How To Set Intentions for 2022

How To Set Intentions for 2022

Well – we made it! Against popular belief we did. Congratulations on completing another year here on earth as we bear witness to remarkable events, some experienced it in different contexts and some not yet experienced it in many of our lifetimes.

  • A global pandemic
  • Division between fellow humans based upon beliefs
  • Unearthing over 6000 unmarked graves nationwide on the sites of historical Residential Schools
  • Climate change in action: wildfires, floods, loooong arctic air being pushed through (British Columbians will understand)
  • Trying to manage daily in life

That is a lot to have happened in one year, let alone all the experiences you have had in your own personal life this past year. 

So let me ask you this… given we can’t change what is happening in our ‘outside world’ – that which is outside of us – how can you change your ‘inside world’ to make your experience more in alignment with how you want to live?

“Oh goodness Kelsey, it is early. Can you please not counsellor-speak and speak English instead?”

What do you want the rest of your life to look like and how can you move closer towards that? 

“Kelsey, I said it’s early. You are starting with such a whopper!”

Can you take some time to reflect on the intention behind your goals for the next little while? Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution or two, how about you connect to an intention and then revise it later to see if it is still working? 

Curious about how setting an intention could impact your world? Check out my freebie download or check out my video How To Set Intentions for 2022


Contributed by:

Kelsey Grimm

Website: www.kelseythecounsellor.com

Instagram: @kelseythecounsellor

Last Minute Shopping Downtown While Supporting Local

Last Minute Shopping Downtown While Supporting Local

With only 3 days to go, we are here to help with your last minute shopping Downtown. Supporting local shops has never been easier, with many stores offering in-store and delivery options. Here are some hot spots to check out this upcoming holiday season.

Crooked Crown Boutique 

A gift boutique, bringing specialty curated items to Kamloops. They are an inclusive brand, and support other Canadian brands, especially female-led, founded and owned businesses.

Jardines Domaine

Providing Kamloops with an extensive array of hand-chosen brands for all, their goal is to reflect new trends while creating an experience for clients to best suit their clothing preferences. 

Instinct Adornment & Arwen’s Apparel 

Instincts have been a trusted local spot for professional piercing and high-end body jewelry for Kamloops and the surrounding areas. Arwen’s Apparel holds some fantastic local finds in the same store, many of which are designed right here in Kamloops. Check out all of the local bamboo clothing and handmade jewelry. 

Far and Wide / Botanical Scene

Stocks a thoughtful mix of handmade Canadian brands for your home and lifestyle. They work with local artisans, vintage collectors, and makers to offer a sustainable and unique lineup of items perfectly designed for treating yourself or someone you love. 

Red Wing Shoes

Providing the highest-quality work footwear, accessories, care products, and service. A great visit if you or someone you know needs boots as we’re settling into winter! They are committed to customizing your experience to ensure you leave with the best fit, as well as aftercare and maintenance to get the most out of your shoes.

For more inspiration follow Downtown Kamloops

*Photo Credit: Olsen Imagin

Experience Downtown Kamloops this Holiday Season!

Experience Downtown Kamloops this holiday season! There’s sure to be something for everyone. Here’s a snapshot of what you can find Downtown: 

Tree Lights Along Victoria Street

The first and most easily accessed thing to check out this winter is the tree lights along Victoria Street! Stretching from the 200 block to the end of the 400 block, the tree lights create a festive atmosphere whether you’re in and out of shops, out for food, or even just grabbing a coffee. Our team worked hard to make the lights look great this year, so we hope you take a moment to appreciate them!

Story Book Village 2021

Next, check out the 2021 Downtown Kamloops Storybook Village! Returning after its debut in 2020, the Storybook Village is a new way to experience classic Christmas stories such as How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and more. Each story has pages featured at a Downtown Kamloops business whose windows have been decorated to reflect the pages! For a full list of stories and businesses participating (as well as a map!) visit this link.

The Kamloops Film Society

The Kamloops Film Society at the Paramount Theater has some holiday classics lined up! Family favourites such as Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are playing this December. Visit their website if you’re interested in buying tickets.

Local Craft Breweries

Breweries have been a mainstay of the Downtown Kamloops experience, and this year is no exception! Red Collar Brewing has their classic Dubnog (half Dubbel and half egg nog), as well as specials going on for their 12 Days of Christmas! Alchemy Brewing’s latest event is Appetizer Saturdays, where you can try brand new appetizers created by their head chef and kitchen team. Come down for a pint and a fresh bite!

The Underbelly By The Pig

After undergoing renos and rebranding, the Underbelly By The Pig has been open for about a month! Located in the same space as Forno on 5th, Underbelly is the other side of The Pig. Its high-quality food and drink menu reflects that. Underbelly is hosting a New Year’s Eve event featuring a 3-course meal from a specialty menu! If you’re interested in booking a reservation for this limited event, give them a call at 236-425-1977.

Kamloops Art Gallery

Running until December 31st, the Kamloops Art Gallery’s latest exhibit is Whose Stories?. This exhibit shares the work of six artists of Asian descent and reflects on the experiences and narratives of “others.” Artists Diyan Achjadi, Load na Dito, Naoko Fukumaru, Tomoyo Ihaya, Mark Salvatus, and UJINO convey personal histories woven across generations and told within a community of artists through video installation, photography, animation, print media, drawing, collage, and restored ceramic works.

For more inspiration, follow Downtown Kamloops

*Photo Credit: Olsen Imaging

Transforming Our Fears Into Courage

Transforming Our Fears Into Courage. Ya’ll know Brene Brown right (she said with her best Brene Texan’ twang and a smirk). You know, the woman that made vulnerability trendy. The woman who was courageous enough to talk about her own vulnerability. 

Brene Brown openly shares with millions that as she was researching and preparing to present on vulnerability, she encountered her own vulnerability and was called to remember how challenging it is to be vulnerable.

If you don’t know her, you should most definitely check her out!  Here is a link to her Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_the_power_of_vulnerability?language=en

I have recently been working on my Fear To Courage workshop and realized I am having my own version of a “Brene Brown” experience. In counselling, amongst counsellors, we talk about how we often teach what we too need to learn. Counsellors are proponents of healing for others and ourselves! If you find a great counsellor who seems to “get it”, chances are they have done some of their own work.

Imagine you were going on a trip into the Amazonian jungle. As exciting as it would be, it would also be appropriately scary. I would want to ensure that I hired a guide that knows the Amazon very well, to ensure my own safety. I wouldn’t want a tour guide who has never been there before and had just read books and watched some good documentaries about where to go! The same goes for counselling. How can I trust a counsellor to guide me through healing if they haven’t done their own work?!

Even though I believe all this and live it, I was still surprised as I was facing my own fears whilst working on the Fear To Courage training. I probably shouldn’t have been though! 

As I have been working on this course, I have been bumping up against hidden fears and being called to do “the work” as I grow courage. I have been called to transform my fears into courage and be my own alchemist. It has been a while since I have had to face fear in this way and a humbling reminder of how hard it can be. 

Alchemy is not easy! 

Transformation is not easy!

Facing fears is hard work!

To all you amazingly brave and courageous humans out there, keep going! To all you who are transforming fear to courage, keep going! See what happens when fear doesn’t stop you but instead inspires growth and overcoming. 

See what happens when you befriend our fear! Learn more about my brand new course here: https://www.kelseythecounsellor.com/fear-to-courage


Contributed by:

Kelsey Grimm

Website: www.kelseythecounsellor.com

Instagram: @kelseythecounsellor



Every day we address questions to avoid risking the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

Do I have enough gas to get to work?

Is my child dressed warm enough for school?

Did I turn the oven off before leaving the house?

When we arrive at our workplace, we expect our employer has done the same for us to ensure that we feel comfortable and safe in the office environment. However, there are various office security risks that business owners must consider on a daily basis. Not only does this include external threats, such as thieves and cyber attacks, but it also includes internal threats, such as understanding who your employees are.

Below we have listed 5 office security tips to help you reduce your business’ risks while boosting your employee’s morale.



Just as it is important to have both evacuation and ‘shelter in place’ procedures, it is as equally important to conduct periodic drills so new staff are aware of them. The front entrance should be quickly lockable and interior doors should also be lockable from the inside in caseworkers need to shelter in place.

An important office security tip to always keep in mind is to not block your emergency exit. A blocked exit can put your life, as well as others, at risk.


Have an access control policy in place and commit to it.

The types of thieves who target businesses are not usually drug addicts or homeless people. Rather, these individuals blend into office environments and have well rehearsed stories to explain their presence. Trusting your policies is your best bet to prevent them from infiltrating your workplace.

Be aware of people asking ‘probing’ questions, such as open and close times, locations of cameras or critical infrastructure, and information on security schedules. Answering these questions can help them gain knowledge that will aid in their future attempt of breaking into the location.


Keep your keys and access cards on you at all times and have a policy in place for rekeying and auditing cards. Do not issue master keys unless absolutely necessary. Also, don’t forget about your temporary badges – it is important to keep those properly secured at all times.

Change all alarm codes at regular intervals, particularly after an employee has left the organization. Additionally, check your door locks for tampering on a regular basis. Tissue paper stuffed in a door latch is a common tactic for thieves, as it allows them to return later when the site is closed down.


Always conduct background checks on new hires, regardless of the position. For sensitive positions, consider using an agency that specializes in these investigations. Social media and Court Services Online are both easy and free ways to learn more about the person you are considering hiring.

Be aware of personal issues that may spill over into the workplace, particularly those that involve a workplace violence dimension. Examples include difficult divorces, unresolved grievances with co-workers and supervisors, or stalking-type issues. If you are concerned about a possible escalation to workplace violence, obtain a specialist’s help.


  1. Use a secure password and change it regularly. Hackers can defeat dictionary-based passwords in less than five seconds. Phrases work great, especially when combined with numerals and symbols.
  2. Do not leave your device unattended. All devices should auto-lock after 60 seconds of idle. Any data stored on a USB or external hard drive should also be encrypted.
  3. Do not use public WiFi for business. WiFi is a gateway into your network and is frequently the source of cyber attacks.
  4. Back up your data off-site, and do not store sensitive client or employee information on the computer’s hard drive.
  5. Do not click on unknown links in your email. There have been many recent incidents of large organizations falling victim to ransomware schemes, which originated through an employee opening a link that appeared to be legitimate.


Unsafe office environments can result in lowered employee morale, dangerous situations, and loss of revenue. It is a pricey risk that businesses cannot afford to ignore. However, the presence of security guards will improve security by effectively deterring crime during business hours and after closing.

Security guards are professionally trained to handle any incidents of crime that occur, and Paladin Security’s highly trained guards are essential to your company’s crime prevention strategy.

Discover more about office safety and crime prevention to keep your business, your clients, and your staff safe:

How To Become Aware Of Your Own Intergenerational Trauma

How To Become Aware Of Your Own Intergenerational Trauma

Dr. Murray Bowen created an amazing tool to help us easily map various tendencies in our families, such as patterns in relationships, violence, health concerns, addiction, and trauma. It is kind of like a family tree, but you use it to map the different aspects of your family. In doing so, patterns are often highlighted.

Start with yourself, siblings, partner and children. From there you grow up – much the way you would with a family tree. It starts by looking something like this

Original Template: https://www.mywordtemplates.org/printables/template399.html

Once you have the foundation of all the people you are going to include, you get to add symbols for aspects you notice such as physical or mental health concerns, addictions, relationship dynamics, violence, trauma etc. You can make up your own symbols, or use the symbols suggested here: 

Source: https://www.edrawsoft.com/genogram/genogram-symbols.html

As you can see, you can make it as simple or complicated as you want. The interesting piece comes when you start to track the patterns. For example, you might see your grandfather struggled with working a lot and then your uncle also struggled with this. You might have a number of family members that have asthma and also have struggled with depression in their lives. You might notice there is conflict in relationships that threads throughout a certain area of your family. Perhaps immigration or social unrest (violence) impacts roles and relationships. Perhaps your grandmother played a big role as matriarch in your family and now your auntie or someone else has taken on that role.

Keep in mind, you might need to speak with a few relatives to get the stories of family from a generation or two ago. See if you can have an open mind to see the impact of one person’s experiences on the whole family system. If we step back and see the genogram as a map to a family system (as in Family Systems Therapy), it can open our eyes to how we are all connected through these stories and experiences. 

You will likely see changes through the generations. For example, if there was violence in the society or in a relationship in one generation (eg. physical violence) – there might be a different version of violence (eg. verbal violence) in another relationship or a form of coping in close by family members (eg. addiction). This is essentially a clear depiction of intergenerational trauma. 

Let’s say grandmother was exposed to violence in war growing up. Perhaps her parents (your great-grandparents) were so stressed by the violence they were verbally violent to each other and the children. Perhaps occasionally something was thrown or someone was hit due to the stress and exposure to violence. Let’s imagine the war was over and the pain of that war (trauma) and violence was so difficult one of the parents turned to alcohol to cope. Your grandmother saw the realities of alcohol and swore to never drink. She herself might have yelled at her own children and been quite strict, but this is what she knew and she never threw anything. Grandmother married a wonderful person, but they ended up struggling with depression and leaning on alcohol during stressful times. They yelled at your grandmother and the kids a lot. 

Now we have your father, who was raised in that environment. He has a healthy relationship with alcohol now, although he struggled a bit in his youth. On one or two occasions you saw him intoxicated, but this was rare. He has struggled on and off with depression yet he has found a way to channel his stress into work and fitness, albeit sometimes he does work too much. Your auntie, however, took the brunt of the verbal abuse in the home and had to care for the alcoholic parent. She now has a very strained relationship with alcohol, has depression and struggles to maintain healthy relationships. You notice a significant difference between you and your cousins. One of your cousins also has difficulties with their mood and has not found a healthy intimate relationship. You and your siblings, however, are in healthy stable relationships. 

There is no one to blame for the difficulties your cousins have. We may want to blame our auntie or the grandparent who struggled with alcohol – and yet we can’t do so accurately because these difficulties are not really their fault. Instead these difficulties are a result of ongoing, unresolved, unhealed trauma. Can we blame the great-grandparents? Can we blame the leaders who chose to engage in war? Leaders too are human and likely have their own experiences of trauma and healing in their family. Blame isn’t helpful or accurate and it doesn’t help us to untangle the mess. 

So what can we do…

I believe we can each do our part to heal one aspect of our family’s generational trauma. It might not be our choice to be born into it, and yet it is – I believe – our responsibility to heal one piece of it. We can become ‘change agents’ in our own families’ stories and see the power of change that can come from such transformations. Take note of the ongoing threads of trauma in your family and take note of the change agents. You might notice how the grandmother in the story I wrote, swore never to throw anything or drink alcohol. She was doing her part to be a change agent and heal one aspect of the trauma she experienced for the next generation. 

What is something you can do to become a ‘change agent’ in your family story?

Contributed by:

Kelsey Grimm

Website: www.kelseythecounsellor.com

Instagram: @kelseythecounsellor


New Businesses during COVID

New Businesses during COVID

Read all about New Businesses during COVID that opened in Downtown Kamloops.

He Brew’s Ahava Coffee Inc.

He Brews is a new bustling Café with meals situated at 210 Victoria Street, in downtown Kamloops. It is a family-owned organization, managed and directed by its owners, Indar and Janelle Seelal.

He Brew’s serves freshly roasted coffee beans, gourmet coffee/espresso, good meals, breakfast, lunch. In addition, the menu contains a variety of choices so everyone can find something they like, such as Sandwiches featured from around the world, Wraps, Fresh Salads, Soups made in house, Etc., 🥙🌯🫔

As people are becoming more interested in their health, wellness and spirituality, He Brew’s will provide a relaxing, Community-focused place, with good healthy food choices, where all people are welcomed to sit (on the patio for now), relax and enjoy the beauty of conversation.

Prickly Pear

Formerly known as The Big Boot Inn before rebranding, Prickly Pear has opened its doors in the downtown Kamloops community. The company has pivoted to a fashionable boutique that offers footwear to be envied and many additional stylish accessories. Similar to it’s previous store, quality will be of the most significant priority while still offering many shoe wear choices for special events and daily life. 🤩

Far & Wide

We also welcomed Far & Wide again on their larger storefront at 353 Victoria Street. Along with this new space, they have stocked up on new brands and treasures for you to discover. ❤️

“We will be bringing in new inventory from our current brands, introducing inspiring new brands and revamping our current local maker’s program to support them better,” said Duncan.

Far + Wide curates a trendy selection of brands and also sells work from local artisans to showcase an entire store full of unique gifts or a new feature for your home.

Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective

Perhaps new to Kamloops this business has its roots in Kelowna, Kamloops and the Okanagan’s as a premier hair and makeup styling team for weddings and events! From soft and natural bridal looks to sultry boudoir hair and makeup, Cassidy and her team is a full-service beauty authority available in the Okanagan Valley and across British Columbia!

“We are Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective, a brand-new storefront hair and makeup studio opening in the 100 block of Downtown Kamloops on May 1st, 2021! We got our start in the industry doing mobile hair and makeup styling appointments for weddings and events throughout the Okanagan area of British Columbia. Our team has quickly grown to include ten incredibly talented hair and makeup artists and we are excited to be expanding into a storefront location where our clients can get their hair and makeup done by us and shop some of our favourite retail products! We offer an array of services, including dry-bar hairstyling, makeup artistry, and hair and makeup lessons. We are so excited to be opening in Downtown Kamloops and hope to see you in our studio very soon!!” – Cassidy Watt

Frozen Paddle

Originally based out of Prince Geoge this craft ice creamery set its sight on charming Downtown Kamloops. Encouraged by the local movement of craft breweries across Canada in late 2014, Co-Founders Wes Pederson and Kevin Pederson looked to other industries that brought communities together and landed on ice cream. Meet Kevin Pederson – Founder(far right) and his wife, and Lisa Bajkov – Kamloops Operator (second from the left) with her husband at the grand opening.

Would you like to learn more about Downtown Kamloops, follow us on https://www.instagram.com/downtownkamloops/

Anxiety During a Global Pandemic

Anxiety During a Global Pandemic

I was passing beside my colleague in the hallway today. I asked a typical ‘How is your day looking today?’ morning greeting.

‘It’s a bit of a heavy day today,’ She replied, honestly. ‘My clients today are really struggling.’ She paused for a moment. ‘So many of my clients are struggling right now,’ she shared with a heavy heart.

All I could do was offer her space and acknowledge the realities of our pandemic world. ‘It is hard right now, so many people are struggling.’

We talked about if someone has a slightly rocky foundation pre-covid, the whole foundation seems to be like an earthquake right now. Unsteady, unpredictable, unfamiliar, and unknown. It’s scary to not know how to make sense of one’s world.

Many people are experiencing higher than their “typical” levels of anxiety. My understanding is that there are a few significant contributing factors to this. Firstly, we are living in a world with constantly changing rules, regulations, and safety. Secondly, we aren’t able to care for ourselves in ways we typically would.

A great antidote to anxiety is routine, regularity, planning, and having a sense of control/safety over one’s own life. All those things have gone out the window in this pandemic!

We might have a semblance of routine, or have created a new routine. Perhaps we are even lucky enough to be able to still work in our place of work. However, so many things are still different. We are less able to plan into the future because the future is uncertain and having a sense of control or safety in the world changes from person to person and day-to-day. Our lives as we knew them pre-pandemic are incredibly different now, for the vast majority of us.

Additionally, we aren’t able to care for ourselves as we did pre-pandemic in terms of our social lives and hobbies. Perhaps we loved a certain pottery club, or a fitness space, or going to the movies, or traveling to see loved ones. Perhaps we loved having people over for dinner, going out for dinner, or going to the pool with ease. All the things we used to do with a sense of ease now come with restrictions, regulations, and barriers to access them.

Does it not make sense in an uncertain world, where we aren’t able to provide ourselves with the same levels of comfort we once did, that our anxiety is going to be higher? This is a perfect mix to increase anxiety.

So what do we do about it?

At present, I think it is important to acknowledge the difficulties and move towards accepting we will do the best we can and that is all we can do! We are living in uncertainty and if we look for certainty, we will likely cause more distress for ourselves and our internal systems.

Embrace the opportunity to change up your routine and engage with different activities.

Get creative and stretch your comfort zone!

Ensure you are connected to your trusted people either through outdoor walks, video calls, or the good old-fashioned phone call.

This is a time where we can band together and support each other so let’s do that.

Lastly, practice some self-compassion!

You have never done this before and most of our living world has not lived through a pandemic before. Let’s have compassion for ourselves, for our humanness, and let’s see the humanness in others.

We are all doing the best we can!

Contributed by:

Kelsey Grimm
Founder + Clinical Director
Healing Spaces Center
177 Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC
Website: www.healingspaces.center
Instagram: @healingspaces 

On Earth Day we are reminded that we have to #takecareoftheplanet

On Earth Day we are reminded that we have to #takecareoftheplanet

On Earth Day, we are reminded that we have to #takecareoftheplanet. It is a day to help individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment. Here are some businesses in Downtown doing their part!
“We love our refill station at Far & Wide. We carry Shampoo, Conditioner, Soaps, Cleaners and more, all you need is your own container! Far & Wide also carries environmentally-friendly bulk goods from The Unscented Company and Common Good. We choose to use paper over plastic bags but always encourage shoppers to bring their own bags when they visit. Many of our suppliers use environmental practices like compostable packaging and shipping materials and recycled & up-cycled products.”

Photo Credit: The Bench Kamloops

“Our goal is to help you reuse and upcycle your precious metal and gemstone jewellery at The Bench. We specialize in repairs that bring heirloom pieces back up to wearability! Your old or broken gold and platinum jewellery that is no longer used can be recycled into a fresh, custom-made piece that you’ll enjoy. Unused metals are ultimately refined and reused again from their pure form rather than wasted.
Diamonds and gemstones of all types can be reused in your new item of hand-crafted jewellery! We supply lab-grown diamonds and gemstones produced without the environmental impact of mined stones and ethically sourced natural stones.”

Photo Credit: Arwen’s Apparel

“At Arwen’s Apparel, we believe in living sustainably every day. We utilize refillable and reusable packaging, as well as offering products that are ethically made. Our specialty has always been quality clothes made with bamboo fabric. Bamboo is sustainable due to it being able to regenerate in just 55 days after harvest. Bamboo is also often planted to prevent soil erosion, and it can absorb up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare. These bamboo forests produce 30% more oxygen than a hardwood forest of similar size and require little irrigation and no pesticides. Happy Earth Day!!”

Photo Credit: Andre’s Electronics/ Hitfar

“We have a program with Hitfar of recycling all phone cases that are brought to us. Hitfar has also gone a step further and uses recycled phone cases and turns them into new phone cases known as the Pela series. These phone cases are made for almost every device made with recycled material such as phone cases. These phone cases if they don’t get recycled and disposed of, are made made of Flaxstic®, which is comprised of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials.”

Photo Credit: Sam Chi Health

“At Sam Chi health, we believe in eco-friendly, safe, gentle, sustainable and environmentally safe products. Environize Anolyte Disinfectant for (Food Premises, Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Household, Institutions, Industrial) that uses Hypochlorous (HOCI) that is Health Canada Approved. It has so many uses and can replace hand sanitizers and bleach. There is also a hand and skincare line that protects and aids in your skin’s natural healing including refillable spray bottles and foggers for large areas to be cleaned including the air! Amongst our other alternative health solutions are our Chaga Mushrooms, which are Wild Harvested in Canada, Certified Organic by Ecocert- Lab Tested Safe – Health Canada Approved, are free from Pesticides and Heavy metals, eco-friendly, Fair Trade, sustainable and safe and can replace, coffee, tea, shampoo, soaps, hand and body care, essential oil, beard and massage oil blends, including skincare creams and balms made from hemp seeds. Happy Earth Day!”
It’s high time to act. Let’s take care of the planet. #TakeCareOfThePlanet
Kamloops Arts Council devoted to the development and enhancement of the arts

Kamloops Arts Council devoted to the development and enhancement of the arts

The Kamloops Arts Council (KAC) is a registered charitable organization devoted to the development and enhancement of the arts in the Kamloops area. We support all artists and art organizations and promote cooperation among them, government and business. We provide local artists and arts groups – visual artists, musicians, dancers, writers and actors – with opportunities for exposure, networking and professional development.

Kamloops Arts Council Rivertown Players 2020 MELODY DEVITT

KAC Mandate

As part of our mandate, the KAC takes the arts out to the community – producing high-quality, year-round low- and no-cost arts programs, performances, workshops and events for all. We believe the arts are for everyone and that they have the power to heal, transform, connect, and develop skills in children, youth, adults and seniors, including those in crisis. Art changes lives. Some of our programs include our Crossing Bridges Outreach program, our Rivertown Summer Theatre Group, our Children’s Arts Festival every fall, and our annual Art Exposed Regional Exhibition. You can find out more about these programs/events on our website at kamloopsarts.ca.

The Kamloops Arts Council has always been and will continue to be open, inclusive and welcoming of all artistic styles. We respect, encourage and support artists in all art forms and of all levels of experience. It is not our intent to dictate any particular set of artistic standards or values – those are for the artist to decide.


KAC membership

KAC membership consists of individual members, group members and honorary members and includes amateur and professional artists, arts organizations, philanthropists and art admirers. The organization has more than 550 members, 9 Board directors, three full-time staff, two part-time contractors, and a seasonal theatre troupe. We employ local artists whenever possible.
Core funding is received from the provincial government through the BC Arts Council and from the City of Kamloops. The Kamloops Arts Council collects memberships, receives both unsolicited and solicited donations, and continually seeks funding for its various programs and events.

The Kamloops Arts Council is community-based and grassroots. The organization has always been and will continue to be a vital agency representing community artists while responding to their direct needs. Our purpose is to build a stronger cultural environment in which the arts, in all its forms, can develop, thrive and flourish.

Follow us on social media!
Facebook @KamloopsArts
Instagram @KamloopsArtsCouncil
Twitter @KamArtsCouncil

Contributed By:
Rebecca Kurtis
Kamloops Arts Council

Here We Grow Again

Here We Grow Again

Downtown is growing and we are excited! 2021 has seen a number of new businesses and there is an emerging trend in Downtown of new faces since 2020. Even though the pandemic has created many challenges for new business owners, the value of local entrepreneurship does not go unnoticed. Downtown Kamloops saw a staggering 33 percent increase in new businesses opening. We will continue to highlight these new names and encourage you to support local stores in the coming months.

the store Botanical Scene, with pots on the left and a rack of garments at the far end of the store.

The Botanical Scene

The Botanical Scene

From rare finds to a range of common, and not-so-common houseplants, pots, and accessories, they have it all. Located on 250 Victoria St. this branch of the trendy Far & Wide Store is every plant lovers’ haven. This lush oasis opened in late Feb 2021 and is already a local favourite. You can find updates on their Instagram page for their new stock. But don’t wait too long because they sell out sometimes before even reaching their online store!

The Cure Culinary

The Cure Culinary

Your charcuterie haven has finally arrived in Downtown Kamloops! Located on 607 Victoria St., this delight comes from the creator of Salty Fig Catering, Nicole Mackie. The Cure has opened its doors for all you lovers of Canadian cheese and cured meats, but they are not just that; their goal is to keep food simple while being nutritious. Discover a range of preserves, antipasti, spices, and so much more. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to entertain in the outdoors this summer, The Cure will have charcuterie boards to order, so you don’t have to worry about which combination works best. The Cure welcomes you to discover kitchen essentials that will become staples in your home, explore local producers of Canadian cheese & meat, and find delicacies that will soon become favourites.

Wild Cave Gift Shop

Wild Cave Gift Shop

If you are looking for a wide variety of Kamloops/Canadian-made souvenirs, mugs, key chains, shot glasses, cards, pottery, clothes or Home Decor check out this new gift shop on Victoria Street. You can find gifts for every occasion.

Brynn’s Bakery

Brynn Bakery

The newest addition to Downtown is this quaint and unassuming Bakery on Victoria Street. As you enter, you are treated by art from locals and the smell of fresh bread and sweet treats. Brynn’s Bakery is not new to Kamloopsians, who have been supporting these young entrepreneurs since they started at the Kamloops Farmers Market. You can find Artisan baked goods made with fresh, local ingredients and with a whole lot of love.


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New Public Health Order – #downtowntogo

New Public Health Order – #downtowntogo

When Dr. Bonnie Henry announced on Monday the pause on indoor dining, many restaurant owners had a minimum of 12 hours to prepare for weeks to come. Despite the short notice of the new Public Health Order, the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association and the City of Kamloops have been working tirelessly to support local restaurants. #downtowntogo

Patio Extensions

Victoria street’s extended sidewalks have returned in Downtown Kamloops. This will allow restaurants extra space for outdoor dining. Some restaurants have successfully opened their patio’s already. When dining outdoors, please remember to continually wear your mask unless seated at a table. Also, remember to sanitize before and follow the safety protocols highlighted by your server. If your favourite restaurant’s patio isn’t quite ready, be patient. City of Kamloops workers are hard at work and will be working on these extensions daily until completed. We currently have 20 Patio extensions are in progress. 


There are always ways to support your favourite restaurant. Takeout and delivery options may also be available to satisfy your hunger. To ensure your full support, consider calling the restaurant directly. Third-party apps can be handy but also financially straining to restaurants. Call and place your order and receive a pick-up time. When picking up, ensure you arrive at the time your food is ready. This will limit the number of people waiting for their orders at once. If they offer delivery, pay with a card if possible and thank the delivery driver for their front-line work. 

Don’t forget to share your wonderful experiences by leaving the restaurants a review or social media shout-out. This is a great way to enjoy your favourite local meals from the safety of your own bubble. During challenging times like this is when our local restaurants and their employees rely on community support.

Have you heard about Show us your Takeout? 

We have over $4,500 in GCs to reward Kamloopsians to support, sip, and snack local this April. Tourism Kamloops, North Shore Business BIA and Downtown Kamloops BIA are teaming up to showcase Kamloops’ amazing eateries and drink establishments.

From April 1st-7th, share a picture of your takeout items online by tagging @luvntheloops and using #ykastrong in your posts or stories. Next Wednesday, we’ll announce the takeout category winners who have 7 days to pick up their $50 GC. Next Thursday, we’ll announce the new category. We will repeat this weekly until we run out of GCs.

Show us your…takeout & win godies from April 1st – 7th. 6 days. 10 winners. $50 GCs to:
✔️ Black Iron at @tobianogolf
✔️ @5beanbrewbar
✔️ @brighteyebrewing
✔️ @senorfroggy
✔️ @hojamongoliangrill
✔️ @theartwearecafe
✔️ @krobkruathairestaurant
✔️ @passeksclassics
✔️ @eatclean.kamloops
✔️ Oriental Gardens Restaurant

To learn more about businesses open with care in Downtown Kamloops, visit: https://www.downtownkamloops.com/downtown-kamloops-business-open-updates-ykastrong/

24th Annual Kamloops Film Festival is Back !

24th Annual Kamloops Film Festival is Back !

What a year! Many of us are reeling from the fact that it has now been over a year of pandemic life, of this “new normal” that we have all become semi-accustomed to. The Kamloops Film Society (and every business for that matter) has been through many highs and lows. This time last year, we had just wrapped up our 24th annual Film Festival. Our closing party was one of the last parties any of us would attend for a long time.

kamloops film festival 2020

The pandemic hit, and we had to close the doors of the Paramount Theatre to the public. The world shut down, and like everyone else, we waited in lockdown. In the meantime, we painted upstairs, organized, and kept occupied, but it wasn’t the same as making our delicious popcorn and seeing our favourite patrons.


Months passed, and finally, a silver lining: a drive-in! Private bookings! Things to occupy our time and give us a source of revenue. The Twin Rivers Drive-In was a huge success last year and gave the community a fun and safe event to attend.

Summer came and went, the nights started getting colder, so the drive-in closed. However, cases were low, so we could reopen the Paramount Theatre with a capacity of 50 patrons in each theatre. We started with only our Thursday Film Series and then cautiously added the weekends as well. The usual stream of patrons was more of a trickle, but it was something! Sadly, as the fall season wore on, the cases grew higher, and we had to close once more: no private bookings, no public showings. In February, we were briefly allowed by Interior Health to reopen with private bookings, however, that was revoked by the Ministry of Health. We were back to waiting.

24(.5)th Kamloops Film Festival

But in the distance, a film festival was on the rise! This journey has been difficult, but we’ve persevered, and we’re back in the office full-time to get ready for our 24(.5)th Kamloops Film Festival. Once again, the City of Kamloops has been our saviour because we can host the Film Festival at McArthur Island from April 21 – May 2. We’ll also be offering films online, which means we’ll be showcasing more movies than ever before! We have a total of 15 films at the drive-in (single tickets on sale now!) and 23 films online. We won’t have any in-person events this year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun and interactive plans up our sleeve. The rise of zoom meetings and virtual hangouts has given us a unique opportunity to bring in stars and film lovers from around the globe to enjoy and take part in our festival. In times when we must stay safe and healthy for ourselves and our loved ones, we’re glad to continue the festival in this unique way. So stay tuned for a one-of-a-kind film festival that Kamloops will never forget!

Book your tickets: https://www.kamloopsfilmfest.ca/

Contributed by
Emily Brown
Patron Engagement Coordinator
The Kamloops Film Society

One Year in a COVID World

One Year in a COVID World

Personal Reflections in a COVID World

We have reached a one-year anniversary of a COVID world. We made it.

How has it been a year and it’s still happening? I don’t know about you, but I look forward to hugging my family and friends, sharing food, and having adventures outside of my city limits! Those are things that help me get through long days and buffer me against the monotony and challenges of life. This last year has been an interesting one, one I didn’t see coming.

I have learned about myself and grown closer to my ‘inner circle people’ and further from acquaintances. I have realized how draining it is not to have fun and how I have sensations to ‘rebel’ against being responsible when all it feels like I do is work, clean, cook and walk the dogs. I have learned I am not as good at backgammon as my husband and the allure of Grey’s Anatomy. I have learned I need diversity in my books. I have learned to be even more grateful for my beloved husband and our outdoor lifestyle. Walking our dogs by ourselves or with a friend or two has kept me going! 

Even pre-COVID, I would sometimes daydream about time off work and what I would do if I didn’t have all these obligations, without them I could take up xyz hobbies, get through that stack of books and do two hours of fitness a day. And then COVID. With the weight, confusion and uncertainty of COVID, it’s hard to keep up that motivation and energy each and every day.

I listen to the CBC radio to and from work. I really appreciate the transparency of the house doctor, Dr. Raj. He said – so honestly – that he would love it if he could say he was one of the people who read 20 books in 2020 due to COVID, but he instead binge-watched a lot of Schitt’s Creek

UBC Study Shows That Canadians Mental Health has Declined in the Last Year

What has the impact of this last year been on the life of you, your family and friends? How have you come to mitigate risk with every decision you make? What concessions have you made and what have you prioritized? Most importantly, how are you doing? 

That brings me to the mental health impacts of what it has been like to live one year in a COVID world. A national survey completed by UBC in early December found Canadian’s mental health has been impacted by the pandemic significantly. You likely didn’t need a survey to know how your mental health has been impacted. I’m sure you yourself have felt the reality of not having access to various people and activities you previously enjoyed. 

The results of this report are notable. 40% of Canadians note their mental health has declined in the last year. 1 in 10 people have experienced suicidal ideation since COVID hit.

I Choose How to Interact With This Experience

As the Clinical Director for Healing Spaces, a private practice counselling agency, I have seen the human impact of COVID. I have been grateful for the role my team and I can offer our community and grateful people are reaching out for support. This is one of those times when humanity can and has come together to support each other. We can choose to interact with the impact of COVID in many different ways. 

COVID is outside of my hands. Our public health orders are outside of my hands. Your choices are outside of my hands. Only I am within my own locus of control. How am I going to choose to interact with this experience?

Our Community is Our Responsibility

I will close this with a quote from my husband’s grandmother that has humbled me and grounded me. She sees a perspective of coming together, despite the difficulties that have pulled us all apart. She has taken COVID seriously and has been following our provincial health orders. She has struggled seeing the anti-masker protests and yet her wisdom of how she chooses to engage with this difficulty is to be admired. She shared with us that she is willing to care for those who choose not to wear masks. ‘All of our community is our responsibility and so I will wear a mask and I will follow orders to keep those who choose not to safe’

Source: University of British Columbia

Contributed by:

Kelsey Grimm
Founder + Clinical Director
Healing Spaces Center
177 Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC
Website: www.healingspaces.center
Instagram: @healingspaces 



Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

What is International Women’s Day?

IWD  is a time for both men and women to band together in support of gender equality. People around the world take part in this initiative to help close the gap between genders.

Why is it important?

This movement is important because of the longstanding gender-inequality felt by females across cultures. By participating in the movement, both men and women can join the conversation and help solve various gender-related issues that exist globally.

Is there a colour dedicated to IWD?

Yes, the proposed colour to be worn in support of this movement is purple. By wearing purple, individuals can visually display their support of International Women’s Day.

Is there a specific theme for 2021?

Absolutely! Each year, International Women’s Day adopts a new theme. According to BBC, this year’s theme is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world.” The goal of this theme is to celebrate women in leadership and inspire lasting change.

For more information or to read this article, click here.

Is it hard to join the movement?

This year, the movement has gone significantly more virtual. This has made it easier than ever to show support for IWD from the safety and security of your own home. For example, the #ChooseToChallenge theme across multiple social media platforms makes it easy for everyday people – like you – to the movement. By posting the tag, individuals can join the conversation and spread the word about National Women’s Day!

Downtown Kamloops has joined the movement by featuring the voices of female community members. This includes various photos and challenges posted by individuals who chose to join the movement.

Check it out on our Instagram page by clicking here.


Highlighting Brownstone: A Local Gem on Foodnetwork Canada

Highlighting Brownstone: A Local Gem on Foodnetwork Canada

Established in 2004, Brownstone has been a downtown landmark for Kamloops.

Located in the 1904 Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, Brownstone restaurant creates a historical atmosphere that is warm and elegant. The restaurant proudly partners with local producers to bring clean, honest, and simple ingredients to life on your plate. 

Their honey-glazed smoked duck with bacon-braised Swiss chard, organic mustard greens and charred cabbage is a popular choice for the season. This dish is perfectly cozy for the chilly season and is a fantastic pair for the smoky pinot noir from Cassini Cellars. 

Brownstone has released a special menu to delight your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

They are offering a choice between three, four or five-course meals on their specialty pre-set menu. 

  • Three-course meals include a soup or salad, main course, and dessert for 55$. Add popular wine pairings for an additional 15$. 
  • Four-course meals include a soup or salad, appetizer, main course, and dessert for 65$. Add popular wine pairings for an additional 20$.
  • Five-course meals include a soup and salad, appetizer, main course, as well as a dessert for 75$. Add popular wine pairings for an additional 25$.

Dessert highlights for the romantic evening include: 

  • Lemon & blueberry cheesecake, blueberry meringue, Saskatoon berry coulis
  • Chocolate sponge cake, strawberry jam and marshmallow, chocolate covered strawberry
  • Pineapple sorbetto, coconut crisp, candied cashews, dark rum syrup 

You can find examples of their mouth-watering mains, dazzling desserts, and bubbling beverages here

The Foodnetwork Canada series #Bigfoodbucketlist, with food personality John Catucci, will proudly feature Brownstone on February 13th at eight and 8:30 pm ET/PT. 

In Season two, watch John Catucci and Head Chef Jarrod Omichincki try out some locally sourced food at Brownstone Kamloops! You can also Stream Food Network Shows through STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels or the new Global TV app. 

Check out the following article, which covers Brownstone’s upcoming TV debut, here. 

You can also find their location and hours of operation on our website here.

Cigarette Recycling Program

Cigarette Recycling Program

The Kamloops Central Business Association continues its “Butt Out” cigarette recycling initiative.

Since 2017, this project has successfully reduced waste on the streets and helping out the environment with each cigarette recycle. The boxes are scattered throughout the 200 to 400 block area and maintained by the local CAP Team.
The program ships the cigarettes for free to a Vancouver facility called TerraCycle, which recycles them entirely. TerraCycle then exchanges the cigarette butts for money that further funds other sustainability initiatives in Kamloops.

Each year, billions of cigarette butts enter dumpsters and landfills.

Shorelines, parks, and sidewalks are littered with cigarette butts across Canada! The cigarette recycling program is a growing initiative in which potential waste is transformed into various industrial products – such as plastic pallets. At the same time, any remaining tobacco is recycled as compost. The goal of this partnership is to clean up the downtown core while lowering our contribution to landfills.

There has been a lot of positive feedback in regards to this program.

Business owners are pleased by the program, as it saves them from sweeping up cigarette butts off their property. Locals using the “Butt Out” locations can sleep a little better knowing they are doing something positive for the environment. Small acts add up to an enormous difference when we all work together to create change! The more people use these stations, the more likely it is that this project will expand to more downtown areas.

Any damaged boxes or containers weathered by the winter have recently been replaced and repaired. As such, the project is still going strong! We at the KCBIA support this sustainability initiative and hope to see the public take advantage of the opportunity to protect our environment.

Notice a full container? Call the CAP Team, and they will promptly empty it for further use. The CAP Team is always happy to help!

For more information on the program, feel free to check out TerraCycle’s website through this link.


Valentine’s Day Deals in Downtown Kamloops

Valentine’s Day Deals in Downtown Kamloops

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While celebrating your loved ones, we encourage you also to show love for your favourite restaurant, retail outlet or experience here in Downtown Kamloops. Even though the last year was challenging, our vibrant downtown has come out strong and kept pivoting, so you have what you are looking for right here in the heart of downtown. Spoil your special someone with these Valentine’s Day Deals in Downtown Kamloops.

Thompson Hotel and Conference Centre

Specials Offered: 

Option 1 –  A one night stay in our Mountain view King suite for 2 guests, 45 minute private pool swim time. You will also receive a $50.00 gift card to Noble Pig for dinner for two and a 60 minutes private Dance Lesson for two at Let’s Move Studio in Kamloops.

Option 2 – Enjoy a one night stay in our Mountain view King Suite for 2 guests, 60-minute private pool swim time, a $50.00 gift card to Noble Pig for a Dinner for two, and a 120-minute private movie showing in our full private Movie Theatre, includes popcorn, beverages and treats.

Offer Validity: Until February 28th, 2021

Book: Call 250-374-1999 or email reserve@thompsonhotel.ca

Mainstreet Clothing

Special Offered: Ladies sweaters 50% off; Men’s & ladies denim 30% off; Limited edition rose candle from local Soy Serene Candle.

Offer Validity: Until quantities last

Shop: 221 Victoria St

FreshSlice Pizza

Special Offered: Special Heart-Shaped Pizza

Offer Validity: TBA

Order: https://orderonline.freshslice.com/


Kamloops Art Gallery

Special Offered: Bring your loved one to the Gallery and check out the lovingly selected gifts in the Gallery Store!

Offer Validity: Free Admission, Saturday, February 13 – 10 AM to 5 PM

Shop: 465 Victoria St #101

The Noble Pig

Special Offered: For Valentines Day, they are partnering with the Rotary for a Take-Away Dinner! There will also be a Dine-In feature from Thursday 11th-13th February, a Chicken and Smoked Garlic Alfredo Pizza.

Offer Validity: This dinner will run for Sunday night (14th), with curbside pick up times and orders being arranged through the Rotary Club of Kamloops West.

Order: Call (778) 471-5999

Kamloops Arts Council

Special Offered: 3 Exhibitions, including one exclusively featuring Hearts for Heart Month.

Offer Validity: Running until February 20th, 2021

Visit: 7 Seymour St W

Interior Academy

Special Offered:

Balayage $55+ (price will vary depending on product needed to achieve look)
Hair Repair and hair cut $25
Shampoo and Rollerset $8
Date Night Makeup and Updo $30
20% off ALL Waxing Services
24k Gold Facial and Swedish Massage combo $60

Offer Validity: All prices valid for February

Book: Call or email to book 250-374-5565 booking.interioracademy@gmail.com

Alchemy Brewing

Special Offered: One feature heart-shaped pizza – Tropical Hawaiian with strawberry and basil. Two 20oz beer – We will be re-releasing our “Dirty Love” strawberry blonde ale. One shared dessert bowl – chocolate mouse with brownie, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The price is $40.

Offer Validity: 13th Feb 2021

Visit: No Prebooking required. 650 Victoria St.

Afternoon Auxiliary to R.I.H. Thrift Seller

Special Offered: Valentines Day Merchandise will be 60% off, AND the Collectables are 30% off

Offer Validity: Saturday, Feb 13th, 2021 from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Shop in-store: 146 Victoria St.


Senor Froggy

Specials Offered and Validity:

Option 1 – Saturday, Feb 13 is “Spaghetti Saturday” – 25% off mix’n’match full-size pasta orders

Option 2 – Sunday, Feb 14 is “Chimi Sunday” – our Froggy Favourite Chimichanga plus Mexi Fries for $12 (This will only be through the North Shore location as the Downtown location is currently closed on Sundays)

Visit: Specials are available both in-store for eat-in/takeout AND through our online ordering via our website, senorfroggy.ca

Doctor Love & Hemp City

Special Offered: 15% off regular tag price for all red lingerie, all black lingerie, all candles, all incense, all incense holders, all Shunga & Toko products.

Offer Validity: Offer runs until Monday, February 15th, 2021 (cannot be combined with other discount programs, while supplies last in-store, no rainchecks or substitutions)

Shop in-store: 521 Victoria St.

The Vic

Special Offered: Cinnamon Heart Latte -It’s smooth and velvety with real cinnamon hearts to jazz up the kick.  12 OZ $5.50 16 OZ $6.50

Offer Validity: February 7 – 16th, 2021

Visit: 377 Victoria St


St Andrews On The Square

Special Offered: “Elope at Home” wedding packages. The package offers a beautiful wedding venue, marriage commissioner, an option of one of three hotels for one night and dinner for 2 with optional flower and photography specials.

Offer Validity: Starting Feb 13 through to the middle of May

Contact: https://standrewssquare.com/contact-us/ 

Sam Chi Health

Specials Offered: 

Option 1 – Wellness Massage And Red Light Combo
Wellness Massage Therapy Muscle Energy (MET), Myofascial Release
1 hr
50 Canadian dollars

Option 2 – CranioSacral Therapy
It’s good for Trauma Release, PTSD, Chronic Pain etc. Non-Invasive treatment, clients remain dressed for the session
1 hr
80 Canadian dollars

Option 3 – Sunshine Red Light Therapy Sampler
Why not add some Sunshine to your life! 15 Minute Session -Non-Invasive treatment
15 min
15 Canadian dollars

Option 4 – 15 Minute Red Light Therapy Package of 5
Package of 5 – 15 Minute sessions Non-Invasive treatment – clients remain dressed, only uncovered area is treated
15 min
50 Canadian dollars

Option 5 – Red Light Therapy Treatment
For Acute and Chronic Pain Management
1 hr 15 min
70 Canadian dollars

Offer Validity: Valid till July 2, 2021

Visit: #7, 231 Victoria St W 2nd floor

Passeks Classics Restaurant & Bakery

Special Offered: Real Crab Cake Eggs Benny $16.95

Offer Validity: Sunday, February 14, 2021 (8am-3pm) – Eat-In or Take-Out available

Visit: 326 Victoria Street

Barre Kamloops

Special Offered: 20% off passes

Offer Validity: Feb 12-15, 2021

Buy: https://www.barrekamloops.com/

Ms. Whimsy’s Gift Emporium

Special Offered: Build your own box, jewelry, small gable, or large gable and get it free with a purchase of any item(s) you put in it. You decorate your own Kraft paper box with washi tape and stamps provided.

Offer Validity: Until Feb 14th, 4 PM

To Book: Call (778) 644-5149

Maurya’s Rest.Bar.Banquet

Special Offered:

Dine-in: Get 2 BONUS glasses of wine along with your champagne + a FREE Lamb delicacy when you reserve before Feb 14!

Takeout: Get a bottle of wine + a FREE Lamb delicacy when you pre-order before Feb 14

Redeem offers + view menu/more info at mauryascuisine.com/val2021

Offer Validity: 14th February 2021

Book: Registration must be done before Feb 14 at mauryascuisine.com/val2021

Kamloops Florist

Special Offered: Vase Arrangement $79.95

Offer Validity: Until 14th February 2021

Buy: https://kamloopsflorist.net/valentine-s-day-flowers.html

Storybook Village Winners

Storybook Village Winners

Due to the current events and ongoing health-pandemic, Downtown Kamloops decided to switch things this year regarding the 40th Annual Santa Parade. Downtown businesses worked together to spread cheer this holiday season while following social distancing protocols. Business fronts displayed lights, ornaments, characters, music, and window paint to transform the Downtown core into a winter wonderland. The Storybook Village initiative provided a safe way to spend time connecting with the community and was the largest outdoor celebration of the year. Thanks to the efforts of downtown businesses, this “Non-parade” was a smashing success.

Each store was assigned one or more pages from popular holiday stories, songs, or folklore. Guided by an online map, pedestrians could follow along with pages from popular holiday stories and songs. Our goal was to cultivate the holiday spirit, support local businesses, and continue the Santa Parade tradition in a unique way.

We asked you, the public, to help decide a winner by public choice for the “Best Represented Story” and “The Best Represented Story.” Downtown Kamloops appreciates your feedback and interaction!

The winner of the “Best Represented Story” is The Art We Are, for their visual rendition of the famous story “The Christmas Carol.” Feeling peckish, or want to support local artists? Check out their hours, menu, and more at https://www.theartweare.com/

Photo Credit: Frank Luka

St. Johns Ambulance won first place in the “Best Festive Decor” category, with their window display of a holiday classic “Frosty the Snowman.” Need safety training, or want to donate to this local business? Click this link!


Congratulations to these winners, and thank you to all of those who participated in or voted for the event. These businesses appreciate your continued support!

We at Downtown Kamloops hope everyone had a very merry holiday season. Stay positive, support local, and stay safe!

To check out the original link, just click here.

Mask-wearing now Mandatory

Mask-wearing now Mandatory

Throughout the pandemic, Downtown’s businesses and services have continually followed advice intended to ensure our employees’ and consumers’ health, safety, and well-being. Mask-wearing is now mandatory by the new public health order.

Downtown Kamloops sincerely appreciates the support, understanding, and compliance within our community.

On Tuesday, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth announced that anyone who fails to comply with the mandatory mask order for indoor public spaces could be looking at a $230 fine. Masks are now required to be worn by all British Columbians who are 12 years and older, in many public indoor settings. Anyone without a mask in an indoor public place, or who refuses to follow the directive, may be subject to a $230 fine. This includes the order to leave the space, or anyone who responds with abusive or belligerent behaviour.

Mask-wearing now mandatory in these places:

  • malls, shopping centres, coffee shops, and retail and grocery stores;
  • liquor and drug stores;
  • airports, city halls, libraries, community and recreation centres;
  • restaurants, pubs and bars;
  • places of public worship;
  • on public transportation, in a taxi or ride-sharing vehicle;
  • common areas of office buildings, courthouses, hospitals and hotels;
  • common areas of sport and fitness centres when not engaged in physical activity; and
  • common areas of post-secondary institutions and non-profit organizations.

A mask or face covering is a medical or non-medical mask covering the nose and mouth. Face shields are not considered allowable, as there is an opening below the mouth.

People who cannot wear a mask, or who cannot put on or remove a mask without others’ assistance, are exempt. A person may not be able to wear a mask due to a psychological, behavioural or health condition, or due to a physical, cognitive or mental impairment.

Masks may be removed temporarily in indoor public places to identify the person wearing the mask, for consuming food or beverage at a restaurant or similar location. You may also remove your mask while participating in a sport or fitness activity in a sports facility, and while you are receiving a personal or health service that requires the mask to be removed.

On behalf of Downtown Kamloops, we appreciate your ongoing support and understanding. Community commitment and compliance will prevent the spread of Covid-19 and allow businesses to continue operating.

Learn More: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support