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post-title He(art) of the City

He(art) of the City

He(art) of the City

Why is it that we love art so much? What is it about a mesmerizing piece of art that causes us to stop and stare in awe? What is it about the human experience that provokes us into the creation of art? Whether it’s street art or works posted in a gallery, there’s something inspiring about stumbling across a work of art that takes your breath away. Perhaps it’s that moment wherein we’re pulled out of our own everyday lives to experience someone else’s interpretation of it.

One of my favourite parts about adventuring in Downtown Kamloops is the incredible artwork that can be found throughout the area. Many of the alleyways are decorated with beautiful murals painted by some of our local artists. All around the city, unique pieces of artwork can be found, and to me this demonstrates our community’s deep-rooted love of art, which resonates all over the back alleys of downtown. You may have seen some of the murals on your drive to work or walk around the neighbourhood, but if you haven’t had the chance to see them all, it might be a fun activity to partake in one sunny afternoon this Fall.

The two art galleries located downtown are another example of Kamloops’ thriving art scene. The Kamloops Art Gallery is located on Victoria Street in the same building as the downtown Library, and it’s an excellent place to view a variety of artwork kept on display. The exhibition in the gallery changes once every few months, which gives us all a great excuse to keep returning to see what’s new.

There are a multitude of places in downtown Kamloops that you could check out if you’re interested in art. There’s The Art We Are where you can go to look at some local art or purchase local art. With two separate sections for wall art and market art, you can even choose to sell your work at The Art We Are for a fee. If you’re interested in creating art, there’s the 4 Cats Kamloops Studio where you can register yourself or your children for a workshop.

Not only does art make us think, it takes us places and makes us feel things that we may not have experienced without it. Sometimes art makes us laugh, and sometimes it makes us cry. Another part of what makes art so moving is how long it lasts. Although an artist will inevitably pass on, their creation is left in the world as a form of communication that exists long after the artist is gone.


Written by, Oliver O’Dell, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. The CAP Team is our Downtown Kamloops ambassador program. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Downtown Kamloops office at 250-372-3242.

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