It’s that time of the year again, and as much as we may want to avoid it, gift-giving is a tradition for most. It is also a perfect time to boost spirits and add some much-needed cheer to what has been a gloomy year for some. Here are 7 Ways to Shop Safely while you get your Christmas shopping checklists completed.

1) Wear a Mask

Basic precautionary gear is vital to protect us and those around us. In the most recent provincial government health mandate, wearing masks in public spaces is now required. Ignoring this precaution can cost you a substantial fine. We recommend not spending your money on fines, but rather on your loved ones!

2) Carry Hand Sanitizers or Disinfectant Wipes 

Most stores and businesses have strict Covid-19 protocols that include hand sanitizer at entrances and strategic locations. However, the space between your car and the company could come with obstacles. Carrying some handy dandy hand sanitizer is definitely at the top of our list. We recommend trying some wipes or sanitizers that don’t smell like you broke an alcohol bottle.

3) Maintain Social Distance 

We know how difficult this is, even with floor decals and Covid signage. Especially when you come across a contrary individual going in the opposite direction, blatantly avoiding all guidelines. In situations like this, allowing others social distancing space and being proactive is appreciated by those around you. Plus, once the vaccine makes its rounds, guilt-free hugs are around the corner.

4) Avoid Rush Hours

This is a big recommendation on our list. Why be stressed when you can avoid the rush and shop at leisure. Most businesses have started to alter their hours and are open later or sometimes even on the weekend. An additional plus is not having to wait in line due to the store’s limited persons rule. Check store timings here: https://www.downtownkamloops.com/downtown-kamloops-business-open-updates-ykastrong/

5) Avoid Big Box Stores

 We have many small, local businesses unique to each other. Big box stores seem to always have a crowd, even with the limited numbers allowed inside. Instead, visit your local stores and support the local economy. These businesses can curate a much more personalized experience, and your business is always appreciated.

6) Alternate Modes of Shopping

Curbside P/U – Many of the local businesses offer Curbside pick up or local deliveries. Before stepping out of the safety of your home, call up your local store and check with them. They might have some great solutions that may come free of charge.

7) Shop Online

We know this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of your best options considering the pandemic. More than 90% of businesses have pivoted into online stores. They have invested time and immense effort to make sure you have a seamless experience. Why not make use of this? Shopping online allows us to take time, research and avail of the best deals available. 

Discover local this Holiday Season, but remember to put your family first and Be Safe, Be Conscious, and Be Considerate.


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