#Downtowntogo – We have everything you need!

#Downtowntogo – We have everything you need!

We have everything you may need, right here in Downtown. You can support local by utilizing services from small business owners while staying safe and staying home #Downtowntogo. Their front door might be closed, but these businesses are still available for their customers either through online stores or takeout & delivery services. Some of the following even offer curbside pickup.

Now a sampling of the businesses that are #Downtowntogo:

Mainstreet Clothing Can’t go out? Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. You can now buy your favorite spring outfits online through their new store https://mainstreetclothing.ca/. You can even get a free front door drop off in Kamloops for orders over $50. As a #thankshealthheroes, Mainstreet is offering 30% off on your next purchase today, tomorrow, next month or whenever that may be.

Jardines Domaine As always, Jardines has been giving back to our community and now it’s our turn to support this awesome local business. Their new spring line is now live on their online store, and they have a massive online sale going on. In appreciation, they have a special deal for all healthcare workers. All you have to do is DM them and they will send you a code to receive a discount in addition to their online sale.

Freshslice Pizza For all you pizza lovers out there, they have a delicious offer for delivery or pick up. You can pay online and receive contactless delivery to your home. On offer is unlimited Medium pizza with 2 toppings at $6.99* If you pick up your order you can save up to 20%. To see more of their deals visit: https://freshslice.com/pizza-near-me/freshslice-pizza-kamloops/

Krob Krua Thai Restaurant Is now open 7 days a week, so you won’t go without their delicious green curry nor their indulgent stir-fries. Plus they are offering all RIH Healthcare staff a 20% discount on pick-up.

Kipp Mallery Pharmacy Has a phone in-clinic option in which they connect you to a physician remotely who can then fax your prescription to the pharmacy. The pharmacy also offers free, fast home delivery of your prescription. Book an appointment at https://medimap.ca/iMedicine-Landmark

Here is a list of all open businesses: https://www.downtownkamloops.com/downtown-kamloops-business-closures-updates-ykastrong/

What you can do to #Supportlocal through the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Order online
  2. Buy gift certificates to use later
  3. Become an advocate through social media
  4. Order takeout once a week from your favorite establishments

Follow us on Instagram as we share stories of #downtowntogo in the following weeks. If you do not see your favorite place listed, email us at events@downtownkamloops.com or admin@downtownkamloops.com.

For more information: https://www.downtownkamloops.com/covid-19/ 



Good News Stories #YKAStrong

Good News Stories #YKAStrong

Let’s be honest, we are all feeling anxious and unsure by the COVID-19 pandemic in our community and around the world. These ‘Good News Stories’ in Kamloops will uplift your spirit. We will continue to update any good news that we hear through the weeks ahead and encourage you to share these with your family and friends. Remember #YKAStrong!

Thank you to our #healthcareheroes

We are so grateful for the doctors and nurses on the frontlines who have been working tirelessly to make sure we get over this. To salute them Kamloops at 7 PM PST daily have applauding from their homes. Emergency vehicles drive by Royal Inland Hospital to honour these brave souls. Stores like Mainstreet and Jardines are offering special discounts for healthcare staff. Pizza Pi has partnered with Meal Train & Kamloops Food Policy Council to support all RIH healthcare workers. You can donate $20 through E-Transfer which will provide RIH staff with a free large Pizza delivered at home. Pizza Pi has also been providing meals to persons in need through community donations. Good news indeed!

Downtown is Online

Many of our stores downtown have started virtual classes to help the community get through this crisis stronger, together. A local artist and studio Downtown Yvonne Reddick is one such business that has started virtual art classes. You can get virtual fitness classes, wellness workshops and so much more. Read more about health and wellness classes.

Caremongering – Kamloops

This is a movement to spread kindness and help others in the community. Caremongering Kamloops is a 100% volunteer-driven organization with no formal structure. They are providing a neighbour to neighbour service (N2N) to connect people who want to help during this crisis with those who need it. You can sign up on their website www.kamloopscares.ca or join their Facebook page 


More than a hashtag and a powerful statement, #YKAstrong is a combined strategy from 8 Kamloops business community leaders. Take a pledge to support our local businesses and community by being a Kamloops ambassador. #YKAstrong will provide streamlined communication and an engagement strategy to address the ongoing effects on businesses in Kamloops.


The Farm2Chef has started a Support Local Challenge to help restaurants connect with local producers. Their goal is to help small businesses remain open through this pandemic. You can do your part by supporting local and entering their challenge. Their first draw is on 6th April.

Parking on Downtown Streets

Yay, it’s FREE…If you are in downtown to Pickup food or any essential items you can avail of free street parking. This parking is meant only for short time customers grabbing takeout or other such necessities. We encourage downtown businesses to ask employees and other long time parkers to find available alternate parking that’s FREE in parkades and all city lots. Please consider the other stressed restaurant businesses that remain open to offer delivery and takeout.

If you can any good news stories to tell email us at events@downtownkamloops.com or admin@downtownkamloops.com.

To can read more at https://www.downtownkamloops.com/covid-19/

Follow YKAStrong

Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

CAP Team in Downtown Kamloops

CAP Team in Downtown Kamloops

Who Are We?

The Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team are downtown ambassadors who assist businesses, tourists, and citizens. The supervisor, as well as patrol members, are trained to promote tourism and safety in the downtown core. CAP team members are responsible for taking on the role of both an ambassador and safety patrolling, which are two integral aspects of the program that are important to the success of the team.

Safety patrollers are accountable for observing and reporting unsafe conditions, crimes, graffiti, and vagrancy around the downtown vicinity, also referring and reporting aggressive panhandlers and homeless to outreach facilities. Our team also assists the RCMP and By-Law with crime prevention strategies and initiatives in a non-aggressive capacity. Contact the safety patrollers at (250)-572-3009.

Ambassadors are the embodiment of hospitality. We greet and welcome both locals and visitors to downtown Kamloops. The team aids tourists by directing them to historical points of interest, key events and activities, local attractions, restaurants, shopping, parking, and accommodations.

The Customer Care and Visitor Information Centre is operated by ambassadors who can help you decide where to go and how to get there or any other assistance you need. Contact the ambassadors at (250)-572-3008.

Why Should You Book the Cap Team?

The CAP Team is always eager to help, and there are many ways we can do so! We offer a variety of services for businesses and events located in downtown Kamloops.

Learn more about the ambassador program below!

Services provided by the CAP Team:
  • Games and activities for events
  • Event attendance as a vendor to promote downtown
  • Deliver notices and flyers to downtown businesses
  • Speaking engagements such as mural tours
  • Safe walks to and from any downtown location
What can you book the CAP team for?
  • Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Place management (i.e. games and activities)
  • Guest speaker engagements
Types of games and activities:
  • Giant Jenga
  • Connect Four
  • Cactus Throw
  • Instagram Sign
  • Ladder Ball
  • Bistro Sets (tables and chairs)

**Please be advised that you will need to pick up and drop off these amenities from our downtown location. **

How it works:

There is usually no cost to book our services and games, with some exceptions.

Games and activities should be picked up and dropped off by your event staff at a pre-determined time from our office at 340 Victoria Street (unless otherwise discussed).

After use, leave borrowed material with a CAP team member. Under no circumstances should these materials be left outside of the office unattended.

CAP Team services will not be issued if the event contradicts KCBIA’s mandate or if the services being provided conflict with pre-arranged and established obligations.

How do I book the Cap Team?

You may book your time on the calendar below by clicking on a date, filling in relevant details, hitting send, and then complete the sign-up form. Please lookout for a phone call or e-mail before approval to coordinate and confirm the times and responsibilities.

Important: Please note that we can only confirm your booking within 3 months of the event date. You can book it any time, but we may not be able to confirm until the 3-month window.
Valentines Day in Downtown Kamloops

Valentines Day in Downtown Kamloops

Are you looking for something to do in downtown Kamloops this Valentines Day? What about coming down to the core of town to support some of these local businesses!

1. Build-a-Box

Feb 13th, 2020 visit Ms Whimsys Emporium located on 1st Ave will be hosting a build-a-box event where you can come and pick a cute box and fill it up with goodies for yourself or a special someone this Valentines Day Weekend. There are items for budgets of all sizes, and everything in the store is locally made!





2. Valentines @ Cordo

Get your tickets for two and enjoy an anything but ordinary 3-course meal specially prepared by executive chef Mitch Shafer. Enjoy some one on one time with your significant other in a sophisticated atmosphere. Available Feb 14th and 15th, this Valentines Day Weekend.     




3. Bobs night out-A vertical tasting 

Go out on a date, go out with your friends, go by yourself and make friends. The choice is yours. But you’re not going to want to miss out on this exclusive tasting at Red Collar Brewing. There will be brews, appetizers, and like always there is a great selection of tabletop games.






4. Seafood Dinner for 2

Make your reservation with the Tumbleweed Plaza Lounge for your seafood platter for two, or just you! The chef will be preparing a mouthwatering platter that will showcase crab legs, salmon 2 ways, scallops, bacon, fresh mussels and prawns served up with vegetables and rice. While you eat, you can enjoy a music performance by Shawna Palmer. Call ahead to make sure you have your spot reserved.



5. 2 Headed Giant Valentines Day Tournament 

Want to put your competitive talents to the test? Get your league together for the ultimate Valentine day tournament hosted by your very own locally owned and operated All Aboard Games. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Time to take things to the next level.


6. Pretty in Pink 

The perfect date night movie will be playing at the Kamloops Film Society Paramount Theatre on Valentine’s Day. A classic romance that only gets better in time, just like your date. The movie kicks off at 7 pm but be sure to show up early to get your snacks, and don’t worry, this theatre has no bad seats!



7. Latin Love Party 

Ditch the traditions of dinner and go straight to dessert at The Plaza Hotel. Get your $15 dollar ticket either at ticket master or straight from the source at the plaza on Feb. 14th and 15th. You will get to enjoy complimentary champagne, dessert, and dance lessons! Certainly a spicier way to spend Valentine’s day with your bestie. Dr Drac will be bringing the house down with some sexy Latin tracks. The event kicks off at 7 pm with complimentary beginners dance lessons at 8 pm.




8. Valentines Affair: Featuring Average Gypsy 

Looking to dance, drink, meet other singles, and enjoy some majestic rap? The Cactus Jacks is the place for you this Valentine’s Day. Head out on Feb 14th to CJ’s because Hi, Society is presenting Average Gypsy, with support from Tiny Humans. Show up early to support our local talent Angie C B2B Kellan it and Bearflower.








9. Anti-Valentines Day @ CJ’s     

Not a fan of Valentines Day? Don’t worry CJ‘s has you covered. Head out on Feb 15th for the ultimate Anti-Valentines Day Shindig and dress to impress for a chance to win a bomb diggity prize. DJ King Kong Finger will be serving up some sick beats and the drink special will be stupid cupid shooters!





10. Forno on 5th Lovin’ Love 

Forno on 5th would love to celebrate their love of love and food with you this Valentine’s Day weekend. Dine-in on Feb 13th, 14th or 15th for a 3-course dinner for two menu, with options sure to impress your taste buds. Be sure to call ahead for your reservation. You won’t want to miss this dining experience.





11. Love at first bite or sight?

Plans with a partner, BFF, sibling, coworker, finance hero? Mauryas Cuisine invites you to fill your table with as many great people as you like! They will be serving a one of a kind 4-course Indian dinner. There will also be some signature cocktails that you won’t want to miss trying. As if it didn’t already sound like an amazing choice, book your reservation before Feb 14th and receive $25 dollars off of your 2 can dine meal!



12. Family Fun Night 

For those of you who like to include the whole family in your Valentine’s festivities, The Salvation Army is hosting a FREE family fun night on Feb 14th! They will be offering fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and gravy. Once your tummy is full, fill your heart with a family-friendly sloth making craft.  Be sure to RSVP in advance so they can be prepared to provide food and crafts for everyone that wants to be included.




12. Valentines Day Glassware Class 

Feeling artistic? The Kamloops Art Party Studio is hosting a stemless wine glass painting class on Feb 14th for Valentines! You are welcome to use a design of your own making or ask for tips and insight from artist Jennii M. Dyer. Art supplies and aprons are provided, but be sure to dress for the occasion in case you accidentally turn yourself into a piece of art too! So what are you waiting for, get your tickets now!



14. Drop-Off ValenTea Party

If you would like to have some alone-time, you can drop your kids off at your favourite daycare! There will be a special evening of childcare with extra activities. There will be cookie-making, decorating, crafts, face painting, story-time and so much more.









Check out the news and blogs section of our website for more information on events and businesses in downtown Kamloops!

Blazers In Downtown Kamloops

Blazers In Downtown Kamloops

Downtown Kamloops has a new Blazers campaign. We know Kamloops loves to support our boys, so we’ve come up with some amazing campaign initiatives to celebrate downtown and the Blazers! The Downtown Businesses you know and love have partnered with the Kamloops Blazers to bring you some exciting offers for the rest of the season. If you are a fan, you won’t want to miss this!

The Blazers are currently ranked #1 in the BC Division with 32 wins this season! 


If you see a business wearing orange GAMEDAY T-SHIRTS, you can get a 10% discount by showing them your ticket stubs. You can also enter to win tickets to the next games!!!


Now you do not have to wait to buy your tickets! Instead, you can purchase your tickets at participating restaurants with the Blazer special meal combo!

Check out these fantastic places for the Blazers Combo: 


We want to make it really special this season by supporting all you Blazer Nation Fans out there. Every time you show your ticket stub to purchase something at a participating store or you buy a Blazer special meal combo, you can enter to WIN TICKETS!

For a BONUS ENTRY**, take a selfie with the business sporting the orange T-SHIRTS and tag the company along with the Kamloops Blazers and Downtown Kamloops to enter!

Winners will be drawn one day before the next game! The next draw being February 13th/2020!

**This is only applicable after the purchase of goods or services**

Suggested tags: #blazersindowntown #blazernation #downtownkamloops

For more information on this promotion or are a business interested in participating, please email events@downtownkamloops.com

A Letter from the Downtown Executive Director

A Letter from the Downtown Executive Director

A note from the executive director of Downtown Kamloops

Although it’s only one month into a new year, it already appears 2020 will be the “Year of Downtown Kamloops”.

Last week, news that construction for a major commercial office development will soon begin Downtown created quite a buzz throughout the city.  “The Hive” will include a blend of premium office and retail space expected to enrich our already vibrant Downtown.  We’ll see new jobs created, new businesses introduced, and a positive economic impact that will support existing retail, culinary, entertainment, arts and recreation throughout Downtown Kamloops. We look forward to the rising tide in which each of your businesses and services can benefit.

Only a few weeks remain in the Blazer’s regular season, and fans are looking forward to the upcoming playoffs. It has been a fantastic hockey season, and the team is on fire! The KCBIA has introduced a few initiatives to support the team and downtown businesses. The Sandman Centre often has 5,000 fans attending the games. That is a lot of people coming Downtown for each game. This means opportunities for businesses. Initiatives such as the ‘Blazers Game Day – Orange Shirt campaign’, the Blazers ‘Special Meal Combo’ offered at participating restaurants (which includes a hockey ticket), the ‘Show us your ticket’ on social media, and various draws for hockey tickets have all been introduced. For more information and details about getting involved, please contact our office and speak with either Samantha or Christine.

Our office is currently busy planning various initiatives that will continue to showcase Downtown Kamloops throughout 2020. I look forward to the release of the events calendar soon.

Lastly, your voice, thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are essential to sustain our strong business community. The KCBIA is a non-profit organization that depends on your ongoing support to remain viable. We strive to be a voice that influences and navigates with success on all matters of importance to Downtown. We are committed to creating and introducing programs and events that will continue to bring attention to Downtown. I encourage you to contact our office should you have questions regarding the value of KCBIA membership.

We respectfully request your ongoing support in order that we can continue to support your Downtown businesses.

Please stay in touch.

Carl DeSantis

Executive Director

Re-CAP of Downtown Kamloops in 2019

Re-CAP of 2019

Here we are with another year-end review (or re-CAP) of the successes and achievements of the downtown Kamloops CAP (Customer Care and Patrol) Team in 2019. It’s hard to believe another 365 days have passed but in Downtown Kamloops and for the CAP Team they sure fly by fast! We always try our best to think ahead. Whether debating which alley to patrol next or planning the next amazing block party. We always enjoy living in the moment, but this time we figured we might enjoy reflecting on our accomplishments over past year. Time for a re-cap of our year in 2019.

Achievements and Successes

Everywhere we go we always keep track and making notes. Looking back on some 2019 statistics suggests the CAP team has continued to succeed! Regarding safety, we contacted the RCMP 9 times and reported to By-Law 6 times. The CAP team assisted 150 tourists and people looking for information Downtown. We contacted and assisted businesses 547 times regarding street related issues, organization, notices, and event participation. Check out Kamloops Now’s article on the CAP team’s success here for additional information.


Speaking of event participation, the team not only does many patrols throughout Downtown Kamloops but also assists with many different events and promotions. Early in the Spring with assistance from Taking IT Global, we ran Hydration Safety and Sustainability Campaign. Along with a social media promotion, The CAP Team gave out Downtown Kamloops water bottles by setting up pop up locations in high foot traffic areas and have people sign a sustainability pledge. By signing the pledge, they were agreeing to reduce and eliminate plastic bottle waste and their reward was one of the free bottles!

Among many other summer events, another program that our “Cappies” assisted was Artisans Alive.The KCBIA hires many different musicians to play downtown at key locations and times providing a fun atmosphere for downtown guests. We are in close contact with musicians as well as provide set up and take down for each performance! For those curious about said performances, a schedule can be found on our website closer to the seasonal dates.

The last big event we worked on was the 39th Annual Santa Claus Parade. This event was the first parade in the evening and we knew we had to work hard alongside our amazing participants and generous sponsors to ensure its success. Planning stages beginning in the fall, this entire article could solely be just the parade! With the 40th being in 2020, we look forward to continuing to learn new ways to help assist Downtown Kamloops.


Overall, 2019 was another great year for the CAP Team. We hope it was a successful year for everyone else as well. We would like to extend a thank you to the visitors, locals, employees, and business owners alike. We’re grateful for all of your support over the year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As a non-profit, we appreciate all of the help we can get. To return the favour, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out!

#19. 245 Victoria St. – Abstract

#19. 245 Victoria St. – Abstract

Jardines Domaine Abstract Mural

This abstract mural once located on the back of Tricia Sellmer’s Gallery. Since then Jardines Domaine moved into the building where Tricia Sellmer’s Gallery was located. Jardines is a popular local clothing store that’s located in Downtown Kamloops. This abstract mural on Jardines Domaine demonstrates a unique style of murals in the downtown location with its abstract design.

The lead artist of this mural is unknown, but that won’t prevented us from sharing their work. Tricia Sellmer is a Canadian contemporary artist. She emblazons collective dialogues upon the canvas in pursuit of light, harmony, and concealed touch. Trisha’s work presently hangs in public and private collections all around the world. In Kamloops, her artwork is proudly displayed in the Brownstone Restaurant and at the Plaza Hotel.

Next time you’re in Downtown Kamloops, make sure you stop by to check out some of her beautiful work!

If you’re already in Downtown Kamloops looking for something to do, check out some more of the back alley murals. Or if you’d like to arrange a tour of all the murals in the area, contact the CAP team via e-mail or phone. You can find more information on booking a tour here.

#29. 220 – 4th Avenue – Saxophone Man

#29. 220 – 4th Avenue – Saxophone Man

The Saxophone Man Mural

Located in the alleyway behind 4th Avenue, the Saxophone Man is a local favourite of downtown murals. The lead artist, Zach Abney, painted a number of different murals throughout the Downtown Kamloops area. The Saxophone Man mural features an elderly gentleman playing his saxophone. The blue and purple colouring of this mural are especially appealing and draw the eye to this piece immediately.

Have you had the opportunity to see this beautiful mural up close yet? Next time you’re in the neighbourhood, we encourage you to stroll on over and take a look!

Zach Abney painted a number of the murals in downtown Kamloops. For instance, “The Winking Man” and “Films on My Mind”.  If you’re interested in looking at more of Zach Abney’s artwork, check out his website or his Instagram.

Do you want to book a free tour of the back murals with the CAP Team? Contact us by e-mail or phone to arrange a time! Let us know what you think of this mural.

Additionally, providing that some individuals may not be able to embark on this tour, you may also appreciate the opportunity to scroll through the back alley art gallery on our website.

#28. 100-465 Victoria Street – JuiceBox 1998

#28. 100-465 Victoria Street – JuiceBox 1998

Juicebox 1998 Library Mural

Robin Hodgson and Monica McGarry are the masterminds of the “Juicebox 1998” library mural created in 2018. The “Juicebox 1998” abstract mural echos the contemporary architecture of the TNRD building. And it honors the cutting edge vision of the building architects, Peter Cardew and Nigel Baldwin. This mural brings the wall of the TNRD building to life. While this is not the only abstract mural in town, this one is a testament to the unique look of the TNRD building.

With a playful combination of shapes, lines, and colors, the mural speaks to the history of abstract painting. Abstract painting is a medium often features on the walls of the Kamloops Art Gallery. To balance the materials of the original building, segments of the concrete wall remain visible. Although designed by Hodgson and McGarry, Robin Hodgson, Jennilee Fraser, and Jack Morris took five days to complete. Nevertheless, this realization of an elegant, abstract mural has been well received by the community.

These artists came together to create a beautiful addition to the community that continues to enliven the downtown core. Moreover, these artists have contributed in other ways to the art scene in Kamloops as well.

Are you interested in checking out more of the murals in downtown Kamloops? Check out our website.

Additionally, if you’d like to see more of the downtown back alley art gallery, the CAP Team gives free mural tours. Contact us to arrange your booking today!


#27. 258 Seymour Street – No Parking

#27. 258 Seymour Street – No Parking

No Parking Mural

This downtown mural is called “No Parking” and was painted by Kelly Wright in 2018. This impressive mural of a massive grizzly bear took four weeks to complete. Following the completion, the KCBIA held our second Back Alley Block Party where members of the community were invited to throw paint filled water balloons at the wall. Afterward, the artist used the colour from the splattered paint to fill in the beautiful grizzly bear pictured above. The “No Parking” mural is an important addition to the collection of murals because it commemorates our second downtown block party. This piece of art is unique as members of the community were presented with an opportunity to help in the creation.

If you’d like to see more work done by Kelly Wright, follow this link to her website. Wright has been involved in the creation of a number of murals in the downtown Kamloops area. Another mural done by Wright is History of Brewing located on the side of Red Collar Brewing.

Would you like to see more of the downtown Kamloops murals? You can check out the list of murals on our website or contact us to arrange a free tour.

#26. 223 Victoria Street – The Jaguar Gate

#26. 223 Victoria Street – The Jaguar Gate

The Jaguar Gate

“The Jaguar Gate” is a mural located behind Caffe Motivo at 233 Victoria Street.

The artist of this mural, Alexx Moir-Porteous completed the project in 2017. The mural depicts an ancient South American civilization temple site.The ruins of the site have become overgrown with vegetation and forestry where a jaguar perches as the guardian at the gate. This mural features a megalithic stone wall at the front where the jaguar sits and a step pyramid in the background. Looking at this mural, it is easy for one to imagine themselves standing in another time and place. The mural draws creative inspiration from diverse cultural backgrounds to add depth and breadth to the growing downtown mural project.

Since the start of the mural project, a number of downtown murals have been painted by Moir-Porteous. Inspiration from each of these murals range from different topics and themes. In fact, many of his murals include cultural or historical references. Check out the mural by Alex titled “History of Brewing” here.

If you’re interested in checking out more of these murals, you can find a list of them on our website. Or if you’d like a free tour of the back alley art gallery, contact the CAP team to arrange a time for your tour.

#25. 316 Victoria Street – The Mystic

#25. 316 Victoria Street – The Mystic

The Mystic Mural

“The Mystic” mural painted by Ken Wells in 2017 has an intriguing story behind it. The tale revolves around an old mystic man is sending his roses out into the world with his doves. The roses are received by the lady (painted at the front of the building) who doesn’t know where they’re coming from. The intention of this mural is the promotion of peace and love throughout the world. The moral behind the tale is one of sending love without knowing who the receiver is. The ladies’ patio in the painting seamlessly blends in with the office balcony that overlooks Victoria Street.

The story behind this mural remains something we can all learn a lesson from. Remember to send out love and gratitude to the universe knowing it will be received and sent back to you.

Ken Wells designed elements within this piece to camouflage parts of the building structure, thus the window became a bird cage. By using this technique, the artwork is not diluted by the building, nor the building diluted by the artwork.

Do you enjoy this mural? Let us know and check out more work done by Ken Wells by looking at his Flickr here. Additionally, you can check out more of his murals by scrolling through the mural gallery on our website.


#24. 301 Victoria Street – Homage to the Leland Hotel

#24. 301 Victoria Street – Homage to the Leland Hotel

Homage to the Leland Hotel Mural

The “Homage to the Leland Hotel” mural was designed as a tribute to celebrate Kamloops’ rich history.

Situated behind the McDonald’s on Victoria Street, this mural represents the buildings history. Created and painted by Evan Christian and his two assistants in 2017, the mural pays homage to a building destroyed in 1980. The Leland Hotel, built in 1905, met its end in flames. Conceptually, this mural pays homage to the rich history that Kamloops offers. It does so by recreating the memory of the Leland Hotel in a modern and unique way.

This colourful and energetic work of urban art was created with a combination of wall paint and spray paint. It’s a dynamic and contemporary addition to the collection of murals that we have accumulated downtown.

Although this is the only mural done by Evan Christian, this mural demonstrates his talents nicely.

Are you interested in going on a free tour of the back alley art murals? If so, you can contact the CAP team and let us know so we can arrange a time for your booking. But if you’d rather sit at home and take a tour though the murals, you can always tke a look at the back alley art gallery on our website!

#23. 366 Victoria Street – Bee City

#23. 366 Victoria Street – Bee City

Bee City Mural

The “Bee City” mural adds colour and creativity to the downtown core. The mural, painted by a number of local artists, brings a pleasant atmosphere to the area. The artists responsible for this mural are Alexx Moir-Porteous, Ken Wells, Evan Christian, Marianna Abutalipova and Kelly Wright. Artists worked on “Bee City” in the parking lot of the Kami Inn.

This collaborative mural decorates the side of Jonathan Buchner jewellery store and complements the parking lot nicely. Painted in a variety of styles by an array of artists, the flowers and bees in this mural allude to a much needed environmental awareness.

During the weekend of the Spring Festival in 2017, artists came together to combine their skills in this unique collaborative mural. Spring Fest of 2017 remains an exciting art event wherein an artist completed a mural over the weekend. Overall, the vivid display of colour and vibrancy adds to the atmosphere that we hope to perpetuate in downtown Kamloops.

Additionally, many of these artists designed other murals found around the downtown area.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the murals done by these artists, check out the back alley art gallery on our website.

Or if you’d like a free tour of the downtown murals, contact the CAP team to book one!

#22. 219 Victoria Street – Italian City

#22. 219 Victoria Street – Italian City

Italian City Mural

The “Italian City” mural painted by Ken Wells in 2012 is a unique perspective of an Italian neighbourhood. This painting offers a magnificent glimpse into Italian architecture. An archway creates a window into vibrant neighbourhood. With the theme of a meeting place, standing near this mural can offer a similar feeling of meeting with a dear friend.

Ken Wells painted a number of the murals located in downtown Kamloops. Within many of his murals, the viewer may see a small white dog painted in the scene. This breed of dog, a Welsh Sealyham Terrier, is a symbolic nod toward Wells’ mother, a dog breeder and artist  located in the United Kingdom.

After seeing this beautiful mural, you might be interested in checking out more of Ken Wells’ artwork. If that’s the case, you can find more of his work here.

If you’d like to see more of the murals from this back alley art gallery project, you can check them out on our website.

Additionally, the CAP team offers free tours of all the downtown murals. If you’re interested in booking one of these tours, contact the CAP team for more information. We would love the opportunity to share the beautiful art in our city!

#21. 231 Victoria Street – Tuscan Villa

#21. 231 Victoria Street – Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa Mural

The “Tuscan Villa” mural was painted in the alleyway of the 200 block of Victoria in 2011. Ken Wells’ art often features beautiful Italian scenery that create a nice cultural atmosphere in the downtown area. Similarly, there are other murals downtown featuring various cultures. The incorporation of the design of the building with the painting is an impressive aspect of this mural.

The mural consists of a few different parts. For instance, on one side a woman sits on a bench gazing toward a fountain and there are beautiful flowers above her head. Above the flowers a cat sits perched and peering down out of a painted window. One of the co-artists on this project can be found on the other side of the mural, Tyler wears beige overalls and reaches toward a light bulb. Beside him sits a red bike and nearby stands a woman on a ladder tending to the flowers on window sills.

Ken paint many of the excellent murals throughout the downtown area. Consequently, with such talent we keep asking him back for more. And you can check out more of these murals on his Flickr.

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#20. 241 Victoria St. (Big Boot Inn) – Shoe Window Display

#20. 241 Victoria St. (Big Boot Inn) – Shoe Window Display

Shoe Window Display

The shoe window display mural located behind Big Boot Inn on the 200 block of Victoria depicts a storefront. Painted by artist Janice Gurney, this mural recreates the look and feel of a traditional old-style shoe shop. The “Shoe Window Display” mural presents a visual representation of a main street store front in an alleyway. This shoe shop mural placed conveniently behind a store for shoes has an amusing tinge of playfulness to it. This fun sense of humour is a unique illustration of the personality that illuminates the downtown Kamloops area.

The year of completion for this piece is presently unknown. But if you have any information regarding the date, we’d be happy to hear form you!

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#18. 249 Victoria St. (Golden Buddha/Kennell’s Shoes) – Lady and the Shoe

#18. 249 Victoria St. (Golden Buddha/Kennell’s Shoes) – Lady and the Shoe

Lady and the Shoe mural

The “Lady and the Shoe” mural painted in 2002 by Alex Moir-Porteous contains two parts. The whimsical “House in a Shoe” painting portrays a massive shoe/house located behind Kennell’s Shoes. Although not the only shoe-themed mural on a shoe shop, this mural adds to the charming and playful nature of this theme. And beside that mural is a painting of the Bodhi Tree on the wall behind Golden Buddha. This mural is a beautiful representation of the celebrated Buddhist bodhi tree. The Bodhi Tree is where the Buddha experienced enlightenment.

The owner commissioned this mural in 2002 to brighten up the alleyway and deter graffiti. Ken tells Kamloops News that it’s “likely that people will leave art alone”. More often than not, this has proven true throughout the history of the mural project.

Moir-Porteous participated in the creation of a number of mural in downtown Kamloops. You can find more of the back alley art gallery on our website.

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#17. 250 Victoria St. (4CATS Art Studio / Art We Are) – Artist Mid Creation

#17. 250 Victoria St. (4CATS Art Studio / Art We Are) – Artist Mid Creation

Artist Mid Creation mural

The “Artist Mid Creation” mural is a particularly distinct piece in the mural project. The building owner requested something unique for the alleyway behind 4 Cats Art Studio and Art We Are. After completion in 2015, this one became one of a kind in the Kamloops core. Artist Kylene Cachelin used a fun, modern, street-art style that complements the alleyway in a gorgeous allure of colour and personality. Overall, this creation gives a bright and spunky addition to the gallery’s collection of back alley murals.

Furthermore, this mural is specifically fitting due to the location behind two artistic shops. With art based businesses in the building, the image of an artist in her studio in the midst of creation seems perfectly fitting for this alleyway. Cachelin did a wonderful job at executing something unique for both the building owner and the community.

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