open-with-care/

As a quick reminder, here is what the CAP Team can and cannot do for you:

The CAP Team can:

  • Help with events
  • Pick up needles and drug paraphernalia.
  • Observe and report unsafe conditions such as crime, graffiti, and vagrancy
  • Assist tourists and customers

The CAP Team cannot:

  • Provide emergency treatment
  • Respond to criminal activity – please call 911 if there is an immediate emergency/crime in progress
  • Clean up garbage, feces or other litter

We can’t wait to see you all downtown!

For more information, check our website: https://www.downtownkamloops.com/about/cap-team/

Celebrate Father’s Day! #Openwithcare

Celebrate Father’s Day! #Openwithcare

Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day, and in today’s ever-changing climate we know it can be difficult to figure out the best way to celebrate! We’ve compiled a list of some of the ways you can celebrate your Dad and support local! Many businesses and restaurants downtown are now #openwithcare, so getting out is easier than before!

Food + Drinks 

  • Maurya’s Cuisine 
    • Stay tuned for their Father’s Day menu! Maurya’s is open for takeout, delivery, and dine-in. Treat your Dad to some butter chicken and a cold beer this Sunday!
  • Red Collar 
    • Pick up a Father’s Day Case today! Cases include Dave Bomb Double Pale Ale (3), A Dog Aquatic Pale Ale (4), Maibock Fest Lager (4), and Black Dog Quad (1), PLUS a bonus $15 GC for $75!!
    • Order through their online store today for delivery
  • Boston Pizza
    • Give Dad what he wants this year… PIZZA! Save 15% on BP E-Gift Cards for Father’s Day from June 15th to June 21st when you spend $50. Go to bostonpizza.com/fathersday to get yours before they’re gone!
  • Dorian Greek House
    • Let Dorians do the cooking for you, so you can focus on that special Dad! Order the DADDY PACK: 2 Chicken souvlaki skewers, 2 racks of Greek Ribs, 2 Traditional Beef Greek kabobs, All the greek trimmings, Serves 4 adults! For ONLY $55.00. Pre-order now at doriangreekhouse.com. 
    • We are taking preorders until Saturday, June 21 @ 9 pm. You can pick it up or we can deliver it! All online orders will be closed on Father’s day.


  • McAllister & Howard Clothiers 
    • Check out their FATHER‘S DAY GIFT SETS! Up online with limited numbers so don’t wait too long! Check out their website to order: the Beard Gift Set; perfect for the bearded gentleman in your life. Shaving Gift Set; perfect for the clean-shaven gentlemen, and the Essentials Gift Set; perfect for the gentleman in your life who needs fresh new essentials.

No photo description available.


  • Far + Wide
    • Check out their Father’s Day gift sets! They partnered with Amplified Cafe and Chop N’ Block to make these gift sets that include fun socks, great coffee, delicious salami, artisan chocolate from @alicjaconfections or infused salts from @vanislesalt, these boxes are sure to go fast! They will be available for pickup the week of June 16th and come wrapped with a card so take the worry out of the day. Available for sale now on the website for 45.00!

No photo description available.


This is just a small list of what’s available! With most shops open now, be sure to come down and check out what’s in the store while searching for the perfect gift! For more ideas, check out our directory!

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend celebrating their Dad while experiencing Downtown Kamloops. Remember to be kind, be calm and to be safe while downtown, and that we are #openwithcare!

Read about the Open With Care Campaign to support local businesses.

Meet the New Executive Committee for the KCBIA 2020

Meet the New Executive Committee for the KCBIA 2020

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (BIA) is proud to announce its newest Executive Committee after this morning’s Board of Directors meeting. 

The KCBIA appointed the following as the New Executive Committee:

Dino Bernardo – President – The Commodore Grand Cafe

Ryan Gentile – Vice President – Red Wing Shoes

Brianne Vondracek – Treasurer- BDO LLP

Mike Blackwell – Secretary – Fulton & Company LLP

Ted Ockenden– Director at Large – BCLC

On behalf of Carl Desantis, Executive Director of the KCBIA, we extend a warm welcome to each of the new Executive Board members. We look forward to future collaboration and development with each of you.

Further, we welcome back our returning and new board members returning for another year.

Sheila Minten – Director – Total Concept Development Ltd

Maeghan Summers – Director – The Noble Pig

Andy Philpot – Director – St John’s Ambulance

Jesse Daniel Faubert – Director – Common Sound

Luke Chidgzey – Director – RBC

Maren Luciani – Director – Meraki Planning

Nicki James – Director – Main Street Clothing

Kathy Sinclair – Liaison – City of Kamloops

Carl DeSantis mentioned, “We congratulate the new and returning members to the KCBIA board of directors and the KCBIA executive committee — this is a remarkable group of Downtown leaders poised to guide the association forward.”

Downtown Kamloops Celebrates Mother’s Day

Downtown Kamloops Celebrates Mother’s Day

Bring Downtown Home


With Mother’s Day happening this Sunday, May 10th, you may be wondering what you can do to show your Mom love in today’s current situation. Thankfully, many businesses and restaurants in town are still operating, so we’ve compiled a list of some of those promoting Mother’s Day specials! Not sure what to get/do for your Mom? Check out our list for some ideas!

Brownstone Kamloops


  • Passek’s Classics Cafe & Catering: Mother’s Day Brunch! Choose from their selected menu for only 20$! Minimum order of 4 people, all orders are Pick-Up Only. Choose from their Denver eggs, crispy sliced bacon, or their cinnamon raisin french toast! The pre-order deadline is Friday, May 8th by 12 pm. Check out their Facebook for more information, or call 250-314-1114 after 3:30 pm.
  • Cordo Resto + Bar:  Offering a BBQ Lunch, Cordo has teamed up with Valley First to donate $5 for every order prepared from their set Mother’s Day menu! Orders can be delivered free of charge or customers can receive 10 percent off their entire order with pickup from Cordo Resto + Bar, downtown at 540 Victoria St. Check out this link for more information and to place your order! The deadline to place an order is May 7th, at 12 pm. 
  • Swiss Pastries: Get your cake order in! Swiss Pastries is offering FREE deliveries for this Saturday for your Mother’s Day orders! Check out their Facebook for more information! 
  • Brownstone Restaurant: Purchase a Brownstone e-card and have it emailed directly to mom! She can use it to order pickup or save it for dine-in. You can even personalize her card with your own graphics. It’s so quick and easy you can have it done in a flash! Check out their website for more information! 
Crooked Crown Kamloops

Crooked Crown Kamloops


  • Lavender Lingerie: Mother’s Day Giveaway! They are giving away one free nursing bra for new moms and moms-to-be! To enter, like their post on Instagram or Facebook, and tag any pregnant or new moms to enter them to win a new nursing bra. Check out the links above for more information.
  • Blue Sky Clothing: Shop their spring/summer 2020 collection and receive 20% off! Just use MOTHER20 at check out! Check out their Facebook for more information. 
  • Amplified Cafe, Far + Wide & Modern Family Boutique: These lovely Kamloops businesses have teamed up for a Mother’s Day giveaway! To enter, follow @far_and_wide_bc, @mfbkamloops and @amplifiedcafe on Instagram! Then, like @far_and_wide_bc @mfbkamloops and @amplifiedcafe on Facebook. Like this post and tag a friend! Giveaway closes at 12 pm Friday, May 8th, and the winner will be drawn after 12 pm Friday, May 8th and notified directly. 

Are you a business downtown that has a Mother’s Day special you’d like us to know about? Email us at capteam@downtownkamloops to get added to the list! 



Call for Mural Artists – Downtown Kamloops

Call for Mural Artists – Downtown Kamloops

The call for mural artists for summer 2020 is open. The KCBIA began the public mural program in order to make the back alleys part of the downtown Kamloops experience  There are now over thirty murals adorning downtown Kamloops’s alleyways and parking lots. Apply to become a lead mural artist now!

Lead Mural Artist

The lead mural artist designs and completes the mural, typically within four to five weeks. Responsibilities include:

  • Working with confidence in large scale design and execution
  • Cooperating with property owners to create designs
  • Teaching, mentoring, and managing an artist’s assistants who will help with the implementation of the design


  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision and be able to supervise a small team of assistants.
  • Must be prepared to work outside during the summer months.
  • Must be willing to work on scaffolding and use the necessary safety equipment.
  • Must be able to lift to 50 pounds.

To download a detailed guide for submission click below.

Apply Now

Submit your artist portfolio with qualifications and examples of previous projects and works. Please state the desired compensation, and availability during the summer season. References are requested.

Closing date: July 2nd, 2020

Required Submission Materials

Length: Maximum four 8.5 x 11 pages

Size: 10 MB maximum

File type: Submission should be in a single PDF file

Submit all applications and inquiries to murals@downtownkamloops.com

Application deadline: July 2, 2020

Note: Should the proposal requirements for this call be a barrier to you submitting your ideas, please contact us at murals@downtownkamloops.com before May 3rd.

Though this year will look different than past ones, the KCBIA looks forward to sharing new stories in Downtown Kamloops.

CAP Team in Downtown Kamloops

CAP Team in Downtown Kamloops

Who Are We?

The Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team are downtown ambassadors who assist businesses, tourists, and citizens. The supervisor, as well as patrol members, are trained to promote tourism and safety in the downtown core. CAP team members are responsible for taking on the role of both an ambassador and safety patrolling, which are two integral aspects of the program that are important to the success of the team.

Safety patrollers are accountable for observing and reporting unsafe conditions, crimes, graffiti, and vagrancy around the downtown vicinity, also referring and reporting aggressive panhandlers and homeless to outreach facilities. Our team also assists the RCMP and By-Law with crime prevention strategies and initiatives in a non-aggressive capacity. Contact the safety patrollers at (250)-572-3009.

Ambassadors are the embodiment of hospitality. We greet and welcome both locals and visitors to downtown Kamloops. The team aids tourists by directing them to historical points of interest, key events and activities, local attractions, restaurants, shopping, parking, and accommodations.

The Customer Care and Visitor Information Centre is operated by ambassadors who can help you decide where to go and how to get there or any other assistance you need. Contact the ambassadors at (250)-572-3008.

Why Should You Book the Cap Team?

The CAP Team is always eager to help, and there are many ways we can do so! We offer a variety of services for businesses and events located in downtown Kamloops.

Learn more about the ambassador program below!

Services provided by the CAP Team:
  • Games and activities for events
  • Event attendance as a vendor to promote downtown
  • Deliver notices and flyers to downtown businesses
  • Speaking engagements such as mural tours
  • Safe walks to and from any downtown location
What can you book the CAP team for?
  • Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Place management (i.e. games and activities)
  • Guest speaker engagements
Types of games and activities:
  • Giant Jenga
  • Connect Four
  • Cactus Throw
  • Instagram Sign
  • Ladder Ball
  • Bistro Sets (tables and chairs)

**Please be advised that you will need to pick up and drop off these amenities from our downtown location. **

How it works:

There is usually no cost to book our services and games, with some exceptions.

Games and activities should be picked up and dropped off by your event staff at a pre-determined time from our office at 340 Victoria Street (unless otherwise discussed).

After use, leave borrowed material with a CAP team member. Under no circumstances should these materials be left outside of the office unattended.

CAP Team services will not be issued if the event contradicts KCBIA’s mandate or if the services being provided conflict with pre-arranged and established obligations.

How do I book the Cap Team?

You may book your time on the calendar below by clicking on a date, filling in relevant details, hitting send, and then complete the sign-up form. Please lookout for a phone call or e-mail before approval to coordinate and confirm the times and responsibilities.

Important: Please note that we can only confirm your booking within 3 months of the event date. You can book it any time, but we may not be able to confirm until the 3-month window.
The Thompson Hotel

The Thompson Hotel

The Thompson Hotel

As an independent hotel, it’s not always easy to compete again the big hotel chains and franchises. But the “Travelers Choice” award has been presented to The Thompson Hotel several times over a number of years. This certificate of excellence is a testament to the quality of service offered by the staff of The Thompson Hotel. What sets this hotel apart from many others in Kamloops is that Thompson Hotel is a family-owned hotel. Depending on the season, the hotel employs between 20 and 40 staff members. As it’s a business for accommodation, the hotel is open every day of the year for 24 hours a day. Most of the hotel patrons come to visit Kamloops from out of town. In such a centralized location downtown there are many opportunities to explore everything the city has to offer.

There are many reasons to choose The Thompson Hotel for your stay in Kamloops. With a variety of amenities for patrons, The Thompson Hotel has various opportunities for everyone staying there. Their games room is particularly unique with multiple big-screen TVs, two pool tables, air hockey, foosball, an arcade with a pinball machine, and board games. There’s also an indoor pool and hot tub located on the premises. Instead of congregating with larger groups inside a hotel room, their amenity area is a great place for groups to hang out. The best part of being located downtown is being within walking distance of dozens of restaurants, the nightlife, shopping, Riverside and Music in the Park, as well as everything else located in downtown Kamloops.

A Word from Kav Sangha

Kav Sangha, the co-owner of The Thompson Hotel, began working there in 2018. He states that prior to working there he had “wanted to get into the hotel business for many years”. He waited for the right opportunity and property to present itself. According to Sangha, one of the most appealing aspects of this hotel is that it has “two on-site brewhouse restaurants”. Sangha affirms that what makes his hotel stand out “is our amazing games room and pool area, as well as our fantastic on-site brewhouse restaurants”. Located nearby is The Nobel Pig and Alchemy Brewing, which are two local hotspots for visitors searching for some excellent quality beer in downtown Kamloops.

Sangha says that they strive to “provide the best combination of quality and value in the local accommodation market”. He’s proud of his business for being a successful independent local business when so many franchises and big-chain hotels are situated in Kamloops. When a patron enters The Thompson Hotel they can expect “great service and great value” says Kav Sangha. Part of what makes The Thompson Hotel so unique is that they’re an independent hotel in Kamloops. And the KCBIA agrees that The Thompson Hotel is a special hotel!

Check out The Thompson Hotel’s website by following this link!


Valentines Day in Downtown Kamloops

Valentines Day in Downtown Kamloops

Are you looking for something to do in downtown Kamloops this Valentines Day? What about coming down to the core of town to support some of these local businesses!

1. Build-a-Box

Feb 13th, 2020 visit Ms Whimsys Emporium located on 1st Ave will be hosting a build-a-box event where you can come and pick a cute box and fill it up with goodies for yourself or a special someone this Valentines Day Weekend. There are items for budgets of all sizes, and everything in the store is locally made!





2. Valentines @ Cordo

Get your tickets for two and enjoy an anything but ordinary 3-course meal specially prepared by executive chef Mitch Shafer. Enjoy some one on one time with your significant other in a sophisticated atmosphere. Available Feb 14th and 15th, this Valentines Day Weekend.     




3. Bobs night out-A vertical tasting 

Go out on a date, go out with your friends, go by yourself and make friends. The choice is yours. But you’re not going to want to miss out on this exclusive tasting at Red Collar Brewing. There will be brews, appetizers, and like always there is a great selection of tabletop games.






4. Seafood Dinner for 2

Make your reservation with the Tumbleweed Plaza Lounge for your seafood platter for two, or just you! The chef will be preparing a mouthwatering platter that will showcase crab legs, salmon 2 ways, scallops, bacon, fresh mussels and prawns served up with vegetables and rice. While you eat, you can enjoy a music performance by Shawna Palmer. Call ahead to make sure you have your spot reserved.



5. 2 Headed Giant Valentines Day Tournament 

Want to put your competitive talents to the test? Get your league together for the ultimate Valentine day tournament hosted by your very own locally owned and operated All Aboard Games. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Time to take things to the next level.


6. Pretty in Pink 

The perfect date night movie will be playing at the Kamloops Film Society Paramount Theatre on Valentine’s Day. A classic romance that only gets better in time, just like your date. The movie kicks off at 7 pm but be sure to show up early to get your snacks, and don’t worry, this theatre has no bad seats!



7. Latin Love Party 

Ditch the traditions of dinner and go straight to dessert at The Plaza Hotel. Get your $15 dollar ticket either at ticket master or straight from the source at the plaza on Feb. 14th and 15th. You will get to enjoy complimentary champagne, dessert, and dance lessons! Certainly a spicier way to spend Valentine’s day with your bestie. Dr Drac will be bringing the house down with some sexy Latin tracks. The event kicks off at 7 pm with complimentary beginners dance lessons at 8 pm.




8. Valentines Affair: Featuring Average Gypsy 

Looking to dance, drink, meet other singles, and enjoy some majestic rap? The Cactus Jacks is the place for you this Valentine’s Day. Head out on Feb 14th to CJ’s because Hi, Society is presenting Average Gypsy, with support from Tiny Humans. Show up early to support our local talent Angie C B2B Kellan it and Bearflower.








9. Anti-Valentines Day @ CJ’s     

Not a fan of Valentines Day? Don’t worry CJ‘s has you covered. Head out on Feb 15th for the ultimate Anti-Valentines Day Shindig and dress to impress for a chance to win a bomb diggity prize. DJ King Kong Finger will be serving up some sick beats and the drink special will be stupid cupid shooters!





10. Forno on 5th Lovin’ Love 

Forno on 5th would love to celebrate their love of love and food with you this Valentine’s Day weekend. Dine-in on Feb 13th, 14th or 15th for a 3-course dinner for two menu, with options sure to impress your taste buds. Be sure to call ahead for your reservation. You won’t want to miss this dining experience.





11. Love at first bite or sight?

Plans with a partner, BFF, sibling, coworker, finance hero? Mauryas Cuisine invites you to fill your table with as many great people as you like! They will be serving a one of a kind 4-course Indian dinner. There will also be some signature cocktails that you won’t want to miss trying. As if it didn’t already sound like an amazing choice, book your reservation before Feb 14th and receive $25 dollars off of your 2 can dine meal!



12. Family Fun Night 

For those of you who like to include the whole family in your Valentine’s festivities, The Salvation Army is hosting a FREE family fun night on Feb 14th! They will be offering fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and gravy. Once your tummy is full, fill your heart with a family-friendly sloth making craft.  Be sure to RSVP in advance so they can be prepared to provide food and crafts for everyone that wants to be included.




12. Valentines Day Glassware Class 

Feeling artistic? The Kamloops Art Party Studio is hosting a stemless wine glass painting class on Feb 14th for Valentines! You are welcome to use a design of your own making or ask for tips and insight from artist Jennii M. Dyer. Art supplies and aprons are provided, but be sure to dress for the occasion in case you accidentally turn yourself into a piece of art too! So what are you waiting for, get your tickets now!



14. Drop-Off ValenTea Party

If you would like to have some alone-time, you can drop your kids off at your favourite daycare! There will be a special evening of childcare with extra activities. There will be cookie-making, decorating, crafts, face painting, story-time and so much more.









Check out the news and blogs section of our website for more information on events and businesses in downtown Kamloops!

Blazers In Downtown Kamloops

Blazers In Downtown Kamloops

Downtown Kamloops has a new Blazers campaign. We know Kamloops loves to support our boys, so we’ve come up with some amazing campaign initiatives to celebrate downtown and the Blazers! The Downtown Businesses you know and love have partnered with the Kamloops Blazers to bring you some exciting offers for the rest of the season. If you are a fan, you won’t want to miss this!

The Blazers are currently ranked #1 in the BC Division with 32 wins this season! 


If you see a business wearing orange GAMEDAY T-SHIRTS, you can get a 10% discount by showing them your ticket stubs. You can also enter to win tickets to the next games!!!


Now you do not have to wait to buy your tickets! Instead, you can purchase your tickets at participating restaurants with the Blazer special meal combo!

Check out these fantastic places for the Blazers Combo: 


We want to make it really special this season by supporting all you Blazer Nation Fans out there. Every time you show your ticket stub to purchase something at a participating store or you buy a Blazer special meal combo, you can enter to WIN TICKETS!

For a BONUS ENTRY**, take a selfie with the business sporting the orange T-SHIRTS and tag the company along with the Kamloops Blazers and Downtown Kamloops to enter!

Winners will be drawn one day before the next game! The next draw being February 13th/2020!

**This is only applicable after the purchase of goods or services**

Suggested tags: #blazersindowntown #blazernation #downtownkamloops

For more information on this promotion or are a business interested in participating, please email events@downtownkamloops.com