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Vibe on Victoria: Live Sessions
(Formerly Artisans Alive) 

Downtown Kamloops’ Artisan’s Alive music program is rebranded as Vibe on Victoria: Live Sessions!
This creative program is open to all creatives; musicians, dancers, buskers and creators  of all kinds. 
Vibe on Victoria: Live Sessions runs mid-June through mid-September

Vibe on Victoria: Live Sessions 

Our Downtown is a perfect venue to showcase talent for the enjoyment of everyone strolling our streets.  The ambiance is inviting, and music adds to the vibrancy. When we have musicians play during special events and lunch and dinner the most common comment heard is “we should have this every day!” By engaging and hiring up-and-coming artists to entertain in a public space, you not only foster their professional growth but at the same time, it creates and maintains a positive environment. When you fill public space with positive programming, it brings the good people out and makes the unpleasant people go away. This has worked for us in the past and we are confident that this year the need for enjoyable public spaces has never been greater.

The schedule of performers will be posted in mid-spring. 


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