Press Release – Downtown Kamloops Welcomes Marketing, Events & Brand Management Specialist

Press Release


Downtown Kamloops Welcomes Marketing, Events and Brand Management Specialist

First off, the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (KCBIA) is excited to announce the addition of their new team member, Karla May Karcioglu, as Downtown Kamloops’ new Marketing, Events, and Brand Management Specialist.

Downtown Kamloops Executive Director Carl DeSantis states, “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Karla to our Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association team.  Karla brings significant marketing expertise that will enhance our already vibrant Downtown Kamloops community. We look forward to Karla taking our events and marketing initiatives to a new level.”

Karla is very enthusiastic to join the team and help continue growing the momentum of success that the KCBIA has achieved.

According to Karla, she is ready to jump into the new role. She says, “I have a sincere appreciation for our thriving downtown business community, and am excited to be a part of the discussions, events, and ideas that will help continue to shape business in downtown.”

Finally, “The downtown corridor of any community is a uniquely valuable asset to a city, and deserves energy and effort to maintain it’s success. Marketing and events are a big piece of that success. It’s a really fantastic opportunity to be able to showcase what makes Kamloops’ downtown unique,” Karla said.

Media Contact:

KCBIA Marketing, Events, and Brand Management Specialist
Karla May Karcioglu
Office: 250-372-3242

KCBIA Executive Director
Carl DeSantis
Office: 250-372-3242
Cell: 250-319-5803


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