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Who We Are

The Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team are a group of downtown ambassadors who provide assistance to businesses, tourists, and citizens! Our patrol members are responsible for promoting tourism and safety in the downtown core. Both roles are integral to the success of the CAP Team program and to an enhanced Downtown experience.

Summer CAP Team 2019

Safety Patrol

We report unsafe conditions, crime, graffiti, and vagrancy around the downtown core and report/refer aggressive panhandlers and homeless to outreach facilities that may assist them. As well, our team assists the RCMP and Community Services/By Law with crime prevention strategies and initiatives in a non-aggressive capacity.

Jake A

Jake A

CAP Team Supervisor

Jake started going to Thompson Rivers University in 2017 for his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Jake’s favourite parts of being a CAP Team Member are helping people and being able to walk through beautiful Downtown Kamloops every day! In his free time, Jake likes hiking, playing board games and playing video games.

Ricky M

Ricky M

CAP Team

Ricky is a proud father of five and a new grandfather to a beautiful granddaughter. Moving to Kamloops in 2017 he is an active member of the community and a strong advocate for those struggling with mental health and homelessness. Ricky is on the board of directors for out of the cold homeless and is a speaker on youth homelessness. He is passionate about the positive impact the CAP team is able to make enriching the downtown of Kamloops. In his free time, he loves anything on two wheels and is most happy on his motorcycle and dirt bike.

Linda M

Linda M

CAP Team

Linda is the mother of three adult children. She is a recent honours graduate from CVTC Community Support Worker program here in Kamloops, BC. She has much compassion and hope for the homeless and other vulnerable populations. She is a strong advocate of housing first and in giving a hand up to those in need by providing the tools and skills they need to reach their full potential. Linda enjoys arts, theatre, music, jogging and birding with her eldest son who is an avid birder and photographer here in Kamloops.

Sam M

Sam M

CAP Team

This is Sam’s second year back with the CAP Team. He will be attending UVic in the fall for his third year in geography. Sam enjoys playing instruments such as the piano or drums, he also enjoys computers through coding or video games. Sam is dedicated to keeping the downtown core safe and hopes to be helpful to all. Sam also enjoys getting to know the people downtown, so don’t be shy and introduce yourself!

Matthew B

Matthew B

CAP Team

This is Matt, he is a new member as of this year. He is a geography student going to UNBC and enjoys skiing and snowboarding as well as hiking, biking, and ultimate frisbee. He is passionate about community outreach and social geography. He is a friendly face downtown and will welcome any conversation!

Aiden G

Aiden G

CAP Team

Aiden is a new hire for the summer 2022 CAP team. He has completed his first year of university at TRU and is planning to go back for his second year after the summer season is over. He enjoys photography, his gecko, and helping others! Aiden is also extremely excited to become a part of the downtown community.

Who should you call?

What can you book the CAP Team for?

Our booking systems are currently being re-developed, if you wish to book the CAP team please call us at:

250-572-3008 or 250-572-3009


Trade Shows

Guest Speakers

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We are an embodiment of hospitality, welcoming both locals and visitors to Downtown Kamloops. The Ambassadors can provide helpful information for:

  • Historical points of interest
  • Events and activities
  • Attractions and entertainment
  • Restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs
  • Shopping and services
  • Parking and accommodations

Always nearby, look for their scarlet red uniforms or call: Ambassadors: 250-572-3008 and Safety Patrol: 250-572-3009 (Hours vary weekly).

Office: #202 – 246 2nd Avenue, Kamloops BC, V2C 2C9

Support means but is not limited to:

  • Kids Zone (with place management materials)
  • Attend the event as a vendor and promote Downtown Kamloops and the CAP Team
  • Deliver notices and flyers around Downtown Kamloops
  • Speaking engagements

Place Management items that can be booked:

  • Giant Jenga, 2 sets
  • Ladder ball
  • Connect 4 (larger vehicle required)


  • Instagram sign (larger vehicle required)
  • Bistro sets (larger vehicle required)

How it works:

  • We charge a nominal fee to rent. (Fees go toward the purchase of new or replacement games)
  • Fill in the booking info. You’ll be contacted by a CAP Team Member.
  • Place Management can be picked up and dropped off by you unless otherwise discussed.
  • Under no circumstances should place management be left outside of the office unattended during drop-off – please leave it with a CAP Team Member!
  • It should be noted that the services of the CAP Team will not be issued if the event is contradictory to the KCBIA’s mandate or if the services being provided conflict with pre-arranged and established CAP Team obligations.

What does the CAP Team do?


Does the CAP team pick up garbage?

The CAP Team does not pick up garbage on city property nor private property.

Does the CAP team pick up feces?

The CAP Team does not dispose of feces. Feces on private property is the property owner’s responsibility, and feces on public property, such as city benches, is the responsibility of By-Law.

Does the CAP team act as security/enforcement?

The CAP team is not a security company and cannot enforce any laws or By-Laws.

Does the City of Kamloops employ the CAP team?

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association, a non-profit organization, employs the CAP Team. While the CAP team works closely with the City, they are not City employees.

Does the CAP team dispose of sharp objects?

The CAP Team disposes of needles, drug paraphernalia, sharp objects, and open condoms. They do not pick up blue saline solution or plastic needle garbage as it does not pose a health risk and is “typical” garbage.

What does the CAP team do?

There are two main components to the CAP team’s job. The first component is safety and patrol, where the CAP team monitors designated hotspots, disposes of needles and assists the public. The second component is the ambassador role, where they assist tourists and locals while also helping plan and execute downtown BIA events.

Is the CAP team a volunteer position?

No, the CAP team are employees of the Downtown Kamloops Business Improvement Association.

Where does the CAP team patrol?

The CAP team patrols the area within 1st Ave to 10th Ave, and from the north side of Columbia St down to the Rivers trail.

What does CAP stand for?

CAP stands for Customer Care and Patrol.

Who funds the CAP Team?

Many generous partners fund the team. Sources of funding include The Government of Canada, Canada Summer Jobs, Tourism Kamloops, The City of Kamloops, and many other community organizations.

Thank You to our Cap Team Sponsors!

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