Artist Mid Creation mural

The “Artist Mid Creation” mural is a particularly distinct piece in the mural project. The building owner requested something unique for the alleyway behind 4 Cats Art Studio and Art We Are. After completion in 2015, this one became one of a kind in the Kamloops core. Artist Kylene Cachelin used a fun, modern, street-art style that complements the alleyway in a gorgeous allure of colour and personality. Overall, this creation gives a bright and spunky addition to the gallery’s collection of back alley murals.

Furthermore, this mural is specifically fitting due to the location behind two artistic shops. With art based businesses in the building, the image of an artist in her studio in the midst of creation seems perfectly fitting for this alleyway. Cachelin did a wonderful job at executing something unique for both the building owner and the community.

Are you looking at this mural wishing you could see it in person? Come on downtown and check it out!

Or better yet, book a free mural tour with the CAP team. You can arrange a mural tour by shooting us an e-mail at capteam@downtownkamloops.com or by online on our website with the booking calendar!


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