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post-title RE- CAP 2019

RE- CAP 2019

RE- CAP 2019

Here we are with another year-end, it’s hard to believe another 365 days have passed but in Downtown Kamloops and for the CAP Team, they sure fly by fast! We always try our best to think ahead, whether which alleyways to patrol to next or figuring out the leg work for the next amazing block party. Of course, we always enjoy living in the moment and this time we figured we could enjoy reflecting by looking back on the past year.

Everywhere we go we are always keeping track and making notes. Looking back on some 2019 statistics shows that not much has changed when it comes to CAP Team helpfulness! For the safety side of things, we phoned RCMP 9 times and reported to By-Law 6 times. We also assisted 150 tourists and people looking for information Downtown. We also contacted and assisted businesses 547 times regarding street related issues, organizational reasons, various notices, and event participation.

Speaking of event participation, the team not only does many patrols throughout Downtown Kamloops but also assists with many different events and promotions. Early in the Spring with assistance from Taking IT Global, we ran Hydration Safety and Sustainability Campaign. Along with a social media promotion, The CAP Team gave out Downtown Kamloops water bottles by setting up pop up locations in high foot traffic areas and have people sign a sustainability pledge. By signing the pledge, they were agreeing to reduce and eliminate plastic bottle waste and their reward was one of the free bottles!

Among many other summer events, another program that our “Cappies” assist in is the Artisans Alive Program. Formerly “Live at Lunch”, this program has the KCBIA hire many different musicians to play downtown at key locations and times to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere for downtown guests. We are in close contact with musicians as well as provide set up and take down for each performance! For those curious about said performances, a schedule can be found on our website closer to the seasonal dates.

The last big event we assisted with was the 39th Annual Santa Claus Parade. With this event being the first parade in the evening, we knew we had to work extra hard with all our amazing participants and generous sponsors to guarantee its success. With planning stages beginning in the fall, this entire article could solely be just the parade! With the 40th being in 2020, we look forward to continuing to learn new ways to help assist Downtown Kamloops.

Overall, 2019 was another great year for the CAP Team and we hope everyone else as well. We would like to extend a thank you to the visitors, locals, employees, and business owners alike that we had the pleasure of interacting with over the year from the bottom of our hearts. With our program and organization being a “not for profit” one, we truly do appreciate all the help. So, to return the favour, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you!

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